Tuesday June 22nd, 2021

Denny Crine and Team Miken win 2015 Long Haul Bombers Tour Championships!


ASA Stadium Power Tour Finals 


September 12, 2015 – Miami, Florida, It was a double header for Team Miken at the ASA Stadium Power Tour Finals. 

Denny “Grand Slam“ Crine earned the title, as the worlds greatest softball home run hitter. Many of his massive show bombs landed beyond the concourse in left field at Marlins Park. 

Crine’s 9 points won the day, along with Kevin Filby’s 8.5 points, gave Team Miken the Manufactures Cup, as team champions, edging out Team DeMarini. 

“It feels great to be a 4-time champ on the ASA Stadium Power Tour” Crine told the crowd afterwards. “But its even sweeter for Miken to win the Manufactures Cup, it was a dream season“. 

ASA Stadium Power 2015 Power Tour Finals 
Denny Crine, Miken: 9 
Kevin Filby, Miken: 8.5 
Bubba Brungardt, DeMarini: 7.5 
Brian Wegman, Easton: 7 
Chris Larsen, DeMarini: 7


Individual Finals Format 

Player (or players) with highest finishing regular season point total starts with 1 point 

Player (or players) that come in second in regular season points starts with .5 point 

Player who comes in 3rdand 4th in points, starts with ZERO points 

Batting order is chosen by the player with the highest points. 

Top 4 players in points qualify for Finals 

In case of tie for 4th place, all hitters who tie for 4th place will advance for finals. 

FINALS allow up to 5 takes during 15 swings 

SUDDEN DEATH up to one take per swing (if you take first pitch you have to swing at second this goes for every swing in sudden death). 

Manufacture’s Cup Season Points 

Each hitter’s Top 5 finishes counts toward their brand’s MFG Cup total. 

The Top Two teams advance to Finals 

Team with highest point total will start with 1 point 

Runner up team starts with ZERO points 

In event of season tie for first place, teams will both start with ZERO points 

Winner takes all 

In event of a tie during FINAL’S, it will be sudden death with one swing per player until an elimination occurs. 

In event of a MFG Cup tie, whoever finished highest in regular season will WIN. 

If Teams tied for regular season and tied at the Championships, teams will go to sudden death, alternating hitters at bat.

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  1. Kimster says:

    Thanks DW!

  2. C'mon guy says:

    How do you get a half point in a home run derby?

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