Tuesday June 18th, 2019

Added report by Clay Dickey —> Dejesus Pace Miken wins 2017 USSSA Black American World tournament!


Dejesus Pace Mike won the 2017 USSSA Black American Worlds


Report by Clay Dickey: After a weekend forecast that showed lots of rain, the weekend turned out to be a weekend of near-perfect weather. The fields were great all weekend and with the altitude in Chattanooga you knew the balls would be flying. On Friday night, the Home Run Derby saw some absolute creatures hit into the night air by the likes of Jason Matusik, Ira Brown, Donny Hammonds and circuit home run Legend the youngster Lil’ Prime. But none could out hit Andrew Collins who hit several into the holding pond well over the 400-foot mark.

After getting all the bats checked in on Sunday morning, the chatter began who would be the favorite. Would it be DeJesus Pace Miken with several Conference USSSA players on their roster, led by the veteran pitching of Bobby Williams and the power of Andrew Collins. Would it be Primetime Easton of Conference USSSA with the additions of Donnie Hammonds, Jason Matusik, and Mike Williams of Nightmare. Or would it be one of the most consistent teams on the circuit all year X-rated with no conference players, but their consistency all year has left no doubt that they are one of the big players on the circuit this year and for many years to come. And then there was GTF Cartel, part of the coaching staff and players of CTC who's made a name for themselves at some big events around the country this year lead by Jeremy Yates.

That question others would be answered very quickly when GTF Cartel right out of the gate defeated Primetime Easton by run Rule 25 – 12.  Straight Ballin defeated Cuttin’ Up Elite who was led by Freddie Bynum 19 – 13. DeJesus Pace Miken made early work of FAM 16 – 7 and X-Rated defeated MMR JBS 14 to 10.  DeJesus Pace Miken won their next round game 16 and 13 to set up a Winner's bracket final featuring X-Rated who defeated GTF Cartel 16 to 10. In the winners bracket final, a game that went back and forth DeJesus Pace Miken came out on top 16 – 13. 

This made for a hellacious loser’s bracket. Primetime Easton won their next game in the loser’s bracket 22-18 and then had a hard-fought battle with Str8 Ballin’ which they pulled out at the very end on a Grand Slam by Ira Brown to win 19-17 to set up a rematch with GTF Cartel.  But once again GTF Cartel was able to defeat Prime Time 17 – 16. This set up the loser’s bracket final between X-Rated and GTF Cartel and once again X-Rated’s consistency proved to be too much with X-Rated winning 25 – 20.  So the rematch of the winners bracket final was all set for the title game. Led by the pitching the Bobby Williams, MVP Everett Williams, and the power of Andrew Collins, DeJesus Pace Miken proved to be too much on this weekend and defeated X-rated 19-11 to capture another USSSA Black American World Series crown.  They have a record number of titles that will be in place for many years to come.


2nd Place – X-Rated


3rd Place – GTF Cartel



Andrew Collins won the HR Derby hitting one 456 feet

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