Tuesday May 11th, 2021

Dan Smith/Menosse/Steven Smith/FAI wins the Kut4Sports Atlanta Major the hard way!


Championship Sunday at the Kut4Sports Atlanta Major!  Beckham Brothers and Dan Smith!


1st Place – Dan Smith/Menosse/Steven Smith/FAI (CA-Major)

2019 Atlanta Major picture album

Dan Smith lost their semi final game 37-29 to Riot Sports and then they knocked off Sports Reach 39-13 late Saturday night, beat Smashit/Precision 31-16 Sunday morning, then Riot Sports 31-9, and "double dipped" Beckham Brothers 35-30 and 27-24 to win the Kut4Sports Atlanta Major this past weekend!  

A full report, video clips, and more coming soon!


Dale Brungardt who pitched the last game or so and put up big numbers offensively was MVP!


2019 Atlanta bracket, results, and Awards


Link to the Atlanta livestream archives


Atlanta Friday/Saturday video clips


Atlanta Sunday final 4 video clips

2nd Place – Beckham Brothers/Pure/Exclusive (NC-TBD)


3rd Place – Riot Sports/Hubs Pub/Klutch/Showtime (FL-AA)


4th Place – Smash It/Precision/3rd Street/Bull Dawg/BPharm (IL-AA)

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