Wednesday November 20th, 2019

Added Dual #2 Pictures Video Clips —> Dan Smith and Resmondo split second Hall of Fame dual tournament!



Sunday there was some bad weather but the final games actually ran on time

HOF #2 Picture Album Link!


Dual #2 was split between Dan Smith/Menosse/Steven Smith and Resmondo/RDD/HAuto/AllIn/Sprizzi/Easton

when players from Dan Smith had flights to catch.

Dan Smith rolled through the winner's bracket of the 2018 Hall of Fame Classic Dual #2 beating Resmondo 47-35 in the winner's bracket championship on Saturday night and then Sunday in the first championship game Resmondo beat Dan Smith 37-32 to force an "if" necessary game that would never materialize.  The Dan Smith players had flights to catch and Resmondo who wanted to play the final game out of respect for Dan decided to split first place and the coveted Conference points.  TDB/FAI/Klutch/Miken the highest finishing 'AA' team was 3rd, and Smash It Sports/Thunder/Backman/S&S/Miken/Worth was 4th.  Nightmare/Miken and surprise 'B' team La Famiglia tied for 5th.

A full report, picture albums, archived games, and video clips of both Dual tournaments is coming soon!

5 responses to “Added Dual #2 Pictures Video Clips —> Dan Smith and Resmondo split second Hall of Fame dual tournament!”

  1. Val says:

    The championship game in Dual #2 did not run on time . Actually it finished close to an hour late due to a lightning delay.
    As the administrator is It your job to post the facts or just sensationalism? I believe the chat line is for comments!! Your
    Dual #2 article has some incorrect statements.

    • DW says:

      I will stick by what I posted. The “if” game was scheduled for 1 PM. If teams can’t play at 2 pm then they can’t play at 1 PM either because a 1 pm game would go past 2 pm.

      I can’t stand forfeits and the only thing I like less then forfeits are “if” games at non world events because nobody can play them at full strength.

    • DW says:

      There also was no lightning or thunder so did you add that for sensationalism?

    • Val says:

      If there was no lightning why was it announce ?
      I’m sure we both can agree there was rain!

  2. larry wood says:

    DW love the things you do much appreciated keep us going

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