Friday May 13th, 2022

Comments on the USA Super video that has gone semi viral…(Funny but PG-13)


Warning, you have to be able to laugh at the comments about slowpitch

Every week that I am at a tournament I take some of the video clips that I get and put them in a video on youtube.  For the USA Super Nationals I did the same thing and for whatever reason the video, which didn't have anything particularly great in it, went semi viral.  I believe, judging by the comments, that someone must have shared it on a big baseball website because the comments are clearly from baseball players and rather entertaining so I thought I would share them here.

Link to the USA Softball Super Nationals video clips

Link to the playlist of all of the 2018 SoftballCenter tournament video clips

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Comments left on youtube under the 2018 USA Softball Super Nationals video:

Just a homerun derby disguised as a softball game.  Use wooden bats and make these fat bums play some defense.?
AJ James • 3 days ago

Most softball leagues have Homerun limits. After a certain amount its a out. He is just choosing to show only certain parts?
ben lee • 1 day ago

Damn bruh chill?
Kody Hiles • 11 hours ago

Is it just me or are these guys just pre-madonnas? Bat flipping??? Really???
THAT guy • 2 days ago

Premadannas n Shaved end loaded bats .. REALLY?
Frank Casillas • 2 days ago

This isn't baseball?
NuggsArentDrugs • 1 week ago

This is the retirement league?
get Smarty • 4 days ago

NuggsArentDrugs i dont see anywhere in the title “baseball” lol?
Bob Shaw • 1 day ago

Your right this the word this isn't spelled b-a-s-e b-a-l-l.also go back to school to learn how to read?
Epic origami Folder • 11 hours ago

Should at least play on bigger fences when balls fly out that much?
King Jacob 17 • 16 hours ago

This isn't softball, Is a batting practice…with alluminum bat and other balls any one hit a hommer!!!??

If its easy why aren't you pro????
Vegan Matt • 1 week ago

You would be popping up to shortstop bro.?
MintFinkeldove • 5 days ago

It’s slow pitch softball, so scoring a high amount of runs and hitting lots of dingers is the point of the game.?
Caeden Schulte • 4 days ago

bunch of shaved bats?
Elvin Cortez • 1 week ago

……and roidz…..?
Joey Mayer • 1 week ago

If its easy why aren't you pro????
Vegan Matt • 1 week ago

@Vegan Matt come up with something new you leaf licker.?
get Smarty • 4 days ago

get Smarty You just called someone a leaf licker and told them to come up with something new. Lol…?
Vegan Matt • 4 days ago

@Vegan Matt I said that because you said the same thing on 2 different comments lol. I didnt mean something new new hahaha.?
get Smarty • 4 days ago

get Smarty What the fuck does another comment have to do with this? Nothing. You got a problem with veganism tough guy??
Vegan Matt • 4 days ago

I dont know about u guys but im a pure meatball?
B Q • 3 days ago (edited)

Vegan Matt
No such thing as a "vegan tough guy"
Also the only "Pro soaftball" league is for women
These are the guys that can't hit anything going fast than 12mph
You are fucked in your vegan head?
Tonka DRIVER • 2 days ago

Tonka DRIVER No such thing as a tough vegan? LOL!!! The only person to make the Olympics for weightlifting for the USA was VEGAN. A VEGAN made the Olympics for weightlifting. Do some research next time before you run your mouth! You can also check out Nimai Delgado, Jon Venus, Derek Simnett, along with many others. Such as Kyrie Irving, JaVale McGee. There are elite athletes in this world who are vegan, and you aren't even capable of hitting a softball that is thrown underhand. You are an embarrassment to the sports world.?
Vegan Matt • 2 days ago

Really don't understand why people are so unhappy with these league softball videos….
It's a sport that people enjoy, why do you need to insult people's hobbies??
Creighton Burgess • 10 hours ago

These are some ugly women!
Why are these women so lazy
They dont even run the bases when they hit a "dinger"
Softball=womens baseball?
Tonka DRIVER • 2 days ago

Tonka DRIVER could you please respect the sport?
CØLD_ Fatal • 1 day ago

Cause they hit so many it would take up too much time?
Kody Hiles • 11 hours ago

Tonka DRIVER for real!! On that lazy shit?
Ryan Magana • 8 hours ago

When they get a homer they run to first base then go back to the dugout…that’s what I call lazy?
Reese Warren • 12 hours ago

How do you not hit a homerun when the ball his coming at you at like 12 mph?
Lyric Montoya • 9 hours ago

Hey guys after this try hitting a 95mph fastball and then maybe I will be impressed..muscle bound meatballs?
Chris Rice • 2 days ago

Chris Rice ya salty they hit farther than you m8 ?????
Kody Hiles • 11 hours ago

1% could play baseball. This is life to these idiots 4 games a week tournaments every weekend . Team initiated circle jerks in the parking lot after the games?
Layton Hersh • 7 hours ago

Too fat and lazy for the homerun trot?
JL G • 4 days ago

It’s respect for the pitcher and it saves time.?
Caeden Schulte • 4 days ago

I homerun trot isnt disrespectful lmao. In baseball there is a homerun trot I order to make sure he touches home plate in the process. Also they all seem like grown men so I dont think they will cry over a homerun trot.?
sansisthebest • 3 days ago

Most softball leagues have rules against running all the bases to save time. BUT!!! Alot of these guys just don't want to.
I play and I would run the bases everytime but my league won't let me.?
Creighton Burgess • 10 hours ago

This is pure comedy. Put them on a real diamond facing 92 plus with movement, change piece that will make you look foolish and a bender that will have your knees buckling. Hahahaha wow I can’t stop laughing at grown men who try and pimp bombs and bat flip on a walk off hahaha. A ball being under handed less then 5 mph and these guys think they can ball. OMG give me a break!?
Angel USA • 1 day ago (edited)

This is Softball..not Baseball. Two different games obviously. And its honestly more to the game then homeruns. Playing the field is honestly harder in softball. Balls come alot faster and fields are shorter?
ben lee • 1 day ago

Angel USA
Have you ever played softball? It's not as easy as it looks.  Obviously the point of men's softball is for a lot of offense, but most leagues have HR limits which makes it challenging. I played baseball for 15 years and now onto softball; definitely not as easy as I thought it was?
NYYCaptainclutch • 1 day ago

Will You By Any Chance Be In Las Cruces For That Tournament??
Earl Oros • 2 weeks ago

Was that Helmer in the Blue??
PackerBacker 12/18/87 • 2 weeks ago

Jason Cunningham • 2 weeks ago

I’d like to see them play real baseball?
Max Medrano • 2 days ago

I hope u know this is slow pitch softball for men.?
Lindsey Roberts • 1 day ago

Max Medrano dumbass, their playing mens softball because none of them can play baseball anymore lmao?
Bob Shaw • 1 day ago

Was a good tourney to watch.  Thanks for the highlights and everything you do for the softball community.?
Scott Brown • 2 weeks ago

These guys kids are so disappointed.  Crying "my dad's a tool."
Only to be hugged by their grandpa to only have his grandpa whisper to himself "I raised a tool."?
Kevin Niemeyer • 1 day ago

The sound of those bats lol…they do something to those bats to make the ball travel..these leagues should bring the bats for them to use instead of bringing their own…gurantee scores would be lower?
daniel lazaro • 13 hours ago

Theres nothing Super or National about hitting a 12" ball moving 5 miles per hour, and scoring 34 runs. Sounds like its time to up the bar a little bit.?
Scott Garcia • 8 hours ago

Couldnt make the highschool varsity basebsll team but 40 an all ametican slow pitch softball player. But dad i want to play on a baseball team no son its all about me?
Layton Hersh • 7 hours ago

you should use wood bat?
j dubt • 21 hours ago

These guys walk like they definitely take it in the parking lot no lube?
Layton Hersh • 7 hours ago

This is not a sport…?
Cesartaker Sanchez • 1 day ago

I play wooded bat softball with 24 foot arch pitching.. This is a joke?
Nick Papaganeres • 1 day ago

Anythingto stroke the ego?
Blk Palms • 11 hours ago

Did Chris Greinert play conference this year? This is my first time seeing him all year.?
M D • 1 week ago

WTF is this??
lasombratuya • 1 day ago

Softball obviously. Unless you been under a rug. Men and Women have been playing for years. And some people take it serious.?
ben lee • 1 day ago

Who won?
Zaya Xander • 2 weeks ago

Jason Cunningham • 2 weeks ago

Play fast pitch a real game?
Dale Wiederholt • 5 days ago

Dale Wiederholt your mom plays fast pitch?
Kyle Frybow • 5 days ago

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