Thursday May 13th, 2021

There is going to be an emphasis on Code of Conduct at upcoming Conference events:


There is going to be an emphasis on Code of Conduct at upcoming Conference events:

This message is approved by USSSA leadership and they have asked that this be a point of emphasis at upcoming Conference and World tournament events.  Please read and understand.


Section 8 – Code of Conduct

Unsportsmanlike Conduct and Inappropriate Language

Any player caught using an “F Bomb” will be subject to immediate removal from the game.  Any “F Bomb” from the dugout will require the removal of the Team Coach if the guilty party cannot be identified by the umpires. Inappropriate gestures or taunting may be cause for immediate removal from the game.  For any other use of profanity, the game will be stopped, and offending Team Coach will be warned.  Any further foul language from offender will be cause for removal from the game under the “unsportsmanlike conduct” rule.

Foul Language/Inappropriate Gestures

In keeping with our “Family” atmosphere, foul language and vulgar, lewd or obscene gestures will be dealt with immediately.  A warning will be given in most cases, but for egregious incidents, an ejection will occur. Further action by the Conference USSSA Committee or USSSA National Office may also be included.

Threatening Remarks

Threatening players, coaches, sponsors, umpires, fans or making any disparaging remarks toward anyone connected with USSSA will be reason for immediate ejection and also may include further action by the Conference USSSA Committee or USSSA National Office.

Damaging Equipment

Damaging equipment, water coolers, bat buckets, or outward displays of uncontrolled anger will be grounds for immediate ejection.  Offending player/Team will be responsible to pay for any damaged item.


Fighting of any kind is not allowed in Conference USSSA.    All penalties will be assessed by TD and UIC, Conference USSSA Committee and a representative from USSSA National Headquarters.  For severe fighting further sanctions may be handed down from USSSA HDQTRS.

Pre & Post Game Conduct

It is the position of USSSA that umpires and USSSA Officials are protected by these rules pre, during and post scheduled games.  After-game remarks will not be tolerated if in derogatory tones. Attacking or demeaning Umpires/USSSA Officials in any manner or any location will be dealt with the same as on-field disturbances.  Social Media will offer no protection to offenders.  There is never a time when a “Free Shot” will be allowed without consequences.

Ejections and Disqualifications

In the event a player, coach or manager is ejected from a game, he or she must leave sight and sound of playing field immediately.  The Tournament Director, UIC and Umpire(s) directly involved in the situation will determine how long the player, coach or manager must sit out.  Their decision is final and non-appealable.

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  1. No no says:

    Wonder what umpire or td is actually gonna throw Andy out

  2. no no says:

    who gets throw umpires out when there code of conduct is not proper

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