Wednesday September 20th, 2023

Christan Dowling Memorial Service/Tribute and Home Run Derby!


Christan Dowling Memorial Ceremony




On Wednesday evening July 28th Strojan and Holly Kennison and Shannon and Don Cooper put on a Memorial service for the late Christan Dowling and a number of guest speakers told great stories and shared memories of her.  They also raised 10's of thousands of dollars for a scholarship charity called Hanks' Herds which will annually give college scholarships to young women that play softball.


Link to the livestream of the service




The Dowling Cup Home Run Derby!

The Home Run Derby participants.


Link to the 1st 3 hours of the HR Derby

Link to the last 11 minutes of the HR Derby


The Home Run Derby crowd.


The team of Megan Baltzell and Jeremy Yates dominated the derby.



You can buy these tribute shirts for $40 to support the scholarship charity.


Don Coopers take on the Memorial Service and Charity:

Shannon Cooper – Holly Kennison – Thank you for the hours and hours of love you put into celebrating our friend.

All of the players over the two weekends!

To all that donated your time.

Toni Marie Ray – way to cook your butt off!

Thank You to:
Usa softball – Rich Cress Craig Cress
USSSA-Slowpitch Softball – Donny Dedonatis
Elite Sports – Los Vega
Suncoast Sports – Lee Trotter
Demarini sports – Mike Cornell
Smash It Sports – Rick Schiffhauer
Klutch Brands – Brandon Patzig
Easton Softball- Brett Helmer
Miken Softball – Mike Rommes
Worth Softball- Jason Kendrick
BSC Softball – Clay Dickey
Usssa California- Sean Melvin
Usssa Utrip Utah- Tim Yamashita
Usssa Oregon – Sam Flores
Savon Sports – Justin Nakaishi

And all the others that supported the event – Until next year.


Here is the USSSA Home Run Derby appearance by Christan Dowling that changed the women's slowpitch game forever.

Originally I had this on my SW48 Youtube channel but had to remove it due to music copyright.

I have now reposted it on another youtube channel that doesn't monetize.  Enjoy.

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