Thursday September 16th, 2021

Players protect yourself! Check out PWBenefits/Aflac to protect yourself or your employees!



For Individuals

Video explaining what Aflac can do to protect you!


 A few key benefits are:

$200 ER Visit

$1k for hospital admittance $250 per day while confined

$200 Ambulance Ride

$200 CT Scan/MRI

$35 for follow up/therapy visits

$100 for crutches or a walking boot

$40k Accidental Death

$60 Annual Wellness Benefit

25% more benefits if injured during an organized sporting event!

Cost is about $6 per Week and claims pay within 1-2 business days

You can't beat it and huge peace of mind.





For Employers

Employers can provide employees with coverage, payroll deducted or coverage can be purchased individually/bank draft.

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