Sunday November 27th, 2022

Hall of Famer Carl Rose tribute page


Carl Rose passed away unexpectedly on 7/20/2020.

This is a tribute page to one of the great sluggers of the 1990's


Carl Rose

20 All World Selections including 2 Natinal MVP's (USSSA and ISA 1998)

Also a 1990's Player of the Decade




10 responses to “Hall of Famer Carl Rose tribute page”

  1. Will Basko says:

    My favorite line from Carl was this. He dropped a pop up one night in league ball in Albany GA. Me being the smart A$$ of the team said “if i got paid to play, I could catch a popup” Carl looked at me and said “Basko, I don’t get paid to CATCH em” Touche Mr Carl Rose you will be missed.

  2. Duane says:

    We were playing in the Choo Choo in the mid 90’s. We were drinking some beer in between games and watching Carl Rose’s team I believe he was playing with Lilght house. They were playing another team who I can’t remember. First time up he hit one over 400 + ft. and he and the pitcher were having words. Well from then on they were walking Carl, and the guy that batted behind him was mashing too but was pissed that they were walking Carl to pitch to him. After about the 3rd time of walking Carl, of course the guy behind hit one a mile, and then told the pitcher he was stupid walking Carl to pitch to him. The pitcher looked right at him and said ” at least we can see yours come down”.. Man we fell all over the place

  3. ben cathey says:

    I knew Carl for along time but when he became my sons pitching coach I was lucky enough to get to see even more about Carl. When a kid that you are coaching loves you the way my son loved him “nough said”
    Ben and Asher Cathey

  4. HW says:

    Rest in peace Carl. Thanks for the long ball excitement. Met you at Watkins Park in Maryland back in the 90s. Coach Jackie Hayes introduced us.

  5. Bud Womack says:

    Carl and I attended high school together. He was a great ball player and an even greater person. RIP Carl!

  6. Steve says:

    Carl hit a lot of home runs against teams I was on. I finally saw those from the same bench one year with Lighthouse Worth. He was a great teammate and a crazy good hitter. I haven’t kept in touch but will still miss him

    Rest In Peace.

    Steve Yancey.

  7. J.B. Wilson says:

    A great man and a great softball player. He was a great promoter of the church softball league as well in Valdosta, GA, Ive heard many stories of his fame. I even heard he gave Barry Bonds an attitude adjustment in the Pittsburgh Pirates locker room one time when they were rookies together.

  8. LEckle says:

    A huge part of our family and our hearts. Wouldn’t trade a minute of time with him. ❤️❤️❤️

  9. Bill VanAlstine says:

    Was HONORED to have umpired for NSA at the AAA Major level. Carl Rose was a gentleman with A BIG STICK and didnt act like he knew it . Just came up to plate and did his job. If God has a softball team Carl’s batting n teaching others how.

  10. Greg Willoughby says:

    I played in a tournament once in Pembroke GA and thought I was doing something when I hit a single just over the second baseman’s head with my brand new Carl Rose Powercell. The other team was giving the second baseman a hard time and I was not sure why until the first baseman told me I just got a hit past Carl Rose with his own bat….CARL ROSE laughed when I got to second and asked for his autograph on the ball I hit but after the game he signed it and hung out with us and talked softball for hour’s….Really great guy….RIP

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