Thursday August 5th, 2021

An interview with outfielder Brandon Riese

Brandon Riese

USSSA Playing History Player Page

Why do you like the game of softball?
I enjoy the competition and traveling all over the country playing in some great complexes.  Plus the friendships you aquirer.

Who is the best softball player you have ever seen play?

I would have to say Wegs is the best all around player, and Conny and Helmer would be the best hitters i've seen.

What is your nickname in softball?


Where do you call home?

What do you do for a living?
Union Commercial Carpenter

Did you play sports in High School / College / Pro?
Football/Basketball/Track in High School, and 3 yrs of College football.

How did you get your start in softball and how did you get to the upper level?

I was asked by Crotch in '07 to play with the Shockers/PDR.  We won C USSSA that yr.  After that I played with Todd Ankney and the boys.  Been playing with them ever since.

What position do you play?


What batting grip do you use?
Pinky off the knob, overlapping pinky and ring finger with the other hand

What ounce bat do you use?
27 oz

What do you do in the offseason to prepare for the next softball season?

Weight Training, and Batting Practice twice a week.

What is your favorite sports team?
Green Bay Packers!!!

What is your favorite sport other than softball?

Do you have any superstitions and if so, what are they?


What is your most memorable softball moment?

Winning the USSSA Confernence Championshiop in '10 and winning the USSSA C in '07

Is slowpitch softball a sport or a game?
Sport… to much work in the off season to be just a game.

What is the best improvement upper level softball could make?
limiting the number of major players per team to 6, and finding ways to stop players from tampering with bats!

What is your favorite non-World tournament?
Dudley, Brodhead Covered Bridge Days

What is the funniest thing you have ever seen on a softball field?
Probably would be when Todd Ankney was choking Dan Hall in Cincy at about 4 AM after we were on a 4 hour rain delay.  Or when Travis Clark got hit by a linedrive by Izzy while pitching and managed to scream like a little school girl before it hit him.

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