Tuesday November 22nd, 2022

BayArea/Rapid Fire/Bad Draw/Easton undefeated at the 2019 Rocky Mountain Shootout!



1st Place – Bay Area/Rapid Fire/Bad Draw/Easton (CA-AA)


Bay Area Legends went 5-0 to win the Rocky Mountain Shootout Conference Major in Colorado.  They beat L&S Glass (CA-B) 40-36, TPJS/Seminoles (OK-A) 42-28, and MyAutoJack (AZ-A) 45-19 to win the winner's bracket.  Then they knocked off Infamous (CO-B) 30-26 in the Championship game on Sunday.  A non Conference 'B' team from Utah called Lazer Sportswear who made a big run in Las Vegas at the beginning of the season went 4-2 to finish 4th.  MAJ was 3rd.


2019 Colorado bracket, results, and Awards

2nd Place – Infamous/Salt Riot (CO-B)


3rd Place – MyAutoJack/DownTime Sports/Sonny's (AZ-A)


4th Place – LazerSportswear/FIG/BennettHomes (UT-B)


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