Tuesday May 11th, 2021

ADDED VIDEO CLIP LINKS —> Bay Area Legends/Easton wins 5 straight in the loser’s bracket to win the Cactus Classic Major!


1st Place – Bay Area Legends/Easton (CA-AA)


The Bay Area Legends won the 32 team Cactus Classic Major to start the Nationwide Conference USSSA season!  After losing in the final 4 to Classic Glass 31-16, they came back to beat Dan Smith 46-26, LazerSports/Fig 28-5, Cheap Suits 38-8, and then "double dipped" Classic Glass 43-38 and 38-17 in the finals late Saturday night/Sunday morning.  So Classic Glass was 2nd, Cheap Suits 3rd, Lazer Sports 4th, and L&S Glass and Dan Smith tied for 5th.

A full report with pictures, video clips, final standings, etc coming Monday!

2020 Phoenix Major brackets and team lists link

2020 Phoenix Major mens and womens Picture Album Link

2020 Phoenix Major Mens Video Clips Day 1

2020 Phoenix Major Mens Video Clips Day 2

2020 Phoenix archived games link



L&S Glass upset Dan Smith Friday night when Nick Robertson hit a clutch top of the 7th homer and the defense closed it out thus opening up the tournament for a non-major team to win it!



1st Place in both Duals!  Smash It Sports/DG4L/Sonnys/EA

The Smash It Sports Women's Major team won both Cactus Classic Dual tournaments in the 110 degree heat.  They beat SFK/ASP/A&S Constructors (CA-A) 26-16 in the first dual championship game with TDB/A1Glass/MAL/Easton (FL-A) coming in 3rd and West Coast Lockdown/Cutter Inc (WA-A) 4th.  And won the 2nd dual 14-3 over Lady Maj (AZ-A) with Dirty Sports/Trojans/Charles S (WA-A) 3rd and NTL/Worth/Top Notch Athletics (CA-A) 4th.

2020 Phoenix Women's Video Clips Link

Derby Girls turn two and win two Majors!

Thank you to Victory Lane Sports Park in Glendale, Arizona for opening up for a USSSA Major!

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