Saturday July 24th, 2021

Arkansas and Seattle Dual tournament preview



July 2-4

Arkansas Major Tournament Bracket

Seattle Dual Event #1 Bracket

Seattle Dual Event #2 Bracket

The 31st Annual Busch Pepsi Classic takes place in Sherwood, Arkansas this holiday weekend and will be tournament #15 on the USSSA Conference schedule.

The tournament features 6 Conference teams and 14 teams overall.

My picks for the Arkansas Major:
Arkansas 2nd Round:

– Wood Law over a good Arkansas Sportswear team who is playing on their home turf.   Should be a good game.

– Pipac over Dish Network.   Another nice matchup but Pipac should be too much for Dish.

– Savesecond over a Hubs Pub team which looks to get back to their winning ways.    Both teams have first round games they cannot take lightly.

– Zamora's is due for a good showing but I'll go with FBI playing on their home turf.

Arkansas 3rd Round:

– Pipac over Wood Law in a great matchup.

– FBI over Savesecond in a run rule.

Arkansas Championship:

– I'll take FBI over Pipac in the winner's final and FBI over Wood Law in the Championship.    Pipac 3rd.  Savesecond 4th.    Arkansas Sportswear 5th.

Seattle Dual Event #1 – 19 teams

2nd Round:

– GTL over Team Combat.  Team Combat has a lot to prove against the 'A' division but comes up short.   Team Combat has to play Combatants-SBE from Washington who are listed as an 'A' team in the first round.   I wonder if this is a throw together team of former upper level players?

Dan Smith over Classic Glass.   Classic has to get past Team Chub which is probably the best matchup of the first round.

– Northwest Combat over Desert Falls.  Desert F has to get passed a good Doerflinger team to get to this matchup with NW.

– KTI over EWS.    Another great matchup.    EWS travelling west for the first time, KTI playing on their home turf with Rat, Newbill, and the veteran Wes Archie.    Look for KTI who is a Conference level team to play well.    Of course EWS with Vitcak, Palm, and Nielson who all were on the Showcase team that finished 3rd in Seattle a year ago.

Seattle 3rd Round:

– Dan Smith over GTL.

– NW Combat over KTI in a barn burner, whatever that is.


– I'll take Dan Smith over NW Combat in the winner's final and the championship of the first tournament with GTL 3rd and KTI 4th.

– In the second tournament I'll take GTL over Dan Smith in the final with Team Combat 3rd and EWS 4th.    All tournaments are difficult to predict but the 2nd tournament of a Dual weekend is near impossible. 

I am really going to miss not being there for what looks like some great tournaments.

Also I would like to give a shout out to Brent Haugen who is having some tough times with a rare medical condition.    I know the Seattle Major is having a 50/50 raffle to raise money for some of Brent's medical bills.   This is a great cause to donate to.

Read about Brent Haugen here:   50/50 raffle link

I think Brent would make a good manager or better yet a great tournament reporter someday…


YouTube Preview Image

Brent Haugen hits a walk off homer at the Seattle Major last year


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