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Donta Frazier




Donta Frazier

USSSA Playing History

2015 Interview

What positions do you play and what is your best position?
Anywhere in the infield that our team needs me but primarily 2nd, 3rd, and MI

Who is the best softball player you have ever seen play?
From the old school days when batters swung tree trunks, I would say my father Robert Frazier, the late great Eddie Carter (who told me to pursue upper ball), and Billy Terry (my hitting coach now).  I was a bat boy for there team in Alabama in the 90s called the 'AKs.
There are so many to name now that it is impossible but my favorites to watch are:

Hitters:  Rhodney Donaldson, Earl 'Squirrel'  Bryant, Reginald 'Swole' Patterson, Lee Daniels, Duke Donaldson,  Bubba Mack, Greg 'Connie' Connell, Lee Powers, Bryson Baker, Brett Helmer, Brian Wegman, Mike Mallory,  newcomer Ryan Harvey, Chivas Clark

Defensive Players:  Tony Mack, Luis Reyna, JR, Kevin Bazat, Nick Santana, J.B. Jennings, Lee Payne, Jeremy Yates, Brian Zirkle, Westi Gulli, Will Weakley, Desmond Chambers (Game Changers)

Pitchers:  Dennis Big Dog Davison and Andy Purcell (to be able to Pitch at a high level the whole game and still perform at the plate is remarkable on this level)

Why do you like the game of softball?
I'm a very competitive person and softball gives me an outlet to that competitive edge I have.  I also get a chance to travel and meet a lot of people I would have never met if it wasn't for softball and create relationships with true ambassadors of the game.  Some of the  ambassadors that have actually taken the time and talk to me about the game of Softball are David Morrow, Shaun Fleming, Brett Helmer, and Saul Simpson. These are just some of the few that I have met and they have gave me great history on the game and greatness of the game.

Who is the best up and coming player in softball and why?
There are a lot of up and coming players but the ones I find myself watching now are Ryan Harvey, Rashard Brown, Ira Brown, Nick Santana, Orlando Castillo, Dale Brungardt, Lee Payne, Michael Williams, Jarvis Riggins, Steven Lloyd, KP, Ty Mingle, Tory Means, and watch out for this young stud out of Texas name Everett Williams.

What is your nickname in softball and how did you get it?
I have a couple.  My coach Tony B nickname me 'Technician'.  I try to take pride in my Bp sessions so I'm able to try to place the ball where the situation calls for it.

Some of my teammates call me Lil Earl Bryant.  Earl is my guy.  I get a lot of softball and life wisdom from him.

What is your height and weight?
6'1  215  

Where do you call home?
I live in Troy, Alabama.

What's your favorite way to spend an off weekend?
I love to play golf or just hang out with friends on and off weekend.

What do you do for a living?
I'm the Transportation Director for the City of Troy.

Did you play sports in High School / College / Pro?
I played baseball and basketball in high school.  I received a basketball scholarship and played only basketball in college for 4 years.  

How did you get your start in softball and how did you get to the upper level?
After college, I started playing league ball with a bunch of my old baseball buddies.  Started playing E and D ball in Alabama.  I approached Rhodney Donaldson who I have known since his college days at Troy University, where I was a ball boy for the basketball team then, and I asked him what it would take for me to start playing upper ball.  He gave me some great tips on how to better my game in case I got a shot to play upper ball.  Then I met Dennis Davison, who finally gave me my first opportunity to play upper ball.  I have been hooked every since.

What was the most surprising difference between Conference play and non-Conference play when you made the jump?
The difference to me is the speed of the game is a lot faster, the pitching is great in upper ball, and all the players are good throughout the line-up.  You can't take any plays off.  If you don't work on your game throughout the week, it will show in the Conference  

Is there a player that you would compare your game to?
I try to be my own player but I do take all the advice and wisdom from veteran players who have been through the fire and apply it to my own game.  Then I just try to get better daily with the knowledge and the skills that God has grace me with.

What would you say is your career highlight to this point? Maybe one play or game that sticks out to you in particular?
Winning the WSL World in 2013.  We had a small group of guys that weekend, but we all believe in each other and played our role.  It was a long great weekend.  We end up beating a great team to win the WSL World that weekend as well

In your career was there a single person (player/manager/coach) who had the most significant impact on your approach to the game? Why?
The late great Eddie Carter has had the most impact on my approach to the game.  He believed in me years ago letting me know that I had the talent to play Conference ball when I didn't believe in myself.  He imprinted in me the value of practicing hard on all aspects of the game.  The only coach I know that had our full league team, practice twice a week on Defensive drills and situations, hitting situations, and hitting to all parts of the field.  This has stayed with me to this day.  My Bp partners will tell you that I believe heavily in Bp 2 or 3 times a week and defensive drills as well.

What advice can you give a young player trying to break into the upper level?
I'm young to the game myself so I am still soaking up all the knowledge and wisdom I can from the veteran players.  I would say just remain humble at all times cause softball is a very humbling sport, practice hard on your game, listen to veteran player because they know the path it will take, and always thank God daily for blessing you with the opportunity to play this game of softball.  

What type of batting grip do you use and what ounce bat?
Bottom hand pinky off knob, top hand baseball style

What do you do in the offseason to prepare for the next softball season?
This year I have got with one of my good friends who is a personal trainer and we have been going hard in the weight room 3 to 4 times a week and doing a lot of drills for footwork speed and core strength.  I play a lot of basketball in the off-season as well to keep my cardio up.  

What is your favorite sports team and your favorite sport other than softball?
Baseball – Braves and then Cardinals and KC (love how they just play with what they have with no big name players and still win)
Basketball – Kobe Bryant fan but I love the Golden State Warriors (SC 30)
Football – Saints and Seahawks
College – Auburn Tigers

Do you have any superstitions and if so, what are they?
Too many to explain

What would be your "at bat" music selection?
Atomic Dog by George Clinton.  Get geeked every time I hear this song.

What is the best improvement upper level softball could make?
I don't think nothing will be done, so lets just line up and play.  

What is your favorite non-World tournament and why?
I love to go play in the Mullet which is close to home so I usually will play with some guys close by and just to get away from the Conference grind and fellowship with the softball guys I usually don't get to play with that much.

Clay Dickey, has a World-Class tournament in Myrtle Beach on the all-turf fields that is a great tournament to play in as well on the BSC.

What is the best softball field/complex you have played at and why?
I would say the Disney Fields and the BSC World fields in Columbus, Georgia.  These fields are always great.

Where is the best place to eat on the road after a game?
Applebees or a Fridays

What is the funniest thing you have ever seen on a softball field?
We always have a good time with my PrimeTime Family and Tony B always tells us stories of the old days of softball.  One of my favorites that got me loosen up before I played my first World Tournament with PrimeTime was the story of Tony B, Earl Bryant, and Reginald Swole Patterson driving up to Minnesota from Atlanta in a two-door Nissan Datsun.  Picture that…..lol

Tell us something about you that most would never know about you?
In 2001 I won my first NAIA National Basketball Title with my Faulkner Eagles.  I was the starting off-guard for our National Title Team.  Big Accomplishment for me during that time.
I have a heavy baseball background but I didn't pursue it after high school.  Played ever since I was 5 and my junior year in high school, I was one of the top 5 pitchers in the state of Alabama in 5A baseball.

What was your favorite sports related gift you have ever given or received?
Winning my first BSC World and WSL World with my teammates.  To see the veteran players so emotional about those World Titles and to hear different stories on how much these Titles meant to them will be something I will never forget.



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    Great interview bro!! One of the most humble and most dedicated guys that I know in the game of softball. Ultimate team player…. Continue to do work bro and it will all pay off!!

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    Plays hard every time I see him play. More players should follow his lead and keep working on their game and keep striving for a higher level of play.

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    Great interview! Looking forward to playing against you guys this year. Going to be fun! Keep God first and let’s all eat!

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    Great interview lil bro, continue to work hard on your game, believe me it shows each and every event you play in, continue to stay humble, you are a great team mate and great player.

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