Thursday July 29th, 2021

34th Annual Toys for Tots bracket is out!


The 34th Annual Toys for Tots tournament was moved from Palm Springs, California to Viera, Florida this year due to Covid shut downs in California.  The tournament begins at the Space Coast Complex on Saturday, December 11th at 8 AM.  Looks like they are using the White Quad fields which are 325 feet.  The format is a 2 game pool play schedule followed by double elimination finishing up on Sunday morning.  There are 9 teams including Resmondo, Bad Draw, and MPT from the Major division, and SNI, Riot, and Competitive Edge who are also from the Conference USSSA.

34th Annual Toys for Tots bracket and team list link

2 responses to “34th Annual Toys for Tots bracket is out!”

  1. DC says:

    This going to be live streamed?

  2. DW says: but there are only 3 games left here on Sunday morning

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