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3/16 – 3/17/2019 Weekend Round Up! Texas Monsta Bash and more



Texas Monsta Bash bracket link


From Texas Bash tournament director Steve Whaley:

Curtis Stewart won the derby (won $1k) 
Argen Dodds was the runner up 

Tournament Results 
1. FAI/ASP/TeamMiken/Worth 
2. Southern Monsta 
3. Monsta Athletics/Black Sheep 
4. Brewcrew 
5. Platinum Team Sports 
5. Got 1’s 6 

We had a GoPro with us but the livestream had some issues so guys were just trying to go live. There were a lot of great games that were played and some long bombs that were hit. Thank you to everyone that came out. I had never run an event and wasn’t sure what to expect as a turnout since most said I wouldn’t get 12 teams at a USA event. With over 70 participants in the derby Friday night, 32 teams registered with a lengthy waiting list, 4 super teams, and 12 upper teams I’d say we could have been a little better at offering things like the livestream. We will make sure we have it set up right next year will make sure we can take more teams with feeer time constraints.

1st Place – FAI/Worth/Miken/ASP 

The two Monsta teams


Brewcrew was 4th at Monsta Bash


FAI/ASP/Miken/Worth Monsta Bash All Tournament Awards by Lyf Nimmo

Long Ball – Everett Williams, I don’t think anyone found that ball!!

Best Team Mate – Andrew Collins, of all guys to welch on a beer frame, it wasn’t him!!

Best Play – Shannon Smith’s scale of the fence, even though it wasn’t caught it was very impressive!!

Best Argument – Hands down was Andy “uh I don’t know safe!!” Andy was 99% on his best behavior!!

Best Foul Out – KP, nobody does it better 

Best Walk – Ryan Harvey, thank goodness they put you on!! 

Best Photo Shoot – Had to be Matusik, that chain really sealed the deal!! 

Most Colorful – Branch, looked like a bag of skittles at the photo shoot!! 

Most impressive – Dyly Dyly!! If you don’t know now you know!!

Best Beard – Lane Young, if he ever let’s that thing go he’ll make Shannon and Harvey’s look like peach fuz!!

Offensive MVP – BMac, because Briggs was so much better on defense!!

Defensive MVP – Cory Briggs, nothing more need be said!!

Tournament MVP – It was close between both Lane and I, we both hit a solid 1000, however my defensive presence in a close game where I had to shut down the come back gives me the win here. Well maybe I just pulled the sponsor card on you kid!! Whoops!!



Frozen Ropes wins the Milsaps Memorial in Georgia

Frozen Ropes supports by putting the logo on the sleeve.  Nice!


Team Kitty/Fence Brokers won the senior event in Myrtle Beach


Cincinnati Bash winners

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