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2023 Pocket City Dual – Who won report


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JBL pitcher Mason Farmer stabs a hot shot off the bat of S&E's Freddie Bynum in the winner's final of Dual #1. 

The 2023 Pocket City Dual was played at the 8 field Deaconess Sports Park in Evansville, Indiana in hot and humid weather over a 4 day period (August 10-13).  The top 33 men's teams and top 19 women's teams in the Conference USSSA battled it out in two tournaments each.  The upsets came early and often in the men's dual #1 as all 4 Major teams got put into the loser's bracket by 'AA' teams and 3 of the Major teams wound up on the same side of the loser's bracket and knocked each other out.  When it was all said and done JBL/D1/Tailgaters/Ignite a 'AA' team out of Ohio wound up knocking off Resmondo/SIS/All American/Menosse (FL-Major) who hadn't lost a game since April, then beat Competitive Edge/Suncoast/FBI/Olmito (FL-Major) in the semifinals, and then they beat S&E/Baugh Ford/Proton (NC-AA) in the winner's bracket finals which you can see here in condensed form, and then again in the championship on Friday.  Competitive Edge was 3rd and Roofx/Revolution/Albicocco/All Hustle (IN-AA) was 4th. In the 2nd men's dual another 'AA' team Sports Reach/Demarini/CT/LLS (KY-AA) went on a run in the winner's bracket beating S&E (NC-AA), MPT Rentals/Juno Athletics (NJ-Major), Competitive Edge (FL-Major), and Monsta/Sonny's/Worsham/Red Athlete (NC/Major) to win the winner's bracket!  On Sunday Monsta came back through the loser's bracket and beat Competitive Edge in the loser's final and then gutted out a "double dip" of Sports Reach to win dual #2.  MPT wound up 4th.  A full report, picture album, condensed games, video clips, and rankings coming this week on!

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Men's Dual #1

1st Place – JBL/D1/Tailgeters/Ignite (OH-AA)

2nd Place – S&E/Baugh Ford/Proton (NC-AA)

3rd Place – Competitive Edge/Suncoast/FBI/Olmito (FL-Major)

4th Place – Roofx/Revolution/Albicocco/AllHustle (IN-AA)


Men's Dual #2

1st Place – Monsta/Sonny's/Worsham/RedAthlete (NC-Major)

2nd Place – Sports Reach/Demarini/CT/LLS (KY-AA)

3rd Place – Competitive Edge/Suncoast/FBI/Olmito (FL-Major)





Women's Pocket City Dual

T24 hits against SIS/Derby in the championship of the women's Dual #1.

At the women 's dual #1 which started Thursday evening the #1 seed Smash it/Derby Girls/Rawlings rolled through a field of 19 of the top teams in the country undefeated.  They knocked off LaFamiglia/Fat Angelo's/GTL/Worth (PA-Major) 11-8 in the winner's final Friday afternoon and beat Team 24/Monsta (FL-Major) 14-5 in the championship Friday night.  The 2nd dual began Saturday and ended Sunday.  In that one LaFamiglia beat Classic Glass/Nitro Circus/Rawlings (WA-Major) 11-3 in the winner's final Saturday night and Smash It/Derby Girls who lost to Classic Glass in the semifinals rolled the loser's bracket Sunday morning to force an "if" game against LaFamiglia only to lose 16-15 on a walk off bases loaded gap shot in the bottom of the 7th.


Women's Dual #1



1st Place – Smash It/Derby Girls/Rawlings (WA-Major)


2nd Place – Team 24/Monsta (FL-Major)


3rd Place – LaFamiglia/Fat Angelo's/GTL/Worth (PA-Major)

4th Place – Classic Glass/Nitro Circus/Rawlings (CA-Major)


Women's Dual #2

LaFamiglia wins the "if" game on a walk off hit in the bottom of the 7th!

1st Place – LaFamiglia/Fat Angelo's/GTL/Worth (PA-Major)

2nd Place – Smash It/Derby Girls/Rawlings (WA-Major)

3rd Place – Classic Glass/Nitro Circus/Rawlings (CA-Major)

4th Place – Team 24/Monsta (FL-Major)

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