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2022 Rumors Chat #3 recap – 12/9/2022


The summary of the "Rumors" Chat from Thursday, December 9th, 2021:

Some thought the conference schedule was reduced too much.  Not much was said about the Major or Watch Lists.  Kevin Bazat from Resmondo confirmed that the roster for Resmondo listed below is correct but for the most part these are all just still rumors as it is December.  Dan Smith did leave the MPT/Dan Smith merger.  Some thought Precision was still having a team and some thought they were not.

Toys for Tots in Palm Springs is this weekend and should have the Big League Dreams fields livestreamed on

Bryson Baker said he was going to play in 2022 just not sure where.

Some believe the big pay day for players hurts the upper level.  Some including me believe it spreads out the talent.

A new team out of Illinois was announced RVCG/ACA/Redline.  Meirtran is coming back.


Major Teams (4):

MPT Rentals/Juno Athletics – Filip Washington, John Williams, John Radich, Shannon Smith, Joe Dorton, Ryan Harvey, Nick Day?, Dan Sanchez?, Joe Joe Bennett, Castillo, Kirsten, Anninos, Patrick Center, Connor Murray, Dombrowski?

Resmondo – Pearson, Connell, Clark, Mack, Jones, Bazat, Santana, Matte, Marshburn, Briggs, Reckart, Dodds, Reyna

SmashItSports/Newbreed/Pure – Riley, Collins, McClanahan, Martel, Dunn, Haglund, Wolf, Gregory, Brungardt, Racobaldo, Purcell, Renner, E Williams, Fisher, Jonas

Sonny's/Albicocco/Nitro Circus/WYLD Gear/Monsta – Yates, Matusik, Jason Magnum, Steele Lewis, Austyn Dawe, Tyler Wilson, Welborn, Vitcak, Wik, Cayton, Fyffe, Dan Kirkwood, Jeff Bloomer, Matt Brady


AA Teams (8-10):
Bay Area Legends (CA)
Chick-fil-A/Slugger/BAF/LBT (VA) – Alston, Clifton, Engles, Fields, Garner, Isennock, Kashner, Legault, Moyers, Natolly, Porter, Sanford, Shifflett, Stidham, Tallon, Wolfe
Competitive Edge (FL)
Proton (AZ) – John Nelson, Jordan Spaulding, Adam Ussery, Brady Stewart, Chad Mullins, Steven Edwards, Brock Frentzel, Brian Dezern, Willie Dooley, Chad Erickson, Lex Ramirez, Jose Flores, Tyler Dickens, Brent McClure
Classic Glass (CA)
Precision (IL) possibly involved with Sports Reach and Rebel?
S & E (NC)
Seminoles (OK)
Sports Reach (KY)


Bumped? A Teams (26-30):
Nightmare (MO) – Waltrip
Westpoint (IN)

Coming Back/New A/B Teams:
Baugh Ford (AL)
Briggs (NC)
CGR/Looney Bin (New conference team)
Cheap Suits (CA) – Newman, Cordova, Hollingsworth, Benigno, Rockoff
Cornerstone (KY) (Pinkham?)
Denver Stars (CO)
Hybrid Express (CA)
Tru/Eagle Paint/Friendly Transmission/Timeless (NC)
Kut4/OI Livingston (AL) – Cornett, Tripp, Ryan Johnson, Rasberry, Cence, Martin, Green, Hooks, Dunson, Calhoun, Rolin, Ming, Olive
L & S Glass (CA)
Maroadi (PA) (New conference team)
Meirtran (IL)
Nitro Circus/Looney Bin (New conference team)
Premier/4With/BAF/Easton (OH)
Primetime (GA)
Rebel (MI) possibly now SR/Pure/Rebal

RVCG/ACA/Redline (IL)
Smash It Sports (NY) (Zirkle, Pearson, Thorbrogger, Streets) – probably AA.
Silverbacks (IN)
Siteman/Proton – Ray, D Rodriguez, Keene, Boyster, Harjo, Boehner, D Rogers, Petrov, Helsel, Garland, S Rogers, DuHadaway, Hernandez, Graf, Branum
TG Brand (MI)
Thunder (TX) (Sponsorship to come)
WM Roofing (OH)

Teams Noone Knew About:
Envy (One rumor said they merged with another team)
J&R Logistics
Team Bryce
Whut It Dew

Conference Teams Not Coming Back:
Juno Athletics


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  1. Liam Kilburn says:

    Vivid is making a return to. We will be A again

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