Monday November 29th, 2021

2022 Rumors Chat #2 recap – 10/27/2022

Major list and Watch list will be out this week.  The committee added 75 new players to the lists.


Major Teams: (4)

Sonny's/Albicocco/Nitro Circus/WYLD Gear/Monsta – Yates, Matusik, Jason Magnum, Steele Lewis, Austyn Dawe, Tyler Wilson, Welborn, Vitcak, Wik, Cayton, Fyffe, Dan Kirkwood, and Jeff Bloomer

MPT Rentals/Dan Smith – Filip Washington, John Williams, John Radich, Shannon Smith, Joe Dorton, Ryan Harvey, Nick Day, Dan Sanchez, Bennett, Castillo, Kirsten, Anninos

Resmondo – Pearson, Connell, Clark, Mack, Jones, Bazat, Santana, Matte, Marshburn, Briggs, Reckart

SmashItSports/Newbreed/Pure – Riley, Collins, Reyna, McClanahan, Martel, Dunn, Haglund, Wolf, Gregory, Brungardt, Racobaldo, Purcell, Renner, E Williams, Fisher, Jonas


AA Teams: (11)
CompetitiveEdge (FL)
MAJ/Proton (AZ)
Classic Glass (CA)
Precision (IL)
S & E (NC)
Seminoles (OK)
Sports Reach (KY)

Bumped? A Teams:
Bay Area Legends (CA)
Chick-fil-A (VA)
Nightmare (MO)
Westpoint (IN)


Coming Back/New A/B Teams: (24)
Baugh Ford/Kut4 (AL)
CGR/Looney Bin (New conference team)
Cheap Suits (CA)
Cornerstone (KY)
Denver Stars (CO)
EA Athletics/ELVT (CA)
Eagle Paint/Friendly Transmission/Timeless (NC)
Hustle Sports? (New conference team?)
L & S Glass (CA)
Maroadi (PA) (New conference team)
Nitro Circus/Looney Bin (New conference team)
Premier/4With/BAF/Easton (OH)
Primetime (GA)
Rebel (MI)
Smash It Sports (NY) (New conference team)
Silverbacks (IN)
Siteman (New conference team)
TG Brand (MI)
Thunder (TX) (Sponsorship to come)
Tru? (VA)
WM Roofing (OH)

Teams Noone Knew About:
J&R Logistics
Team Bryce
Whut It Dew

Conference Teams Not Coming Back:
Juno Athletics

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  1. sowell says:

    Resmondo is going to be a team of INF.

  2. Peter Petersen says:

    These are all your posts in the chat DW!

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