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Added all video links —> 2022 Kansas City Last Chance short report!

Championship condensed game – Resmondo vs Monsta link

You can read the full report on!


Kansas City Last Chance Major

Shawnee, Kansas

September 16-17, 2022

Monsta's Josh Fyffe gets the game winning walk off single in the "if" game against Resmondo!

There were 18 teams in the KC Last Chance Major including 16 teams from the Conference USSSA and they hailed from 11 different states and they played at the Mid American Softball Complex in Shawnee, Kansas.  Monsta/Albicocco/Racks/Nitro Circus (CA-Major) the #1 seed in the tournament and the #2 team in the country walked down the #4 team in the country Resmondo/Smash It/All American/Menosse (FL-Major) in the bottom of the 7th in both the winner's bracket finals which they won 39-38 and the championship game 43-42.  Primetime/Easton/FAI (GA-A) who had to finish 3rd to qualify for the USSSA Major World Series went 4-2 and beat Anarchy/SmashItSports/Beloli/OA late Saturday afternoon to bump Kut4Sports out of the Major.  Check out the projected Major World Series bracket here.

Resmondo battles Monsta in the winner's bracket finals.



KC Last Chance Results and Bracket link

KC Last Chance Picture Album link

KC Last Chance Video Clips link

KC Last Chance semifinals Condensed Game link

KC Last Chance winner's final Condensed Game link

KC Last Chance Archived Games link

KC Last Chance Stats link



A full report, picture album, condensed games, video clips, and rankings coming this week on!

1st Place – Monsta/Albicocco/Racks/Nitro Circus (CA-Major)

3rd Place – Primetime/Easton/FAI (GA-A)

4th Place – Anarchy/SmashItSports/Beloli/OA (NY-A)

Final stats are not turned in yet but it looks like Anarchy hitters Brandon Streets and Tylia Sylestine wrapped up the batting titles!


Women's KC Last Chance Major

Lady SNI and Team 24 battle in the championship in KC!

Team 24/S&S Landscaping/Proton (FL-Major) rolled undefeated through the KC Last Chance Major (September 17th) beating LaFamiglia/Fat Angelo's/Worth (PA-Major) 12-7 in the semifinals and Lady SNI/D1 Apparel/DeMarini/Slugger (FL-Major) 8-4 in the winner's final of the 8 team tournament.  In the championship they were tripped up by Lady SNI 10-4 as Lady SNI had some incredible line drive hitting going on with the wind blowing in.  But in the "if" game Team 24 recovered to give it back to Lady SNI with a 10-2 victory.  Check out the Women's USSSA Major World Series projected bracket here.

2022 KC Women's Last Chance Results & Bracket Link

2022 KC Last Chance archived games link

1st Place – Team 24/S&S Landscaping/Proton (FL-Major)

2nd Place – Lady SNI/D1Apparel/DeMarini/Slugger (FL-Major)

3rd Place – LaFamiglia/Fat Angelo's/Worth (FL-Major)

4th Place – Xtreme/ASP/Athlon/Anarchy (MN-A)

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