Thursday May 12th, 2022

2022 Conference USSSA Women’s Teams!

2022 Conference USSSA Women's Teams as of 3/16/2022

Live list link to team list here

The CUSSSA Committee has not finalized all team classifications as some teams have not completed their online roster. Once the Committee has completed the review process teams will be notified if their classification has been changed.

23     Women's 2022 Conference Teams
Teams Class State As of 3/16/2022 at 9:12 AM
1 M AR Lady Klutch/Crown/Nitro Circus/TR
2 M FL Lady SNI/D1Apparel/DeMarini/Slugger
3 M PA LaFamiglia/Fat Angelo's/Riot/Worth
4 M WA Smash It/Derby Girls/LaClear/Easton
5 M FL Team 24/ Proton
6 AA WA ClassicGlass/Rawlings/Dirty/Trojans
7 A NC 1931HTHF/KandySports
8 A IN Bellys/BloodConsruction/RedAthlete
9 A MO BNS / Smash It Sports
10 A VA KFI 13 Fireworks/Red Athlete/Torch/
11 A VA Lady Mojo/Baugh Ford/SFS
12 A PA Lady Nitro Circus/Team 199/DBbrand
13 A AZ Lady Proton
14 A AZ Masami/Figa/PowerHouse/RBA
15 A MI Smash It Sports / Incognito
16 A CA SmashItSports/SFK/Easton/Miken
17 A MN Xtreme/ASP/Athlon/Anarchy
18 B FL Khaos
20 B WA NW Renegades/Royal-TRE/TLG
21 B CA VND/
23 TBD SC Sweet Dreams

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