Tuesday June 6th, 2023

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Condensed Game Winner's Final link

Chi-Town tournament report link



2022 Chi-Town Classic


Joliet, Illinois 


August 20th 


WestPoint Softballs Travis Tucker hits a grand slam against Comatose in the Championship game!

The Conference returned to Joliet, Illinois for the 1st time in many years for the new Chi-Town Classic at the Inwood Sports Complex which has 6 fields most of which are 300 feet and they have all new turf infields.  The outfields were very wet from rains overnight and the entire tournament was played on Saturday, August 20th.  The weather was a cool 70 degrees with the wind blowing out for the most part on the two men's fields.  They used the Dudley Pro-M ball with a 'DM' stamp, 70 foot bases, a 50 foot pitching rubber, and a 8 or 12 home run limit depending on the class of teams.  There were only 6 teams in the tournament (5 Conference) due to teams dropping out of the event a week earlier presumably because they were banged up from the Evansville dual the week before.  


Hot Links (More Videos to come)

Father and son Geno and Ty Buck making memories at the Chi-Town

Chi-Town Results and Bracket link

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Chi-Town Video Clips link

Chi-Town Semifinal Condensed Game link (when ready)

Chi-Town Championship Condensed Game link (when ready)

Chi-Town Archived Games link

Chi-Town Stats link (Updating throughout the week)




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