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2021 Women’s Conference USSSA Update after Myrtle Beach!


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2021 Women's Conference USSSA


Season Update


March – May



2021 Women's Coaches Poll after Cactus Classic



2021 Women's SoftballCenter Computer Rankings after Cactus



2021 Women's Conference Points Standings




Smash It/Derby Girls/Easton went undefeated in women's Dual #1 at the Beach Friday beating Lady SNI/LazyLlama/DeMarini/LS 19-9 in the winner's final and again 10-9 in the championship.  Dual #2 started Saturday morning and ended Sunday with Lady SNI beating T24/Klutch/Proton/Broughton 17-16 in the winner's final Saturday night and again 18-6 in the championship on Sunday.

2021 USSSA Myrtle Beach bracket and results link

2021 USSSA Myrtle Beach Women's picture album

2021 USSSA Myrtle Beach Women's video clips link

CONDENSED GAME – Derby Girls vs Lady SNI Dual #1 winner's final

2021 Myrtle Beach Archive Livestream Games Link


Women's Dual #1


1st Place Women's Major – Smash It/Derby Girls/Easton (WA-Major)


2nd Place – Lady SNI/LazyLlama/DeMarini/LS (FL-Major)


3rd Place – T24/Klutch/Proton/Broughton (FL-Major)


4th Place – Low Bobs/Shirts&Logos (KY-Major)



Women's Myrtle Beach Dual #2


1st Place – Lady SNI/LazyLlama/DeMarini/LS (FL-Major)


2nd Place – T24/Klutch/Proton/Broughton (FL-Major)


3rd Place – Infamous/BayArea/SaltRiot/Spiderz (CO-A)


4th Place Women's Major – Smash It/Derby Girls/Easton (WA-Major)




1st Place Women's Major – Low Bobs/Shirts&Logos (KY-M)


Low Bobs/Shirts&Logos a Kentucky Women's Major team rolled through the 11 team 2021 Choo Choo Classic undefeated out scoring their opponents 68-19 and beating Storm (MS-B) 13-6 in the winner's bracket finals and Karma 26-3 (GA-A) in the championship.  The women's conference moves to Myrtle Beach for a dual event that starts this Friday morning.


2021 USSSA Choo Choo Classic Women's Major bracket and results link

2021 Choo Classic Archive Livestream Games Link


2nd Place – Karma (GA-A)


3rd Place – Storm (MS-B)


4th Place – 1931 HTF/Pure/KS/HiOctane/GTF (NC-A)



Cactus Classic

Victory Lane Sports Complex

Glendale, Arizona

4/23 – 4/25

Friday night there was an emotional tribute to the late Christan Dowling who was possibly the greatest offensive player in women's slow pitch history!

1st Place – Smash It Sports/Derby Girls/Easton (WA-Major)

The Smash It Sports/Derby Girls/Easton Major team reeling from the tragic loss of their power hitter and leader Christan Dowling last week took to the fields in Arizona after an emotional tribute ceremony Friday night and proceeded to destroy their competition.  They went 5-0 on the weekend and won the 13 team Women's Major by out scoring their opponents a dominating 90 runs to 8.  They knocked off Infamous 12-2 in the winner's final Saturday and then beat Classic Glass, who had won 5 straight in the loser's bracket, 15-0 in the championship game on Sunday.

2021 Cactus Classic bracket and results link

2021 Cactus Classic Picture Album link

2021 Cactus Classic Stats link when available

2021 Cactus Classic USSSALive live stream link


CD Tribute Uniform!


2nd Place – Classic Glass/Easton/Dirty/Trojans (WA-A)


3rd Place – Infamous/BayArea/SaltRiot/Spiderz (CO-A)


4th Place – NTL/GSSports/Worth (CA-A)



Hall of Fame Classic Dual

Space Coast Complex

Viera, Florida

4/8 – 4/10

Team 24's Meagan Pearson hits one up the middle in the winner's final of dual #2


1st Place in both tournaments – Team 24/Klutch/Broughton (FL-M)



The 2021 USSSA Women's Conference Dual event at the Space Coast Complex was dominated by the 3 time defending USSSA World champions Team 24/Klutch/Broughton Major who are based out of Florida and run by manager Rhodney Donaldson and Katie Fricke.  The team went a perfect 10-0 winning both tournaments and defeating Smash It Sports/Backman/Icognito 13-3 in the championship of Dual #1 Friday night and Lady SNI/Lazy Llama/DeMarini/LS 21-4 on Saturday night.  Team 24 was led by the pitching of Stacey Moore, the offense of tournament MVP's Meagan Pearson (.725) and Jaexenne Balilea (.625), the home run power of Ashley Mack, Steph Call, and Dara Toman who each hit 7 home runs, as well as the defense of shortstop Amber Parrish and center fielder Sara Poteat.  The women have the week off and will resume their Conference season in Phoenix, Arizona 4/23 – 4/25.


2021 Hall of Fame Classic Dual Results and Bracket Link

2021 USSSA Women's Hall of Fame picture album link

2021 Hall of Fame Dual #1 Stats Link when available

2021 Hall of Fame Dual #2 Stats Link when available

2021 Hall of Fame Dual livestream archives link

Condensed Game – 2021 Dual #2 Winner's Final – T24 vs SIS/Derby link

Teams – Stats – Schedule links



Dual #1


Dual #1 Championship Game Boxscore



Dual #2


Dual #2 Championship Game Boxscore




3rd and 2nd Place – Lady SNI/LazyLlama/DeMarini/LS (FL-Major)


4th and 3rd Place – Smash It Sports/Derby Girls/Easton (WA-Major)


2nd and 7th Place – Smash It Sports/Backman/Incognito (MI-A)


5th and 4th Place – La Famiglia Ladies/Easton/Riot (PA-A)


7th and 5th Place – Classic Glass/Easton/Dirty/Trojans (WA-A)


T24's Ashley Mack hits another rope!




Las Vegas "Sin City" Classic

Big League Dreams Park

Las Vegas, Nevada

3/26 – 3/28

1st Place – Smash It Sports/Derby Girls/Easton (WA-M)


The 2021 Women’s Conference USSSA season kicked off in Las Vegas, NV with 17 teams in the women’s major bracket, with 12 being members of Conference USSSA. With cooler temperatures on Friday night, the ball was flying out of Big League Dreams. This resulted in 7 of the 9 first round games ending by run rule. It was apparent early on the Smash It Sports/Derby Girls/Easton would be tough to beat with the cooler temperatures, lively ball and BLD field dimensions. They had multiple back-to-back homeruns in early games, some of epic length, which would not have mattered what size fields they were playing on.

The other two major teams in the tournament, Lady SNI/LazyLlama/DeMarini/LS and MPT Rentals/AOB/Juno Athletics came out swinging as well. Lady SNI/LazyLlama/DeMarini/LS defeated MPM/Hitting Bombs Apparel/APS, a B Team out California 25-3, and MPT Rentals/AOB/Juno Athletics defeated A team Supra Sportz/ProStytch out California 18-2 to both advance into the second round. SFK/Slugger Custom Uniforms got it done on both sides of the ball as they crushed Smash It/Backman/PH//Tunie/Masamii 23-0 to advance into the second round.

Lady SNI/LazyLlama/DeMarini/LS and MPT Rentals/AOB/Juno Athletics would both suffer losses in their next games against two revamped A teams. NTL/GSSPORTS/WORTH defeat MPT Rentals/AOB/Juno Athletics 16-14 in a tight back and forth game. INFAMOUS/BAYAREA/SALTRIOT/Spiderz defeated Lady SNI/LazyLlama/DeMarini/LS 17-9 to advance. Keep your eye on both Infamous and NTL/GSSPORTS/WORTH, both these teams play with a lot of confidence and watching them play, you can see why. These two would meet up twice this weekend including the next round where Infamous defeated NTL/GSSPORTS/WORTH 22-15 to set up a winner bracket final matchup with Smash It Sports/Derby Girls/Easton. After a slow start, Smash It Sports/Derby Girls/Easton went on to defeat SFK/Slugger Custom Uniforms by run rule 15-2.

In the winners bracket final, INFAMOUS/BAYAREA/SALTRIOT/Spiderz became the first team to play all 7 innings with Smash It Sports/Derby Girls/Easton, but the long ball once again powered Smash It Sports/Derby Girls/Easton to a 17-11 victory. Sunday morning featured a Lady SNI/LazyLlama/DeMarini/LS vs NTL/GSSPORTS/WORTH matchup for the 4th place game. Lady SNI/LazyLlama/DeMarini/LS fought their way out of the loser’s bracket to make it to championship Sunday. After finishing after midnight and then experiencing car trouble, the 8am start did not bode well for Lady SNI/LazyLlama/DeMarini/LS and they lost out in a close one in one of the lowest scoring games of the tournament 8-7.

NTL/GSSPORTS/WORTH would wake up in the 3rd place game and run rule Infamous 19-6 to set up a championship game with Smash It Sports/Derby Girls/Eastonv. But as had been the case all weekend, the power of Smash It Sports/Derby Girls/Easton would power them to a decisive victory. Megan Baltzell and Fiana Finau led the offensive charge with a monstrous game from Fiana Finau going 4-4, with 4 homeruns. Faced with the bases loaded and the winning run by rule on 3rd base, NTL/GSSPORTS/WORTH had no choice but to pitch to Fiana Finau. And she ended the game in grand fashion with a monstrous opposite field home run to give the Smash It Sports/Derby Girls/Easton a strong start to the season 21-5. Next stop for the women’s conference schedule will be the Hall of Fame Dual in Viera with 16 conference teams on tap.

2021 Las Vegas Results and Bracket Link

2021 Las Vegas Stats Link


2nd Place – NTL/GSSports/Worth (CA-A)


3rd Place – Infamous/BayArea/Saltriot/Spiderz (CO-A)


4th Place – Lady SNI/LazyLlama/DeMarini/LS (FL-M)




















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