Tuesday March 28th, 2023

2021 USSSA Military World Champions!


2021 USSSA Military World Champions!


Men's Military 'A' Champions – Homebridge/HB/Repsvc/BruceBolt (FL)


2021 USSSA Military Worlds bracket and results link


Men's Military 'A' 2nd Place – Militia/SNI/SSLAND/Chosen/Thunder (FL)


Men's Military 'B' Champions – MDL Reloaded (NJ)


Men's Military Intramural Champions – BNB Softball (GA)


Women's Military Champions – Lady Not Forgotten (MD)


Mixed Military Champions – Team Cuzzies/RE/MAX/EB (WA)


Men's Military Over 40 Champions – JK Inc (CA)

2 responses to “2021 USSSA Military World Champions!”

  1. Utrip wont admit how much they love Rob maya says:

    so weird, the Team Name for Mens definitely Missing a Sponsor on it. wonder why Utrip did that…… hmmmmmm

  2. DW says:

    Rob has a lifetime suspension from utrip

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