Monday November 29th, 2021

2021 USA Softball ‘AA’ Nationals tournament preview!


USA Softball Super National Championship


August 21-22, 2021


Hendersonville, Tennessee


Drakes Creek Park

The USA Softball 'AA' Nationals start at 8:30 AM CENTRAL time on Saturday, August 21st in Hendersonville, Tennessee's at Drakes Creek Park.  The tournament has 8 teams .  This is just the 2nd ever USA Softball 'AA' Nationals.  The main field is artificial turf and a baseball field.  USA Softball will stream the games and they use for live scoring.


Condensed Game – 2020 USA 'AA' Championship link

Condensed Game – 2020 USA 'AA' Winner's Final link

2020 USA 'AA' Nationals video clips link



All Bracket Times are CENTRAL time

2021 USA 'AA' Bracket and team list link will have the chat room open to discuss the tournament.



Who will win poll

Oldscout Pollers picked Thunder 30%




There is also a 14 team women's open national with a ton of talent.








Homerun – AA – 12           

Run Rule –  20 after 4 innings      15 after 5 innings1

Courtesy Runner – Any eligible players that may participate on offense or defense and are on the official line-up including available substitutes may be used as a courtesy runner. A courtesy runner may be used once per inning.

Pitching – Arc must be at least 6 feet from the ground with a maximum height of 10 feet from the ground.

Line Up – The line up will contain either 10 players or 11 players (10 players + 1 extra player)

Substitutions – Each player may leave the game one time and return to the same position in the batting order.

Count – The batter will start every at bat with a 1-1 count. A foul ball with two strikes is an out. There is no courtesy foul ball.

Stealing – Stealing is legal in all divisions of play. The runner may not leave the base until the ball has reached the front edge of home plate. The ball remains live until the pitcher has the ball and all play has stopped. The ball will be called dead if: the pitch doesn’t reach the front edge of the plate, the pitch hits the plate, or if the pitch hits the batter.

Balls –                   Dudley Thunder Hy-Con .52/300



2021 'AA' Teams and Rosters

Adam Aceto
Joey Bulens
Justin Butler
Chad Edwards
Alden Haffar
Chad Hook
Andrew Malone
Chad McCarty
Amillio Pena
Ryan Pennebaker
Chris Potts
Jeff Ratashak
Matt Schrage
Bryce Schweitzer
Eddie Sobczak
Cole Welter
Noah Wethington
Mike Wieland
Michael Williams

Alex Abraham
Jim Dreikosen
Mitchell Dunse
Shane Engelbrecht
Robert Guzman
Mike Jacobson
Robertino Nieves
Brett Rettenmeier
Jacob Stadler
Matt Stefanski
Tanner Unkel
Corey Volden
Damon Wegner
Brett Wichman
Antoine Williams

Daddy Rocks/Hoffman/Ductech
Richard Buck
Ty Buck
Greg Connell
BJ Fulk
Patrick Hammarsten
Tristan Johnston
Ronald Mack
Jason Magnum
Zach Messer
Hunter Ramirez
Jeff Roxby
Nic Santana
Reggie Schulte
Jeremy Yates

Juno Athletics / MPT Rentals
Dale Brungardt
Mark Carucci
Tyler Dickens
Jonathan Dombrowski
Benjamin Dunn
Brock Frentzel
Erik Kanaby
Brian Logan
Billy Maggard Jr.
Jason Martel
Ryan McClanahan
Tommy Melton
Orlando Olivera
Isaiah Worlow

Monsta Black Sheep/Texas5/Monsta Athletics
Filip Washington
Matt Fox
Brady Stewart
Ryan Honeycutt
Jason Matusik
Ryan Harvey
Conner Murray
David Johnson
Steve Whaley
Brandon Hooks
Faron Miller
LC Watson
Ryan Dacko
Tim Martinez
Travis Houseman
Jared Hunt
Tim Espinoza

Team No Limits
Joseph Bennett
Freddie Bynum
Andrew Collins
Terrance Engles
Josh Fyffe
Justin Gregory
Mark Katz
Daniel Kirkwood
Joshua Kirsten
Tyler Marshburn
Philip Matte
Bill Pinkham
Kendall Welborn
Everett Williams

Thunder/Chosen/All American Restoration


Chanticlear Pizza





Drakes Creek Park90 Valley Brook Dr, Hendersonville, TN 37075

Field #1 290-300-300

Field #2 263-300-290

Field #6 300

Field #12 300

Field #3 is a turf baseball field 320-347-357-340-318

Field #4 is 325 feet all the way around

Field #13 is 330-362-369-353-321



Past USA Super 'AA'


2020 USA Softball 'AA' Champions – H. Auto/Sonnys/RDD/Sprizzi/S&S/Easton

2020 USA Softball 'AA' tournament report

USA Softball 'AA' Nationals Final Standings:
1st – Precision/Sonnys/H.Auto/Sprizzi/Bulldawg Trucking
2nd – MPT/Anarchy
3rd – Thunder/Chosen
4th – Daddy Rocks/Hoffman/Ductech
5th – Bigger Den Me
5th – Bad Draw/Rapid Fire/Easton
7th – Southern Monsta
7th – Drip City/Monsta





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