Saturday November 26th, 2022

2021 Proton Softball/Sonnys team!


2021 Proton Softball/ Sonnys (M)

Sonny Pilcher
Sonny Yamercharen  – Statistician
Lex Ramirez
Charles Darling



Jordan Spaulding (AZ)
Jon Nelson (AZ)
Alexis Ramirez (AZ)
Charles Darling (AZ)
Bryson Baker (CA)
Bryan Dezern (CA)
Daniel Cayton (CA)
Argen Dodds (TX)
Tyrell Jenkins (TX)
Phil Matte (KY)
Bill Pinkham (KY)
Josh Kirsten (OH)
Brett Rettenmeier (IA)
Joseph Bennett (GA)
Jason Matusik (FL)
William Dooley (MO)
Riley Norris (MO)

One response to “2021 Proton Softball/Sonnys team!”

  1. Gary says:

    Been following you guys this year… the roster…..glad to see some of ya swingin the Proton…..?How do you like the series one…..waiting for mine, can’t wait to swing it

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