Monday October 2nd, 2023

2021 Meirtran/Compressor Services/The Bat Shack team!


2021 Meirtran/Compressor Services/The Bat Shack

Manager David Hayenga
Sponsor David Hayenga, Meirtran
Sponsor Matt Young, The Bat Shack
Sponsor Jason Montes, The Bat Shack
Sponsor Tyson Burke, Compressor Services
Coach   Matt Young
Coach   Jason Montes
Coach   Chris Page

Jon Alonso-INF
Anthony Amedei-OF
Bo Andrews-P
Keelan Andrews-C/EH
Brandon Bowen-OF
Robert Bowers-OF
Steven Briggs-INF
Andrew Brown-INF
Tyson Burke-INF
Brian Ehrhard-INF
Nick Enna-INF/OF
Jacob Gorsuch-INF/OF
Larry Jackson-C/EH
Dustin Larsen-INF
Anthony Rallo-INF
Tristin Ritter-P/INF/OF
Carlos Rivera-INF/OF
Brian Szarmach-OF
Jordee Watkins-INF
Jalen Wimberly-INF

2021 Schedule:
5/21-5/23-Cross Town Classic-Kansas
6/4-6/6-Windy City Major-Chicago
7/9-7/11-Smokey Mountain-Tennessee
7/16-7/18-Cincy Major-Cincinnati
8/12-8/15-Pocket City Dual-Evansville

We will also play in the CUSSSA Championships 9/17-9/19 in Columbus.

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