Friday February 3rd, 2023

2021 Conference USSSA Awards Poll/Survey!


Give your opinion on the 2021 Conference USSSA Awards.

Remember to scroll down to see all the choices in the drop downs and questions and make sure you click "SUBMIT" at the end of the survey.

Please only answer questions that you know the players, managers, umpires for.  Skip over questions you are unsure of.

Remember 1st and 2nd teams must have at least one player from each position covered.  1st Team must have 180 at bats.  2nd Team must have 120 at bats.

Remember that players that joined a team after May 1st are not eligible for all conference but are eligible for non team awards.

The Batting Champion is Filip Washington and the home run champion is Ryan Harvey so they would probably not be selected as Offensive MVP since they already have prestigious awards.

Here is a link to all of the advanced stats for 2021

Here is a link to the Conference Stats page

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