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2020 USSSA Women’s World Tournament and Conference Wrap Up!




2020 Women's Conference USSSA


Season Wrap Up


May – October Worlds

Women's Conference Team Breakdown:
15 Nationwide Conference USSSA Teams
3 Major Teams
10 'A' Teams
 2 'B' Teams


3 Major Teams:
FL 'Major' – Backman/Team 24/Miken
FL 'Major' – Lady SNI
WA 'Major' – Smash-It Sports/DG4L/Sonnys/Easton

10 'A' Teams:
NJ 'A' – Anarchy/AOB/Lady MPT
WA 'A' – Dirty Sports/Trojans/Charles Schwab
KS 'A' – Greenspace
VA 'A' – Lady Mojo Reloaded/FAI/Berserk Athletics
KY 'A' – Low Bobs/Shirts & Logos
CA 'A' – SFK/ASP/A&S Constructors
IN 'A' – Smash It Sports/FAI/Miken
NC 'A' – TDB/A1 Glass/MAL/Easton
AR 'A' – Traders Reloaded/Klutch
WA 'A' – West Coast Lockdown/Cutter Inc

2 'B' Teams:
CO 'B' – Famous/Pure/Saltriot
PA 'B' – LaFamiglia Ladies/Easton/Riot


2020 Season at a Glance



Final 2020 Women's SoftballCenter Computer Rankings

Final 2020 Women's SoftballCenter Computer Rankings by Class

Here is the rankings formula used since 2008:

The minimum number of Conference 'B' and above games to be eligible for the Computer Rankings is currently 12.

The computer rankings rules have been unchanged since its beginning in 2008.

Rankings Formula explained:

Each team receives:
8 points for defeating a Major class team
5 points for defeating an A class team
2 points for defeating a B class team
1 points for defeating a C class team

Each team receives an additional:
8 points for winning a tournament
6 points for finishing 2nd
4 points for finishing 3rd
2 points for finishing 4th

And finally each team has their point total reduced by:
1 point for each time they lose to a major team
2 points for losing to an A team
3 points for losing to an B team
4 points for losing to a C team
5 points for losing to a D team
6 points for losing to a E team

Each teams total points are then divided by the number of games they have played against upper level (Major, A, and B) teams.

So the formula in mathmatical terms would be:

AveragePointsPerGame =
/ (total games vs M, A, B)

In short the formula is:

AveragePointsPerGame =
((weighted wins against upper teams)
+ (weighted top 4 in tournament finishes)
– (weighted losses))
/ (# of upper games)

The average points per game is then sorted highest to lowest and those are the rankings.

Final 2020 Women's Conference Points Standings


Women's Major World Series


Backman MVP Stephanie Call homer's in the Championship game against Smash It Sports

1st Place – Backman/Team 24/Miken/Worth (FL-M)

Backman/Team 24/Miken/Worth came through the loser's bracket and "double dipped" #1 ranked Smash It/DG4L/Sonnys/Easton in the championship to win their 3rd straight Women's Major World Series!

The Championship games were fairly low scoring with some big defensive plays and key home runs.



Dowling homer's as SmashIt attempts a comeback



Backman shortstop Amber Parrish puts away Smash It with a nice backhand

Women's Worlds Picture Album Link

Link to the Women's Major World Series bracket and results

Link to the Women's Major World Series Livestream Archives

Link to the Condensed Game Video of the Championship

Link to the Condensed Game Video of the "IF" Game of the Championship

Mic'd up with Brittany Cox link

2nd Place – Smashit/DG4L/Sonnys/Easton (WA-M)

3rd Place – Traders Reloaded Klutch (AR-A)

4th Place – Dirty Sports/Trojans/CS/Thunder (WA-A)


Brittany Cox, Brett Helmer, and Holly Kennison in the booth

Yes, the left fielder appears to be in fair territory



Women's 'A' World


1st Place – Low Bobs/Shirts & Logos (KY-A)


Link to the Women's 'A' bracket and results

Link to the Women's 'A' Livestream Archives


2nd Place – Xtreme/ASP/Athlon (MN-A)


3rd Place – Anarchy/All Out Brats/Lady MPT (NJ-A)


4th Place – Smash It Sports/F.A.I./Easton (IN-A)



Women's 'B' World


1st Place – LaFamilgia Ladies/Easton/Riot (PA-B)


Link to the Women's 'B' bracket and results

Link to the Women's 'B' Livestream Archives


2nd Place – Levels/A3 Custom Concrete/El Toro (CO-B)


3rd Place – Infamous/Pure/Salt Riot (CO-B)


4th Place – TC Pitchers (CO-B)



1st Place GSL A/B – SSSo What from MA


Conference Championships


1st Place – Lady SNI/OALabs/DeMarini/Louisville (FL-M)

Only 3 teams attended the women's conference championship tournament in Columbus, Georgia and it was Lady SNI rolling through it undefeated as they knocked off Lady Mojo 24-12 in the winner's bracket finals and Smash It Sports/FAI 23-8 in the championship game.  Lady Mojo had beaten Smash It Sports/FAI in the winner's bracket by one but then lost to Smash It in the loser's bracket 23-10 to finish 3rd.

Link to the Conference Championship tournament bracket and results



Arizona Dual

9/16/2020 – 9/18/2020

1st Place – Dirty Sports/Trojans/CS/Thunder won both Arizona Dual events

Link to the Phoenix tournament bracket and results


Arizona Dual #1


Arizona Dual #2




Virginia Dual Major – September


1st Place – Smash It/DG4L/Sonnys/Easton won both women's Dual events!  (WA-Major)

Smash It/DG4L won both Virginia 7 team Dual Women's Majors.  After defeating Low Bob's/Shirts and Logos 15-2 in the 1st Duals winner's final on Friday night, they were beaten by Low Bob's 21-5 in the first game of the championship Saturday morning but rebounded to win the "if" game 10-8!  In the second Dual they beat LaFamiglia Ladies/Easton/Riot 11-1 in the winner's final and again 11-3 in the championship Sunday to win their 12th tournament in 13 attempts.

Link to the Virginia tournament bracket and results

Virginia live stream archives


2nd Place Dual #1 – Low Bobs/Shirts and Logos (KY-A)


Virginia Women's Dual #1


Virginia Women's Dual #2

2nd Place Dual #2 – La Famiglia Ladies/Easton/Riot (PA-B)



Atlanta Major – August

1st Place – Backman/Team 24/Miken/Worth


Link to the Atlanta tournament bracket and results

Winner's Final Condensed Game video link

Atlanta Womens picture album link


2nd Place – Lady SNI/OA Labs/DeMarini/Louisville


3rd Place – Lady Mojo Reloaded/ESP



Salt Lake City Dual – August

1st Place Both Duals – Smash It/DG4L/Sonnys/Easton (WA-M)

Smash It rolled through both Utah Duals undefeated beating Dirty Sports in both finals.  Anonymous a Utah-C team was in the winner's final of Dual #2 and finished 3rd which is impressive.  Smash It Sports won their 8th and 9th Conference tournaments of the year.

Link to SLC tournament bracket and results

Archived game videos from Utah


Utah Dual #1 Results/Awards

2nd Place both Duals – Dirty Sports/Trojans/CS/Thunder (WA-A)


Utah Dual #2 Results/Awards

3rd Place Dual #2 – Anonymous (UT-C)



Columbus, Ohio Dual – August

1st Place Both Duals – Smash It/DG4L/Sonnys/Easton

Link to Columbus tournament bracket and results

Columbus Womens photo album link

Condensed Game of the Championship of Dual #1

Columbus Dual #1 Results/Awards


Backman Defense


Columbus Dual #2 Results/Awards

2nd Place Dual #2 – Low Bob's/Shirts and Logos



Kansas City Major – July 25th

1st Place – Lady SNI/OA Labs/Demarini/Louisville (FL-M)

Lady SNI/OA Labs/Demarini/Louisville won the KC Major July 25th going undefeated and beating TDB/A1 Glass/MAL/Easton 18-1 and Dirty Sports/Trojans/CS/Thunder 15-0 in the championship.  The women's conference is off this coming weekend (7/31)

Link to tournament bracket and results

Here is a link to the women's points standings 

2nd Place – Dirty Sports/Trojans/CS/Thunder



Cincinnati Major – July 18-19

1st Place – Smash It/DG4L/Sonnys/Easton (WA-M)

The Smash it/DG4L/Sonnys/Easton Women's Major team came through the loser's bracket after losing in the semifinals 16-6 to Backman/Team 24/Miken/Worth.  They knocked off LaFamiglia and Lowbobs Saturday and Sunday morning beat NTL/Worth/Top Notch Athletics 28-13 before "double dipping" arch rival Backman/Team 24 10-3 and 11-8 in the championship games.  The tournament was played at the River City West park in Cincinnati, Ohio until the final 3 games which were played at Mid America Ballyard.

Here is a link to the women's points standings 

2nd Place – Backman/Team 24/Miken/Worth (FL-M)



Battle on the Chesapeake Dual – July 11-12

1st Place Both Duals – Smash It/DG4L/Sonnys/Easton (WA-M)

The Smash it/DG4L/Sonnys/Easton Women's Major team won both Dual tournaments in Maryland this past weekend, beating TDB/A1Glass/MAL/Easton 4 out of 5 times over the two day double event.  The tournament was made into a dual at the last minute after the Seattle dual was canceled due to Covid-19 restrictions.  I tuned in to one of the facebook live streams for just a few minutes and the TDB and Smash It shortstops made 4 incredible defensive plays in just those few minutes.  

2nd Place – TDB/A1Glass/MAL/Easton (FL-A)

Battle on the Chesapeake Dual #1


Battle on the Chesapeake Dual #2



41st Annual Busch Arkansa Major – July 3-5

1st Place – Ssso What (MA-A)

The Backman/Team 24/Miken/Worth (FL-Major) team rolled through the 41st Annual Busch Classic in Sherwood, Arkansas.  They went undefeated in the 32 team field knocking off Karma (GA-A) 11-9 in the winner's final and then again 21-18 in the championship game.  Greenspace (KS-A) was 3rd and Lafamiglia Ladies/Easton/Riot (PA-B) was 4th.




Anarchy/SIS Rip City Classic – June 27

1st Place – Ssso What (MA-A)

Ssso What an 'A' team from Massachusetts rolled undefeated through the 8 team Women's Major in Stamford, Connecticut.  They beat Lady MPT Rentals/AOB/Anarchy 6-3 in the winner's bracket finals and Storm 12-2 in the championship.  Storm ran the loser's bracket winning 4 straight to finish 2nd.  Women's Conference continues next weekend in Little Rock, Arkansas where I believe they have some 32 teams registered!



"River City Classic" – Cincinnati, OH – June 20

1st Place – Lady SNI/OALabs/DeMarini/Louisville

Lady SNI narrowly escaped with the River City Womens Conference tournament win as they defeated upstart LaFamiglia Ladies/Easton/Riot 8-7 in the winner's final and 9-8 in the championship game of the 10 team event which was started and finished on Saturday.  The tournament was played at the River City West Sports Complex.



"Cactus Classic" – Phoenix Dual – May 29-30

1st Place in both Duals!  Smash It Sports/DG4L/Sonnys/EA

The Smash It Sports Women's Major team won both Cactus Classic Dual tournaments in the 110 degree heat.  They beat SFK/ASP/A&S Constructors (CA-A) 26-16 in the first dual championship game with TDB/A1Glass/MAL/Easton (FL-A) coming in 3rd and West Coast Lockdown/Cutter Inc (WA-A) 4th.  And won the 2nd dual 14-3 over Lady Maj (AZ-A) with Dirty Sports/Trojans/Charles S (WA-A) 3rd and NTL/Worth/Top Notch Athletics (CA-A) 4th.

2020 Phoenix Women's Video Clips Link

2020 Phoenix Major brackets and team lists link

2020 Phoenix Major mens and womens Picture Album Link

2020 Phoenix archived games link


Dual #1


Dual #2

Derby Girls turn two and win two Majors!



"Hall of Fame Classic" Dual – June 5-6


Backman/Team 24 and Smash It Sports/Derby Girls who are the top 2 teams in the nation each won a Dual event.

HOF Women's Dual video clips link


SoftballCenter HOF Dual Women's picture album link


2020 HOF brackets and results link


2020 HOF archived games link

Team 24 celebrates a homer

Dual #1 Women's Winner – Backman/Team 24/ Miken/ Worth


Dual #2 Women's Winner – Smash It/DG4L/Sonnys/Easton




Beserk "Sooner Classic" Tulsa Major – June 12-13

1st Place – Traders Reloaded Klutch – AR-A

Also for all Conference tournys (Men and Women):

1st place gets MVP and Defensive MVP as well as 5 all tournament awards

2nd place gets Offensive MVP and 4 all tournament awards

3rd place gets 3 all tournament awards

4th place gets 2 all tournament awards

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