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2020 USSSA Men’s Major and Major Watch Lists


2020 USSSA Major and Major Watch List
(Ordered alphabetically by last name for each list)

2020 USSSA Major List (List was reduced from 107 to 91 players)
Colin Baartman
Bryson Baker
Kevin Bazat
Joseph Bennett
Davis Bilardello
Cory Boothe
Mike Brambilla
Jason Branch
Cory Briggs
Mike Brown
Dale Brungardt
Filip Cabell-Washington
Brad Carlsen
Orlando Castillo
Daniel Cayton
Travis Clark
Andrew Collins
Greg Connell
Don DeDonatis
Brandon Dillon
Argen Dodds
Benjamin Dunn
Patrick Ellwanger
Jeff Flood
Joey Formosa
Jon Gastineau
Chente Granados
Chris Greinert
Neil Haglund
Jeff Hall
Donnie Hammonds
Scott Hartling
Ryan Harvey
Brett Helmer
Jared Hunt
Erik Kanaby
Kevin Kennington
David Kessler
Scott Kirby
Daniel Kirkwood
Howie Krause
Keith Laski
steele Lewis
Steven Lloyd
Brad Lunda
Bubba Mack
Billy Maggard
Jason magnum
Tyler Marshburn
Jason Martel
Phil Matte
Jason Matusik
Ryan McClanahan
Brett McCollum
Tommy Melton
Zane Migues
Justin Mucciarelli
Chad Mullins
Jon Nelson
Kyle Olsen
Ryan Parfitt
Kyle Pearson
Kyle Pearson
Bill Pinkham
Lee Powers
Andy Purcell
Richard Racobaldo
John Radich
Brian Rainwater
Brad Reckart
Luis Reyna
Josh Riley
Dennis Rulli
Jimmy Salas
Daniel Sanchez
Nicolas Santana
Shannon Smith
Jordan Spaulding
Curtis Stewart
Brady stewart
Ryan stovall
Andrew Vitcak
Loyd Watson
Brian Wegman
Steve Whaley
Johnathon Williams
Everett Williams
Tyler Wilson
Buddy Wolf
Jeremy Yates
Brian Zirkle

2020 USSSA Major Watch List (List was reduced from 124 to 92 players)
Chris Anninos
Roderick Armour
David Bare
Dan Bean
Dal Beggs
Robert Blackburn
Tim Bowser
Geno Buck
Rusty Bumgardner
Cam Byars
Freddie Bynum
Chivas Clark
Tim Cocco
Victor Cordova
Jackie Corn
Chris Costantino
Kyle Cowart
Cameron Cox
Denny Crine
Woodrow Darling
Ryan Disbennett
John Dombrowski
Joseph Dorton
Tyler Driskell
Chad Durick
Michael Echeverria
Stephen Edwards
Daniel Evans
Jason Ferguson
Kevin Filby
Salvadore Formosa
Patrick Foster
Matt Fox
Billy Fulk
Josh Fyffe
Hank Garris
JD Genter
Jamie Gordon
Westy Guill
Alex Henry
Charlie Hinojosa
Donald Hollingsworth
Brandon Hooks
Colby Hughes
Bobby Hughes
Jeremy Isenhower
David Johnson
Adam Kaminski
Jason Kendrick
Jeffrey Keske
Josh Kirsten
Scott Langford
Chris Larsen
Toby Letak
Brian Logan
Steven Lopez
Justin Mackey
Michael Mallory
Brian McBryde
Johnny McCraw
Sean McDonald
Jeff McGavin
Zachary Messer
Billy Messina
Faron Miller
Nick Mitschke
Alexander Montano
Charles Newell
Cory Newman
Bryce Olivera
Michael Ortiz
Matt Pesso
Donald Plaisance
Ryan Ramirez
Matt Rear
Brett Rettenmeier
Dustin Roberts
Adam Rockoff
Casey Rogowski
Matt Schrage
Reggie Schulte
Dylan Smith
Stuart Snell
Zane Trammell
Brandon Traylor
Mike Umscheid
Adam Ussery
Nickolas Utley
Jeff Wallace
Losson White
Tyler Wiles
John Zorich

5 responses to “2020 USSSA Men’s Major and Major Watch Lists”

  1. Question says:

    Just a quick question on what’s the point of having two lists? There are guys on the major list that are retired and don’t even play anymore and then you have guys like Montano the starting short stop for the seasons best major team on the watch list? Either people don’t have a clue that are putting this list together or that’s a mistake.

    • DW says:

      Player ratings are in the eye of the beholder so there is no wrong answer but Montano received zero votes to be on the Major list from the committee. He received almost unanimous votes to be on the Watch List.

      The best way to see if the committee is correct about a team or player is to see where those questionable players play the next year. If he is on a Major team starting then you are probably right and a mistake was made.

      Montano is a great player but he was a utility player for TDB forced into the starting role when Cayton left for Dan Smith.

      • Ricky says:

        How about the middle infielders for MAJ? Them boys gonna to be fun to watch.

      • Qustion says:

        That’s some wild stuff right there. A guy like Montano gets zero votes to be on the Major list but your telling me Helmer, Rulli, Krause, Hall among others, all older retired guys from the conference are still receiving Votes? Not to mention other guys like Salas, Powers, Rainwater etc who you don’t see anymore. If I’m not mistaken Ellwanger was just a utility role player with less playing time than Montano and he is on the Major list. I’m not singling anyone out on these list’s just using them as examples and all I’m saying is it looks like its made up as you go along.

        • DW says:

          I agree all of the older players should have been taken off the lists but they were not voted on. It was decided by the higher ups at usssa to leave the legendary players on until they appeal. As far as Montano you aren't wrong if you say he should be on the watch list or major list. Ellwanger was already on the major list from prior years and definitely proved he belonged and was a starter for the championship of the Major.


          Many hours were put into the lists by many committee members. I don't agree with all of the final decisions, but then no one agrees with everything when you are talking about opinions.  

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