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2020 USSSA Maryland Major tournament report!




2020 Nationwide Conference USSSA


The "Battle on the Chesapeake"


Glen Burnie, MD


July 25-26


Dan Smith MVP Andy Purcell hits a home run in the championship game against Resmondo Sunday

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Check out Resmondo middle infielder make an incredible play in this weeks video clips!


Maryland Saturday video clips


Maryland Saturday night and Sunday clips

Dan Smith's Luis Reyna smashes another single through the 5-6 hole

The 2020 "Battle on the Chesapeake" Major was played in July this year due to the Coronavirus pandemic changing the Conference schedule.  There were originally 26 teams but a number of teams including SIS/Thunder and Anarchy/MPT dropped out due to injuries and there ended up being 19 teams in the tournament.  Tournament director Bob Holland decided to start the tournament on Saturday morning at 8 am but even that was delayed by overnight thunderstorms and the tournament ended up starting at 9 am eastern on all 6 of Bachman Parks 300-foot fields.

The play in games were uneventful as local teams from Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New York battled it out to get to the "round of 16" where the 7 Conference teams awaited.  There Chick-fil-a (VA-B) held off Fish Head (MD-B) when Fish Head failed to do anything with the bat in the 7th.  Turnkey/CCP/Dan Smith (NC-A) beat local Platinum Group (MD-C) just 35-29.  CGR/House Money a long time Maryland 'A' team beat rival and former Conference team Tru/Mojo (VA-B) 22-19 after beating Tru twice the week before in another tournament.  Tru was down 3 with 4 homer's left and couldn't get it done.  And the rest of the top Conference teams Dan Smith (CA-M), Resmondo (FL-M), Sports Reach (KY-A), Maroadi/SNI (FL-A), and Pure Sports/Infamous/EB (SC-M) all won by the 15 or 20 run mercy rule. 

In the "round of 8" which was played in 90+ degree afternoon heat and high humidity witnessed TurnKey/CCP shocking Resmondo 31-28 as the defense of veteran pitcher Shawn Jones, and the infield defense of shortstop Joel Sanchez and middle infielder Tyler Wiles helped TurnKey hold on to the upset win!  Resmondo was down 3 in the 7th and went in order 1-2-3 to end the game.  

TurnKey/CCP/Dan Smith celebrates their 31-28 win over Resmondo in the "round of 8"


Dan Smith on the other hand crushed CGR 42-20 scoring 33 runs in the first 2 innings as the top of the lineup Andy Purcell, Andrew Collins, and Ryan Harvey went a combined 17-18 and Argen Dodds had 13 RBI!  At the 1:30 PM games Pure Sports had their hands full with Chick-fil-A over on field #2 with the wind blowing in.  Chick-fil-a led going into the bottom of the 7th but the bottom of the order rolled the lineup to the top and an intentional walk to Bryson Baker set up a walk off homer by Jason Branch and Pure won 29-26.  In the final game of the "round of 8" Sports Reach extended a 24-23 lead to 40-23 in the top of the 5th after a 16 run inning and won 40-31.  Sports Reach veteran Jason Hatley was 5-5 extending his hit streak on the day to 11.


Pure Sports Jason Branch hits a walk off homer to beat Chick-fil-a 29-26


The "final 4" started around 4:30 PM as the Maryland moonshine flowed and Pure Sports struggled again with Turnkey/CCP but held a 19-8 lead early and won 30-22.  In the other semifinal Dan Smith scored 12 in the 1st, 14 in the 2nd, and 13 more in the 4th inning to beat a tired Sports Reach team 42-6.  Purcell was 5-5 and Harvey 6-6 in the win.

The winner's bracket finals started immediately following the semifinals and both Pure and Dan Smith got off to sluggish starts offensively and Dan Smith the home team held just a 9-3 lead after 4 innings.  Pure managed 4 runs to seemingly get back into the game in the top of the 5th down 9-7 but Dan Smith got on a roll and smelled blood when they got to within 5 runs of the mercy rule and then just started hitting a bunch of solo homers to leave Pure on the field 23-7.  Jason Matusik hit the final homer.  Phil Matte and Luis Reyna were each 3 for 3 in the game.


Dan Smith cracked out the rarely used grey uniforms for the winner's final against Pure Sports


In the loser's bracket it was all Resmondo.  They beat local team Douglas Realty and then knocked off conference teams Chick-fil-a.  Later Saturday they beat Sports Reach 44-25 even though Sports Reach was beating them at one point 25-21 going into the bottom of the 5th when Resmondo scored 19 runs to leave Sports Reach on the field.  Travis Clark, Daniel Cayton, and Patrick Ellwanger were a combined 14-16 with 14 RBI at the top of the order.  Then Resmondo beat TurnKey/CCP 29-14 in the last game of the night after leading just 17-14 in the 5th.  

On Sunday morning Pure Sports jumped out to a 13-8 lead in the 1st inning on Resmondo in the loser's bracket finals.  Resmondo fought back to tie the game at 21-21 after 4 innings and the game seesawed back and forth with Pure Sports going up 35-30 as the game entered the bottom of the 6th.  But Resmondo with 9 homer's left to hit had a huge inning scoring 13 runs as Brad Reckart and Travis "Blaster" Clark hit the last of their 9 homers in the inning and they held off Pure Sports last ditch effort 43-39.

In the championship as the heat and humidity took hold it was the two heavyweight contenders and the last two Major World Series champions battling in out!  This game is worth watching either in the archives or on the Condensed Game I will release later in the week on my YouTube channel SW48.  It had a little bit of everything – Great plays, clutch homer's, comebacks after comebacks, runner interference, strike outs looking, pitcher stabs, and even a little jawing…  A tired Resmondo team reached down deep to take a 13-5 lead in the 1st inning but put up just 1 run in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th innings combined as they watched Dan Smith take a 24-14 lead after 4 complete innings.  But in the bottom of the 5th the offensive flood gates opened up for both teams as Resmondo scored 17 runs to take a 31-24 lead.  And it would have been worse had it not been for a tremendous diving stop and out by Luis Reyna up the middle on a Pat Ellwanger grounder.  In the 6th Dan Smith answered with 11 runs of their own and that was matched by Resmondo who scored 10 to take a 41-35 lead into the 7th.  But Dan Smith as they have done all year came through with 13 more clutch runs and held Resmondo who had just one homer left to hit to just 3 in the bottom of the 7th to win 48-44!  It was Dan Smith's 3rd straight tournament win.  Collins was 6-6 with 7 runs scored and Jason Matusik 7-7 with 3 HR in the win.  Offensive MVP Bubba Mack was 7-7 with 3 HR and 9 RBI for Resmondo in the loss.

The Dudley Pro M ball was used and although it is still too much ball for the 300-foot fields the games were pretty good if not a bit high scoring and long.  The rain helped the field conditions and there was a small contingent of Conference umpires from Ohio and North Carolina.  Conference USSSA moves to Lexington, South Carolina this Friday night July 31st.

I would like to thank super fan Billy for helping me put up the new live stream cameras and director Bob Holland for his hospitality.


Box Score from the Championship Game

Team Breakdown:
19 Teams Overall
7 Nationwide Conference USSSA Teams
3 Major Teams
0 'AA' Teams
4 'A' Teams
5 'B' Teams
8 'C' Teams



Key Winner's Bracket Games


Mooch goes behind the back and then pitches left handed trying to get Chick-fil-a hitters to hit junk


Pure Sports pitcher Ryan Mcclanahan takes a shot off the thigh but still tries to make a great play

Resmondo's super utility man Brad Reckart hits a key home run against Pure Sports in the loser's bracket finals.

CGR in the red beat Tru in the white in a grudge match between two non conference teams that don't particularly like each other

In the last game Saturday night Resmondo returned the favor beating TurnKey/CCP 29-14


Bachman Park is scenic

The biggest crowd may have been back on field #6 for the CGR vs Tru game

Bat Bucket compression testing, check


Dudley Pro-M ball was used.




The oldscout pollers had Dan Smith to win



Long Bombers of the Week


The Long Bomber of the week goes to Resmondo's Bubba Mack and Pure Sports Dale Brungardt.

Although Harvey may have hit the nastiest long one on Saturday morning but I lost sight of it so it doesn't count!  🙂



 Maryland Major Final Standings and Awards


Dan Smith pitcher Andy Purcell was MVP for the 3rd tournament in a row


Dan Smith MI Luis Reyna and SS Jo Jo Bennett were Co-Defensive MVP's


Resmondo 3rd Baseman Bubba Mack was the Offensive MVP



Team by team notes brought to you by:



1st Place – Dan Smith/Menosse/Steven Smith/FAI

Conf 'M' from CA  5-0 Record

Dan Smith is clicking on all cylinders.  They picked up Bradley Jones from Sports Reach to play left field and they moved Phil Matte from left to 3rd base to replace Rich Racobaldo who is out indefinitely with a torn bicep.  Purcell won his 3rd tournament MVP in a row.  The team has been successful in stepping on the gas offensively whenever they need it and figuring out how to beat Resmondo under many different circumstances this year.  Collins was .885 and Harvey .825 and each hit 10 homers.  Phil Matte was .800 and 5 other players over .700 as the team had a combined on base percentage of .765.

Trending Up!

Dan Smith final Lineup
P Andy Purcell
RF Andrew Collins
C Ryan Harvey
1B Jason Matusik
EH Argen Dodds
MI Luis Reyna
SS Jo Jo Bennett
3B Phil Matte
CF Ben Dunn
LF Bradley Jones
2B Tyler Marshburn


Collins and Harvey were over .800

Matte moved to 3rd and newly acquired Bradley Jones to LF


Matusik was 7-7 in the championship and Marshburn


The Texas connection Dodds and Dunn




2nd Place – Resmondo/Smash It/Sonny's/JJ's/RDD

Conf 'M' from FL  6-2 Record


Resmondo is coming up short when missing elite players like Wegman and Yates who are hurt and Steele Lewis who is still stuck in Canada.  But they didn't give up when losing early when they could have and the championship game was another great battle where they just put up too many zeros early on to fully overcome.  Bazat could have been defensive MVP and they made an interesting move by putting Pat Ellwanger as the 3 hitter with Clark again hitting leadoff so they are trying some different things.  If you look at all of their close losses to Dan Smith they are literally about 5 plays from winning about 4 or 5 big games.

Trending Even

Resmondo Final Lineup
P Clark
SS Cayton
RF Ellwanger
2B Connell
3B Mack
C Magnum
CF Santana
1B Nelson
LF Reckart/Haglund
MI Bazat


Clark and Bazat turns two


Manager Brett Helmer and one of the co-sponsors Scott DeLorge (RDD)


Pat Ellwanger moved into the 3 hole in the lineup

3B Mack, SS Cayton, MI Bazat have been solid all year defensively



3rd Place – Pure Sports/Infamous/EB

Conf 'M' from SC  3-2 Record


Pure CF Brian Logan was making great catches and almost great catches all weekend


Pure Sports released Andrew Vitcak and played without Mike Brambilla and then Hartling, Hammonds, and Hunt all got injured so they were depleted and just couldn't find any offense against Purcell and Dan Smith in the winner's final.  On Sunday they could have just as easily beat Resmondo but ended up losing.  I have to say I was impressed by Ryan Mcclanahans work in relief on the mound against Resmondo and his never give up attitude.   

Trending Even

Pure Sports vs Dan Smith Lineup
1B Baker
RF Branch
3B Brungardt
SS Flood
2B Melton
C Formosa
CF Logan
LF Hartling
EH Hammonds
MI Mcclanahan
P Mooch


Scott Hartling who has played sparingly this year was all tournament


Hammonds (swollen hand) and Hunt (headache from being hit by a ball in warm ups) were playing injured.



4th Place – TurnKey/CCP/Dan Smith/Worshams

Conf 'A' from NC  3-2 Record


Turnkey/CCP played Resmondo tough twice and beat them early in the tournament and then validated that win by knocking off Maroadis to finish 4th.  They have good pitching and defense up the middle.  A few veteran sticks like Franklin and Locklear and they are definitely in the mix in a deep 'A' division.

Trending Up!

Turnkey/CCP Lineup

3B Kendall Welborn, SS Joel Sanchez, MI Tyler Wiles


Shawn Jones and Austin Green did the pitching


Chad Folsom and Jeff Bloomer anchor the offense


It was good to see Steve Worsham back at the fields even if he was arguing.  🙂   #09 Cory Franklin the tallest lead off hitter?



Tied 5th Place – Maroadi/SNI/Easton

Conf 'A' from FL  3-2 Record

Maroadis made a little run in the loser's bracket but came up a game short in the run rule loss to Turnkey/CCP.  They had high expectations after a successful Cincinnati Major and we still haven't seen their best ball.





Tied 5th Place – Sports Reach/Crunchtime/H&H/Grizzy

Conf 'A' from KY  2-2 Record


Curtis Cornett and Robbie Fow

Sports Reach played well against Resmondo and used a soft spot in the winner's bracket to get to the final 4.  But the luck ran out when they fell to the loser's bracket and Resmondo finally woke up late in the game.  

Trending Up!

Sports Reach vs Resmondo lineup
Curtis Cornett
Robbie Fow
Robert Blackburn
Chris Scott
Kenneth Cooper
Derrick Roland
Zach Watts
Jason Hatley
Tae Miles
Brandon Jonas
Kaden Watson

3B Donte Miles, SS Derrick Roland, and is that Robo in RF? 

Robo at one time was probably the best corner outfielder in the Conference.



Other top finishing Conference teams



Tied 7th Place – Chick-fil-a/HB Sports/Shepherds

Conf 'B' from VA  7-2 Record


"Mr. Chick-fil-a" John Natolly towing the rubber against Pure Sports gave Pure all they could handle

Chick-fil-a had a solid performance and gave Pure Sports a run early in the tournament.  But they fell to Resmondo's side of the loser's bracket which was the end.

Trending Up!

Left side of the Chick-fil-a defense



Tied 7th Place – CGR/House/Money/Shore Irrigation

Conf 'A' from MD  2-2 Record

CGR was the highest finishing Maryland team, they won their grudge match with rival Tru, scored 20 against Dan Smith, and hung with Maroadis before losing 27-23.  I wonder if anyone from CGR was on their team that upset a Major team at the Maryland tournament a number of years ago?  Maybe Pudge was on that team?



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Some more pictures for you:

Tru/Mojo/CA Gear was a conference team last year.  They went 2-2 but lost the grudge match with CGR.

The size of the strike zone according to Mooch is that little silver circle…   🙂

Shaw and Helmer discuss Mooch's strike zone.

Smash It Sports/OA/RAC came into the tournament 11-0 but finished 1-2

Tom Wingard pitched for the LaFamiglia 'C' team

Cayton was correctly called safe

Mack was too close to call

Greg, JJ, Dave, and Justin

The view on the show field from the new live stream camera as Turnkey takes on Resmondo

DeLorge talks to Elvin

Bob Holland was the director

Yup, that is a 4 man outfield

Shorts in a conference tournament???  Someone from Cincy is going to be mad!

Chick-fil-a had a 'C' team also.  The uniforms made me think of food…1-2

23.0 lol

I need to get me one of these for my tent




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