Thursday July 29th, 2021

2020 USSSA Major World Series DAY 4 (FINAL DAY)!




2020 USSSA Major World Tournament


Viera, FL


Saturday, October 10th Archives of the 2020 Major World Series


SoftballCenter Major World picture album link


2020 Major World bracket and results link



Saturday, October 10th


Game #31 – 8:00 AM – Stadium Field

Brandon Dillon doubles for Westpoint



Game #32 – 10:00 AM – Stadium Field



Game #33 – 12:00 PM – Stadium Field

Everett Williams homers were the difference for Bad Draw



Game #34 – 2:00 PM – Stadium Field

Pure Sports 5th Place



Game #36 – 4:00 PM – Stadium Field

Bad Draw 4th Place



Game #37 – 6:00 PM – Stadium Field

Andrew Collins led the tournament in on base percentage.  He was on 26-27



Game #38 – 8:00 PM – Stadium Field

Resmondo wins the 50th Annual USSSA Major World Series!


A full tournament report is coming soon on

Also I will be releasing 33 condensed games from the Major World Series!

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