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A look back at the 2020 USSSA 10th Annual Kyle Wilson Memorial tournament report!





2020 Nationwide Conference USSSA


10th Annual Kyle Wilson Memorial


Manassas, VA


September 4-6


Dual #1 MVP Luis Reyna hits in the winner's final against TurnKey Friday night

Co-MVP of Dual #2 Brian Zirkle laces an extra base hit against Dan Smith in the Dual #2 Championship Sunday

Co-MVP of Dual #2 Dan Sanchez singles up the middle vs MPT

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2020 Virginia bracket and results link


2020 Virginia Major #1 stats link once available


2020 Virginia Major #2 stats link once available


2020 Virginia archived games link



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Video Clips from Dual #1 Link


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Condensed Game Dual #1 Championship Link


2 Partial Condensed Games Link from Dual #2

TurnKey's Jeff Bloomer hits against Dan Sanchez in Dual #1 Winner's Final



SIS/Precision SS Heath Barnes lays out in the championship game for Dual #1 Saturday afternoon.


Dual #1

Dual #1 began on Friday morning at 10 AM after a 1 hour delay for the field crews who did some great work getting the infields playable after overnight rain storms.  The Friday games were played at Valley View Park in Manassas, Virginia on 5-300 foot fields in about 80 degree weather with a lot of humidity.  There were 15 teams and 11 were from the Nationwide Conference USSSA so Dan Smith the #1 team received a bye.  In the first round Maroadis/SNI (FL-A) crushed Category5 (OH-A) on the show field 31-14.  Category5 renamed their team, they were formerly known as SVC Nager Law.  Pure Sports/Infamous (SC-Major) came from behind to beat the MPT 'B' team 36-29.  Anarchy/MPT (NJ-AA) knocked off regional rival CGR/House Money (MD-B) who were recently reclassed to 'B' 25-17.  In the lower half of the 1st round Smash It Precision (IL-AA) 20 run ruled the Chick-Fil-A 'C' team 24-4 scoring 11 runs in both the 2nd and 3rd innings as they outhomered ChickFA 12-1.  Bad Draw/TDB (NC-Major), Turnkey/CCP (NC-A), and Resmondo (FL-Major) all scored 42 runs in run rule wins over Chick-Fil-A 'B', Worksteer/Bell's Lawn (NC-A), and Platinum Fire (MA-B) respectively.  TurnKey putting up 17 runs in the 1st inning vs Worksteer.  These games with the 42 runs scored was the first hint that the Dudley Pro-M ball was either different (better) than the Pro-M used in Columbus, Ohio or it was just too much ball for the 300 foot fields.

In the "round of 8" Maroadis on the show field vs Dan Smith went up 6 runs after a 10 run top of the 5th but Dan Smith answered with 13 in the bottom of the 6th and shut down Maroadis in the 7th to win 31-28.  Bradley Jones was 5-5 with 2 HR and pitcher Dan Sanchez was 4-4 with 3 HR, a grand slam, and 10 RBI in the win as they rested starter Andy Purcell.  Meanwhile over on field #3 Anarchy/MPT overcame a 6 run deficit to Pure Sports late in the game to advance 30-28.  In the lower half of the bracket Smash It/Precision knocked off the Bad Draw Major team 39-29 after both teams used up their homers and Precision scored 11 in the 1st and 12 in the 4th.  Davis Bilardello was 6 for 6 and Heath Barnes and Jeff Keske each collected 5 hits.  And Turnkey/CCP continued their hot streak upsetting #2 Resmondo 30-29 when a bases loaded single by Shawn Jones led to Cory Franklins walk off hit to center field!

In the semifinals Pure Sports put up 18 runs in the top of the 1st inning and Dan Smith answered with 15 of their own.  Both teams scored in every inning until a 7 run Dan Smith bottom of the 6th gave them a 41-39 lead and Andy Purcell and the Dan Smith defense shut out Pure Sports in the top of the 7th with no homers left to advance to the winners final.  Phil Matte and Ryan Harvey each had 5 hits in the win.  Brungardt, Flood, and Hartling were all 5 for 6 in the loss.  In the other semifinal SmashIt/Precision trailed TurnKey/CCP 29-17 after a 9 run TurnKey 5th inning.  Precision would outscore Turnkey 7-0 the rest of the way but lost by 5.  

The winner's bracket finals was played on Friday night after a long day and it featured both of the Dan Smith teams!  The #1 ranked Dan Smith Major team vs the Turnkey/CCP/Dan Smith 'A' team that was trying to play their way into a USSSA Major World Series berth.  Dan Smith jumped out to a 21-4 lead but Turnkey never gave up scoring 10 in the 3rd and 8 in the 4th to go up 22-21.  Both teams scored crooked numbers until the 7th when Dan Smith with a 35-30 lead held Turnkey to zero in the bottom of the 7th to win.  Purcell again was very difficult to score against with no home runs left.  Collins, Harvey, Jones, Bennett, and Matte were all 5-6.  In the game there was a play at the plate where the Turnkey catcher grabbed the wrong ball to tag out the runner at home plate and the umpires after a delay overturned the call and said the catcher grabbed the wrong ball, which he did.

In the loser's bracket Chick-Filet upset Maroadis 28-27 when Maroadis hit a homer for an out to end the game.  Worksteer went up 14 on MPT and held on to eliminate the AA team 43-32.  Then Chick Fil a upset Worksteer 30-26 before Precision dropped down and beat them by 10.  In the lower half of the loser's bracket Category5 got an upset win over Bad Draw 36-32 to knock out the Major team.  But Resmondo beat CGR 33-30, Category5 37-22, and Pure Sports 45-39 to advance to Saturday.

On Saturday morning at 7 AM the tournament moved to Pfitzner Park and the humidity left and cooler temperatures prevailed the rest of the tournament.  SIS/Precision came to play maybe for the first time this year, they beat Resmondo 35-30 scoring 11 in the 1st and 10 in the 2nd then Resmondo put up zero's in the 4th, 5th, and 7th?  Resmondo needed 4 in the bottom of the 7th and they had 2 homer's left.  Davis Bilardello had 9 RBI in the win.  Then Precision scored 6 in the bottom of the 6th to go up 29-28 on Turnkey in the loser's bracket finals and got Turnkey to hit a homer for an out to end the game in the top of the 7th to advance to the championship.  McCollum and Bilardello were each 4-5 in the game.

In the championship SIS/Precision scored 10 in the 1st and 16 in the 2nd to take a 26-18 lead.  But they put up a zero in the 3rd and only scored 7 runs after the homers were gone and lost to Purcell and Dan Smith 43-37.  Argen Dodds was 5-6 with 3 HR and 10 RBI and Tyler Marshburn was 5-5 and made some nice defensive plays.

Dual #1 Championship Game

Mike Umschied leads off the Championship game for Dual #1 against Andy Purcell and Dan Smith

Dual #2 Championship Game

The Middle War was ON when Dan Smith hit pitcher Bill Pinkham in the Dual #2 championship game



Dual #2

The 2nd dual started Saturday at Pfitzner Park as the 1st dual was ending.  This tournament had 17 teams as 2 more non-conference teams had entered.  SIS/Precision had to play Turnkey again in the 1st game and this time a rested Turnkey team beat them 35-31 overcoming Precisions 24 run outburst in the first two innings.  Precision left 2 homers on the table in that loss.  Anarchy/MPT went up 22-4 on Platinum Fire and beat them quickly 29-9.  Chick-fil-a beat Category5 24-22. And Resmondo run ruled the Chick-fil-a 'C' team 48-29.  In the lower half of the bracket Worksteer run ruled 'A' rival Maroadis/SNI, Dan Smith struggled but beat Winters Plumbing a 'C' team 27-23 as it was tied at 18-18 mid game and Winters left 4 HR on the table.  Pure Sports run ruled CGR 38-17 and Bad Draw beat the MPT 'B' team by 30!

In the "round of 8" Anarchy/MPT run ruled Turnkey 34-15, Resmondo beat Chick-fil-a 'B' team by 30, Dan Smith went up big on Worksteer 30-15 but could not score when the homers were gone and had to hold on to win 31-27.  Worksteer was on the wrong end of one of those touching the safety bag calls at first base that hurt them.  Collins, Matte, and Harvey were perfect hitting in the game.  And Bad Draw beat Pure Sports 44-33 in a game with a lot of chirping and a middle shot that knocked Mooch out of pitching.  Hit him in the toe and he could not walk.  

In the semifinals Anarchy/MPT showed they are still a great 300 foot field team run ruling Resmondo 42-27 and Dan Smith put up 50 on Bad Draw after scoring 20 in the 1st inning then watching Bad Draw come back and take a 35-31 lead in the bottom of the 4th.  Dan Smith answered with a display of line drive hitting the likes of which we have never seen and scored 18 runs on 3 HR in the top of the 5th inning and won in 7 innings.

In the winner's final Sunday afternoon Dan Smith hit a bunch of solos in the top of the 1st and only scored 9 runs.  MPT came up and loaded the bases with no outs but grounded into a double play then another groundout and only scored 1 run.  It was all downhill from there for MPT as Dan Smith put on a hitting clinic scoring 19 in the 2nd and 18 more in the 3rd to win 46-10 in 3 innings.  Dan Smith was 44-52 with 8 walks in the game for an .866 on base percentage.

In the top half of the loser's bracket SIS/Precision beat Excel, Platinum Fire, Pure Sports by 20, and Worksteer on a walk off single by Rucelle Consigny.  BJ Fulk was 6 for 6 and Brad Tabler had 10 RBI in that one.  Then Resmondo dropped down and beat them 52-44.  Bubba Mack was 6-6 with 9 RBI for Resmondo.  In the lower half of the losers bracket Turnkey won 3 straight before Bad Draw dropped down and beat them 40-20.  Then Bad Draw beat Resmondo 56-55 on a Brady Stewart walk off double and Bad Draw advanced to the championship with a 46-41 win over Anarchy/MPT late Saturday. 

At 9 PM the championship started and a tired Bad Draw team decided to just hit all of their homers early and call it a day.  But that mentality led them to score 20 runs in the top of the 1st inning and even though Dan Smith dug out of the hole with 10 runs in the 3rd and 10 more in the 4th innings, Bad Draw scored 16 in the 3rd and suddenly had a 46-38 lead after 5 innings when the game ran into the 11 PM park/city curfew and Bad Draw was declared the winner.  Since there was no "if" game played the two teams split 1st place and were co-champions.  There was a middle war in the championship that could have gotten players hurt but luckily none did.  It was Bad Draws 2nd tournament win of the year.  Dan Smith's 8th!

The weather was spectacular the last 2 days of the tournament.  They were not able to cut the grass because of all the rain so the outfields were a little thick.  The infields never did fully dry out but we are glad we got the games in as the GSL Worlds the weekend before were mostly rained out.  The ball was the big controversy of the weekend and a solution for the 300 foot fields is needed.

I have forgotten most of the best quotes of the weekend.  But "elevate and celebrate" was a good one.  "Same bat" lol.  "That's not a strike ever, since Oberlag told us what a strike was".  

There was a discussion on an intentionally dropped popup or line drive.  Someone was saying if you take a line drive off the chest without it touching the glove that you could "drop it" and turn a doubleplay.  Interesting…maybe save that one for your world tournament.  How much do you want to win?

I would like to thank director John Norman for his hospitality.  Conference Commissioner Strojan Kennison for his tireless efforts.  And a big thank you to Jim Pilla for running the Womens Dual.


Dual #2 Championship Game

Pearson hits a moon shot grand slam in the Dual #2 Championship



Team Breakdown:
15 and 17 Teams Overall
11 Nationwide Conference USSSA Teams
4 Major Teams
2 'AA' Teams
5 'A' Teams
3 'B' Teams
1 'C' Team




Key Games

Winner's Final of Dual #1 between Dan Smith Major team and the TurnKey/CCP/Dan Smith 'A' team

Resmondo MI Kevin Bazat made two incredible diving plays in a row agains Precision.

Dan Smith's Bradley Jones hits one between the legs of Anarchy/MPT's Jon Dombrowski

MPT 2nd baseman Billy Wright makes a great stop in the winner's final of Dual #2

Phil Matte hits a grand slam for Dan Smith in the winner's final of Dual #2 vs MPT


Pitchers were drilled all weekend long with the Pro M ball which seemed to be better than the Pro M ball used in Columbus, Ohio a month ago.

Valley View and Pfitzner parks were 300 foot fields.

Valley View though was in the middle of farm fields where the internet was slow for the live stream.

While Pfitzner was in the city and the livestream was better.


Livestream had a good view.


Bat Bucket Compression Testing.  The Pro M ball was way too good for the 300 foot fields.


Kyle Wilson a Prince William County career firefighter was killed while searching for occupants in a three-alarm house fire.

Wilson's death marks the first line-of-duty fatality in the 41-year history of the Prince William County Department of Fire and Rescue.

Firefighters lost physical contact with Wilson during the initial search and tried to rescue him but had to withdraw when the house began to collapse.
The seven occupants of the house in Woodbridge escaped and were inside a neighbor's house when firefighters began their search and rescue operation.

Although heavy fire was showing, firefighters had reason to believe there were occupants inside the house, and that there was the potential to make a rescue.

But high-speed winds gusted through windows that the fire blew out, feeding the flames and creating intensely dangerous conditions. Firefighters "made every effort to initiate a rescue," but the fire continued to rapidly spread and firefighters were forced to evacuate when the structure began to collapse.

Wilson, who graduated from Hylton in 2000, joined the department in January 2006, graduating from the recruit academy that June.

Wilson is survived by his parents, brother, sister and girlfriend.

 — at Kyle Wilson Memorial Softball Tournament.




The oldscout pollers did not choose well.



Long Bombers of the Week

There were some absolute bombs in this tournament.  I can't remember which player it was for Resmondo that hit the ball well into the parking lot past the first row of cars at Valley View Park so I am giving it to Chris Greinert of Anarchy/MPT who hit line drive missiles as well as long bombs all weekend.

Brian Renner of Worksteer and Bradley Jones of Dan Smith also get honorable mention for their bombs.



Virginia Major Final Standings and Awards

Dual #1

Dan Smith MI Luis Reyna was MVP of Dual #1.  Here he makes a great play to get two outs to end the final game.

Luis also had an .850 on base percentage.

Joe Joe Bennett the Dan Smith shortstop was Defensive MVP of Dual #1


Dual #2


Dan Smith pitcher Dan Sanchez and Bad Draw center fielder Brian Zirkle were Co-MVP's of Dual #2


Dan Smith slugger Ryan Harvey and Bad Draw's Jason Martel were Co-Offensive MVP's of Dual #2


Bad Draw pitcher Bill Pinkham and Dan Smith second baseman Tyler Marshburn were Co-Defensive MVP's of Dual 2



Team by team notes brought to you by:


Avg Finish: 1.0   CA-Major   Dan Smith/Menosse/Steven Smith/FAI

Dual #1 1st (4-0)  Scored: 151  Allowed: 129  Avg Runs: 37.8  Avg Allowed: 32.3  Diff: 5.5
Dual #2 1st (4-1)  Scored: 192  Allowed: 143  Avg Runs: 38.4  Avg Allowed: 28.6  Diff: 9.8

Dan Smith may be the best base hitting team in the country to add to their resume of great abilities.  Dan Sanchez pitched the entire second dual (I think) and was co-MVP.  They are saving Purcell for the Major.  They didn't win pretty but found ways to win almost every game they played in the dual.  Bennett, Reyna, and Marshburn made some great plays.  Jones, Dunn, and Collins may be the best defensive outfield in softball.  They don't have a lot of depth but everyone has stayed pretty healthy so it doesn't matter.  Rich Racobaldo should be available the rest of the year.  And they played without Hidalgo.  Bradley Jones moved up the lineup.  Matusik, Harvey, and Marshburn were +.800 in the 2nd dual.  

Trending Up! 

3B Matte, SS Bennett, MI Reyna, 2B Marshburn

Collins swing has been "Pure"

The Dan Smith team seems to genuinely get along



Avg Finish: 3.5    IL-AA   Smash It/Precision/3rd St/Bulldawg

Dual #1 2nd (5-2)  Scored: 216  Allowed: 182  Avg Runs: 30.9  Avg Allowed: 26.0  Diff: 4.9
Dual #2 5th (4-2)  Scored: 234  Allowed: 189  Avg Runs: 39.0  Avg Allowed: 31.5  Diff: 7.5

Precision had their best weekend of the year they are peaking at the right time which will make the 'AA' world a 3 horse race.  They have a balanced lineup with some big hitting lefties and they beat the major teams in those long two hour games.  Dan Bean did most of the pitching in those upsets and they played without Billy Maggard.  Keske's shoes come untied a lot.

Trending Up!


Bilardello and Kessler the veteran lefty's to go with BJ Fulk

P Dan Bean, SS Barnes, LF Kessler

Is Tyler Kahlke a rookie?  Could be a good rookie of the year candidate if so.  Looks like he had 76 plate appearances with Precision back in 2016 which would still be ok for rookie status.



Avg Finish: 4.0   FL-Major  Resmondo/Smash IT/Sonny's/JJ's/RDD

Dual #1 4th (4-2)  Scored: 216  Allowed: 181  Avg Runs: 36.0  Avg Allowed: 30.2  Diff: 5.8
Dual #2 4th (3-2)  Scored: 226  Allowed: 185  Avg Runs: 45.2  Avg Allowed: 37.0  Diff: 8.2

Resmondo is not a 300 foot field team and they showed it again.  There outfield defense which let them down at the Major last year has gotten worse and that could really hurt them at the major if they give teams 3 extra outs a game with lack of range or misplays.  Brad Reckart did the pitching in the 2nd dual as they noticed pitchers were getting drilled and decided to save Travis.  Resmondo got their fill of Chick-fil-a in the 2nd dual and they have now played themselves out of a shot at the conference championships.  Pearson and Riley were +.800 in both tournaments.  Pearson hardly made an out and will most likely win this years batting title.

Trending Down

SS Cayton, MI Bazat, 2B Connell, 1B Pearson, LF Yates


Riley played some right field and Wegman in CF

Kyle Pearson at 1st base made a number of great plays for Resmondo



Avg Finish: 4.0   NC-A  TurnKey/CCP/Dan Smith/Worshams

Dual #1 3rd (3-2)  Scored: 159  Allowed: 136  Avg Runs: 31.8  Avg Allowed: 27.2  Diff: 4.6
Dual #2 5th (3-2)  Scored: 140  Allowed: 148  Avg Runs: 28.0  Avg Allowed: 29.6  Diff: -1.6

Turnkey played their way into the Major with a 3rd and 5th place finish.  The entire team contributed and Shawn Jones pitched the entire dual as they only had one pitcher.  And he is a big power hitter for them now.  🙂  They earned their spot by beating Worksteer, Resmondo, Precision, and Precision again!

Trending Up into the Major World Series!

Edmund Locklear the veteran first baseman


Shortstop Joel Sanchez can do a great "DW" voice impersonation. 

2B Freddie Bynum made two of the best plays of the tournament against MPT Saturday night.

Tyler "Bite sized Harvey" Wiles played middle infield



Avg Finish: 5.0   NC-Major   BadDraw/TDB/RapidFire/T2/BAF/Pauer

Dual #1 9th (1-2)  Scored: 103  Allowed:  88  Avg Runs: 34.3  Avg Allowed: 29.3  Diff: 5.0
Dual #2 1st (6-1)  Scored: 317  Allowed: 256  Avg Runs: 45.3  Avg Allowed: 36.6  Diff: 8.7

We won't talk about Bad Draws first dual but in the second they beat Pure Sports, Turnkey, Resmondo, MPT, and Dan Smith.  Quite a run averaging 45.3 runs per game in the 2nd dual. They played without Stovall.

Trending Up – beat the top 2 major teams on Sunday when tired.

Adam Ussery was 6-6 in the Dual #2 Championship


Brady Stewart was all tournament.  Mullins was hitting creatures



Avg Finish: 6.0   VA-B   Chick-fil-A / HB Sports / Shepherds

Dual #1 5th (3-2)  Scored: 120  Allowed: 134  Avg Runs: 24.0  Avg Allowed: 26.8  Diff: -2.8
Dual #2 7th (2-2)  Scored:  93  Allowed: 124  Avg Runs: 23.3  Avg Allowed: 31.0  Diff: -7.8

Chick-fil-a with a 6.0 average finish playing on their home turf in Virginia!  Quite a weekend.  They beat Maroadis, Worksteer, the other Chick fil a team sponsored by the same sponsor John Natolly, and Category5.  They should be the #1 seed for 'B' Worlds and play 'A' next year.  

Trending Up

Jarod Kashner and Chick Fil A almost made the Major

Kyle Center one of their pitchers was drilled in the right forearm, hopefully he is ok.




Dual #1 9th (1-2)  Scored:  85  Allowed:  90  Avg Runs: 28.3  Avg Allowed: 30.0  Diff: -1.7
Dual #2 3rd (3-2)  Scored: 157  Allowed: 143  Avg Runs: 31.4  Avg Allowed: 28.6  Diff: 2.8

Anarchy/MPT much like Bad Draw had a terrible opening tournament.  But in the 2nd tournament they beat Turnkey and Resmondo before losing to Dan Smith and Bad Draw.  They scored some more points and will challenge Bay Area Legends next weekend in Michigan to try and get the #1 seed for 'AA' Worlds.  Update, Michigan is cancelled.  5 Teams dropped out at the last minute.

Trending Up

Conference rookie Brock Frentzel has a conference motor

Brian McBryde made an incredible diving stop against Reyna and almost threw him out.


I am hearing Filip Washington, John Williams, Orlando Castillo and the MPT boys will be in Michigan this weekend.




Avg Finish: 7.0   NC-A   WorkSteer/Bell's LawnCare

Dual #1 7th (2-2)  Scored: 120  Allowed: 125  Avg Runs: 30.0  Avg Allowed:  31.3 Diff: -1.3
Dual #2 7th (2-2)  Scored: 140  Allowed: 114  Avg Runs: 35.0  Avg Allowed:  28.5 Diff: 6.5

Worksteer just keeps plugging along.  They beat Anarchy/MPT, Category5, and Maroadi/SNI and almost pulled of an upset of Dan Smith.  A fun team to watch with a good mix of power and base hitting from guys that maybe have a little chip on their shoulder.

Trending Up


Pat Price ties the game against Precision with a double

Renner hits a big homer against Precision

CF Dante Broome doubles to right in a run rule victory over Maroadis/SNI



Avg Finish: 7.0   SC-Major   Pure Sports/ Infamous/ EB

Dual #1 5th (2-2)  Scored: 144  Allowed: 143  Avg Runs: 36.0  Avg Allowed: 35.8  Diff: 0.3
Dual #2 9th (1-2)  Scored:  99  Allowed: 109  Avg Runs: 33.0  Avg Allowed: 36.3  Diff: -3.3

Pure had another bad weekend.  They have played the other major teams close most of the year but just can't finish.  300's with rock hard balls should have been their game but apparently it is not.

Trending Down

Brungardt is among the leaders in RBI

Migues has put up some big numbers this year

Mooch almost got a k on this behind the back pitch.  Check it out in the videos.


Logan and Branch made big catches in the Dan Smith game



Avg Finish: 8.0   OH-A   Category5/Nager/Atrium/M&S/Grizzy

Dual #1 7th (1-2)  Scored: 72  Allowed: 100  Avg Runs: 24.0  Avg Allowed: 33.3  Diff: -9.3
Dual #2 9th (1-2)  Scored: 81  Allowed:  75  Avg Runs: 27.0  Avg Allowed: 25.0  Diff: 2.0

Category5 is the SVC team with a new name.  They beat Bad Draw in a huge upset but didn't play well in their other games.

Trending Down

Kyler Kirkland against Resmondo



Avg Finish: 9.0   MD-A   CGR/House Money/Shore Irrigation

Dual #1 9th (1-2)  Scored: 76  Allowed: 79  Avg Runs: 25.3  Avg Allowed: 26.3  Diff: -1.0
Dual #2 9th (1-2)  Scored: 61  Allowed: 94  Avg Runs: 20.3  Avg Allowed: 31.3  Diff: -11.0

CGR gave a couple teams a run for their money but came up short.  Pudge, Fant, Ruble and the boys need a sponsor so they can play conference!




Avg Finish: 9.0   VA-C   Winter's Plumbing/M&M/Dirty Sports

Dual #2 9th (2-2)  Scored: 100  Allowed: 96  Avg Runs: 25.0  Avg Allowed: 24.0  Diff: 1.0

Winter's Plumbing pulled off a huge upset of Maroadis and played Dan Smith tough.  The team seems to be an up and comer that I know nothing about.  🙂

Winter's Plumbing holds on to upset Maroadis/SNI Saturday night



Avg Finish: 11.0    FL-A   Maroadi/SNI/Easton

Dual #1 9th  (1-2)  Scored: 86  Allowed: 78  Avg Runs: 28.7  Avg Allowed: 26.0  Diff: 2.7
Dual #2 13th (0-2)  Scored: 45  Allowed: 69  Avg Runs: 22.5  Avg Allowed: 34.5  Diff: -12.0

Maroadi/SNI needed a big weekend like Turnkey had.  They came out of the gate firing as they crushed Category5 as it looked like they were taking BP.  But they lost 4 straight after that although they did play Dan Smith tough in their 2nd game.

Trending Down

Sheffield has moved up the lineup

Fyffe hit this leadoff double as the tying run against Winters but they just couldn't push him across



Avg Finish: 13.0   VA-C   Chick-fil-A / HB

Dual #1 13th (0-2)  Scored: 37  Allowed: 77  Avg Runs: 18.5  Avg Allowed: 38.5  Diff: -20.0
Dual #2 13th (0-2)  Scored: 41  Allowed: 76  Avg Runs: 20.5  Avg Allowed: 38.0  Diff: -17.5

Apparently I didn't take any pictures of the Chick fil a 'C' Team



Avg Finish: 13.0   NJ-B   MPT Rentals/Anarchy

Dual #1 13th (0-2)  Scored: 50  Allowed: 65  Avg Runs: 25.0  Avg Allowed: 32.5  Diff: -7.5
Dual #2 13th (0-2)  Scored: 44  Allowed: 77  Avg Runs: 22.0  Avg Allowed: 38.5  Diff: -16.5

MPT's 'B' team went 0-4 but looked good against Pure Sports.


Verbasco is back with MPT after a stint with Resmondo



Avg Finish: 13.0   MA-B   Platinum Fire

Dual #1 13th (0-2)  Scored: 46  Allowed: 74  Avg Runs: 23.0 Avg  Allowed: 37.0  Diff: -14.0
Dual #2 13th (0-2)  Scored: 35  Allowed: 71  Avg Runs: 17.5 Avg  Allowed: 35.5  Diff: -18.0



Avg Finish: 17.0   VA-D  Excel Masonry/Baf

Dual #2 17 (0-2)  Scored: 19  Allowed: 55  Avg Runs: 9.5  Avg Allowed: 27.5  Diff: -18.0




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Some more pictures for you:

McCollum did not have the ball in time (correctly called)


I think Dunn had his hand tagged before he touched the base (correctly called)


Johns ball was foul (correctly called)

Matusik was safe (correctly called)

Bellamy created the "Heckler Box" – check it out on oldscout

Customized bat knobs

Bryson Bakers Hall of Fam Pure bat was sweet

Great sponsor banner

Unsportsmanlike conduct telling a player to tie their shoe to stall the game!  🙂

Championship Game umpires for Dual #1

I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today…

Both parks were nice

Stro dragged the fields by hand

Pfitzner park had a beautiful stadium we should have used.  At least the games would have been on time.








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