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2020 USA Softball Super and ‘AA’ Nationals tournament preview!


USA Softball Super and 'AA' National Championship


August 21-23, 2020


Hendersonville, Tennessee


Drakes Creek Park

The USA Softball Super Nationals start at 9:00 AM EASTERN time on Friday, August 21st in Hendersonville, Tennessee's at Drakes Creek Park.  The tournament has 5 teams .  The team list includes favorites H. Auto which is Brett Helmers team who have won the Super two years in a row.  Monsta who has a lot of new players since their 2017 Super title team.  Bad Draw has a team.  And MPT has entered their first team in the Super.  It looks like they are using Field #3 which is a baseball field this year as the main field and I believe it has a turf infield.  All 9 or 10 games of the Super will be played on Friday.  Saturday morning the first ever USA Softball 'AA' Nationals will begin with 8 teams and that tournament will end Sunday.  Also on Saturday a stacked field of 18 Womens teams will play their USA National ending Sunday.  I believe they are live streaming and keeping livescoring on gamechanger as well.

Video clips from the 2019 USA Super

Video clips from the 2018 USA Super

Video clips from the 2017 USA Super


All Bracket Times are CENTRAL time

2020 USA Super Bracket and team list link

2020 USA 'AA' Bracket and team list link

2020 USA Women's National Bracket and team list link will have the chat room open to discuss the tournament.


Oldscout Pollers picked H. Auto 73%







Brackets – Brackets were determined by blind draw and are online at

Championship Roster – I will need a copy of your championship roster signed by your local commissioner.

Entry Fee – Please send your entry fee to me or pay via PayPal on

Gamechanger – We will use Gamechanger for live scoring for the Championship, so please send me your players’ uniform numbers

Bat Testing – Each team will designate one or two members to bring up all bats that will be tested from each team anytime prior to their first game.

Check-in –  Players will not need to sign in, but the head coach/manager of each team will need to verify with me that everyone is on their roster.

COVID-19 – There is a mask mandate in the county that the park is located. So please be aware that players will need to where masks and follow social distancing requirements when not on the field. Also, there will be no food, gum, sunflower seeds, etc. allowed in the dugouts.

Waiver – Each player will need to sign a COVID-19 waiver prior to playing. I will give each coach the form to sign when you verify your players.

Fields – We will use field 3 and 4. Field 3 is a turf infield and metal cleats are not allowed.

Hotels – Attached is a list of local hotels.

Restaurants –; I have also attached a list of discounts.



Homerun – Super – 16           AA – 12

Run Rule –  20 after 4 innings      15 after 5 innings1

Courtesy Runner – Any eligible players that may participate on offense or defense and are on the official line-up including available substitutes may be used as a courtesy runner. A courtesy runner may be used once per inning.

Pitching – Arc must be at least 6 feet from the ground with a maximum height of 10 feet from the ground.

Line Up – The line up will contain either 10 players or 11 players (10 players + 1 extra player)

Substitutions – Each player may leave the game one time and return to the same position in the batting order.

Count – The batter will start every at bat with a 1-1 count. A foul ball with two strikes is an out. There is no courtesy foul ball.

Stealing – Stealing is legal in all divisions of play. The runner may not leave the base until the ball has reached the front edge of home plate. The ball remains live until the pitcher has the ball and all play has stopped. The ball will be called dead if: the pitch doesn’t reach the front edge of the plate, the pitch hits the plate, or if the pitch hits the batter.

Balls –                   Dudley Thunder Hy-Con .52/300



2020 Super Teams and Rosters

Bad Draw/Rapid Fire/Easton – Mark Katz
Chris Anninos
Joshua Brown
Dale Brungardt
Joseph Dorton
Michael Echeverria
Donald Hollingsworth
Jared Hunt
Jason Martel
Ryan McClanahan
Chad Mullins
Bill Pinkham
Brady Stewart

H.Auto/Sonnys/RDD/Sprizzi/S&S/Easton – Brett Helmer
Kevin Bazat
Cory Briggs
Daniel Cayton
Travis Clark
Greg Connell
Benjamin Dunn
Patrick Ellwanger
Jeff Flood
Neil Haglund
0Brett Helmer
Ronald Mack
Jason Magnum
Jon Nelson
Kyle Pearson
Brad Reckart
Joshua Riley
Nic Santana
Michael Verbasco
Brian Wegman
Jeremy Yates

MPT/Anarchy – Mark Carucci
Erich Ackermann
Roderick Armour
Jason Branch
Ira Brown
Mark Carucci
Woodrow Darling
Jonathan Dombrowski
Will Fisher
Chris Greinert
0Bobby McMinn
Zach Messer
Cole Patterson
Dominique Rutledge
Filip Washington
Michael Williams
Billy Wright

Monsta Athletics/Black Sheep – Carl Pegnatori
Brad Carlsen
Timothy Espinoza
Matthew Fox
Donnie Hammonds
Ryan Honeycutt
Travis Houseman
David Johnson
Timothy Martinez
Brian McBryde
0Faron Miller
Jordan Nuss
Brett Rettenmeier
Matt Schrage
Shannon Smith
Adam Ussery
Steve Whaley
Everett Williams

Drip City/Monsta – Josh Dobson
– No Roster Listed




Drakes Creek Park90 Valley Brook Dr, Hendersonville, TN 37075

Field #1 290-300-300

Field #2 263-300-290

Field #6 300

Field #12 300

Field #3 I believe is a baseball field 320-347-357-340-318

Field #4 is 325 feet all the way around

Field #13 is 330-362-369-353-321



Past USA Super Results


2019 USA Softball Super Champions – H.Auto/RDD/Sprizzi/S&S/Easton

2019 USA Softball Super tournament report

2019 USA Super Results
1st 4-0 H.Auto/RDD/Sprizzi/S&S/Easton
2nd 6-2 Dan Smith/Menosse/Steven Smith/FAI
3rd 2-2 TDB
4th 2-2 ANARCHY / SIS / OA Apparel


2018 USA Softball Super Champions – H.Auto/RDD/All In/Sprizzi/Easton

2018 USA Softball Super tournament report

1st H.Auto/RDD/All In/Sprizzi/Easton 3-1
2nd Team Racks; Yahhh!  4-2
3rd Ts 13/Monsta/Ductech  2-2
4th WC Monsta  0-2
5th Comatose/S2N/Monsta 0-2


2017 USA Softball Super Champions – WC Monsta

2017 USA Softball Super tournament report

2017 Final Standings from the Super
1st Place Place WC Monsta 3-0
2nd Place Place H.Auto/Resmondo/OA Apparel/SPTank 2-0
3rd Place Place T's 13/Monsta 2-2
4th Place Place OC 1-2
5th Place Place ASP/KV Weld/A&A Utility/OA/LGE/Gillies 0-2



2016 USA Softball Super Champions – O&S Cattle/Mr. D's

2016 USA Softball Super tournament report

Final ASA Super Standings
1) O&S Cattle/Mr. D's 4-1
2) WC Monsta 5-2
3) PowerHouseSportz/Racks/Monsta 2-2
4) Team Combat 2-2
5) T's 13/Demarini 1-2
5) H.Auto/SIS/ASP/MrWiggles/RDD/Easton 1-2
7) OC 0-2
7) TG/Red's Astros 0-2


2015 ASA Super Tournament Report

2014 ASA Super Tournament Report

2014 1st – Long Haul/H. Auto/Easton
         2nd – Sonny's
         3rd – Rip City/Demarini

2013 ASA Super Tournament Report

2013 Final Standings:

1st – Hortenbach Auto/Easton: 4-0
2nd – Sonny's Softball Club: 3-2
3rd – Rip City / Iron Hawk / DeMarini: 3-2
4th – Team Combat / Derby Boys: 2-2
5th – Xtreme/Miken: 2-2
6th – Tharaldson/Easton: 2-3
7th – Shoppe/Backman/TYJA/LouisvilleSlugger: 1-3
8th – Whalers / CAGear: 0-3

 Burlington, NC
 Howard’s/Western Steer, Denver, NC
 Steele’s Sports, Lima OH
 Rick Scherr, Howards (16-19, .842, 8 HRs, 23 RBIs)
 Rick Scherr, Don Arndt  (11-18, .611, 17 RBIs), Howard’s  and Henry McBeth, Steele’s (14-21, .667, 12 RBIs)    – 8
 Rick Scherr, Howards -.842
 Burlington, NC
 Jerry’s Caterers, Miami, FL
 Howard’s/Western Steer, Denver, NC
 Bruce Meade, Jerry’s Caterers (26-37, .703, 12 HRs, 32 RBIs)
 Bruce Meade, Jerry’s Caterers -12
 Bruce Meade, Jerry’s Caterers -.703
 Burlington, NC
 Howard’s/Western Steer, Denver, NC
 Elite Coatings, Gordon, GA
 Rick Scherr, Howards (15-17, .882, 12 HRs, 30 RBIs)
 Craig Elliot, Elite Coatings-14
 Rick Scherr, Howards -.882
 Burlington, NC
 Howard’s/Western Steer, Denver, NC
 Jerry’s Caterers, Miami, FL
 Rick Scherr, Howards (24-31, .775, 20 HRs, 37 RBIs)
 Rick Scherr, Howard’s – 20
 Bruce Meade, Jerry’s Caterers -.775
 Burlington, NC
 Steele’s Sports, Grafton, OH
 Elite Coatings, Gordon, GA
 Craig Elliot, Steele’s (.711, 17 HRs, 32 RBIs)
 Craig Elliot, Steele’s Sports  – 17
 Bruce Meade, Jerry’s Caterers – .815
 Burlington, NC
 Steele’s Sports, Grafton, OH
 Pepsi-Cola, Danville, VA
 Craig Elliot, Steele’s Sports (.703, 17 HRs, 28 RBIs)
 Craig Elliot, Steele’s – 17
 Charles Wright, Steele’s . – .810 (12 HRs)
 Parma, OH
 Steele’s Sports, Grafton, OH
 Budweiser, Youngstown, OH
 Mike Macenko, Steele’s (27-36, .750, 12 HRs, 26 RBIs)
 Scott Virkus, Steele’s – 16 (.667)
 Mike Macenko, Steele’s -.722
 Oklahoma City, OK
 Starpath, Monticello, KY
 Sports Hero’s Athletics, Eagan, MN
 Dave Johnson, Starpath (21-32, .650, 11 HRs, 20 runs scored)
 Dave Johnson, Starpath ; Bruce Baily, John Hanson’s and Bill Blake, Steele’s  (22-26, .846)  – 11
 Kevin Giddens, Lighthouse -.818
 Oklahoma City, OK
 Ritch’s Salvage, Harrisburgh, NC
 Starpath/Kirk’s Glass, Lexington, KY
 Charles Wright, Ritch’s Salvage (31-39, .795, 14 HRs, 24 RBIs)
 Britt Hightower, Ritch’s Salvage (25-39, .641, 33 RBIs)  -16
 Bruce Rains, Starpath/Kirks – .875 (21-24, 12 HRs)
 Oklahoma City, OK
 Steele’s Silver Bullets, Grafton, OH
 Lighthouse/Sunbelt,  Stone Mountain, GA
 Mike Macenko (27-31, .871, 18 HRs, 34 RBIs) and Monty Tucker (23-26, .880, 18 HRs, 26 RBIs),  Steele’s Silver Bullets
 Doug Roberson, Superior/ Apollo –20 (30-41, .732,  35 RBIs)
 Carl Rose, Lighthouse (27-30, 17 HRs, 25 RBIs) & Wes Lord, Budweiser (18-20, 10 HRs, 21 RBIs) – .900
 Little Rock, AK
 Sunbelt/Worth, Centerville, GA
 Ritch’s-Superior/ TPS,  Windsor Locks, CT
 Steve Craven,  Sunbelt/Worth 14-19, .737, 5 HRs)
 Jim Fuller, Ritch’s-Superior, Jeff Arnold, Williams/Finke, Britt Hightower Danny Williams (.632),  Sunbelt – 8
 Carl Rose, Sunbelt/ Worth -.800 (7 HRs)
 Hendersonville, TN
 Ritch’s-Superior/ TPS, Windsor Locks, CT
 Steele’s/Sunbelt, Brooke Park, OH
 Dirk Androff, Ritch’s-Superior (22-28, .786, 10 HRs, 24 RBIs)
 Jimmy Powers, Steele’s  (19-23, .826, 30 RBIs)-11
 Bubba Defer, Worth/Time Out Sports – .867 (13-15, 8 HRs, 15 RBIs)
 Johnson City, TN
 Ritch’s-Superior/ TPS, Windsor Locks, CT
 Bell Corp/Easton, Tampa, FL
 Charles Wright, Ritch’s-Superior (18-22, .818,  13 HRs, 25 RBIs)
 Carl Rose, Williams/Worth – 18 (25-34, .735, 38 RBIs)
 Scott Flood, DJ’s – .850 (17-20, 8 HRs, 20 RBIs)
 Maryville, TN
 Bell Corp/Easton, Tampa, FL
 Ritch’s-Superior/ TPS, Windsor Locks, CT
 Hank Garris, Bell Corp  (19-22, .864, 12 HRs, 18 RBIs)
 Dan Schuck, Bell Corp –14 (19-25, .760, 22 RBIs)
 Derek Oliver, Converters -.950 (19-20, 8 HRs, 15 RBIs)
 Waterloo, IA
 Lighthouse/Worth, Stone Mountain, GA
 Ritch’s-Superior/ TPS, Windsor Locks, CT
 Wendell Rickard, Lighthouse/ Worth (15-26, .577, 6 HRs, 19 RBIs)
 Wendell Rickard, Lighthouse and Parrish Barwick,  (10-12, .833, 14 RBIs) Back Porch -6
 Mike Jackson, Riverside/ RAM -.842 (16-19)
 Johnson City, TN
 Ritch’s-Superior/ Tri-Gems/Beloli/ TPS, Windsor Locks, CT
 Shen Valley/ Superior/Taylor Brothers/TPS, Bridgewater, VA
 Darrell Bealer, Ritch’s-Superior (25-30, .833, 19 HRs, 32 RBIs)
 Darrell Bealer, Ritch’s,  Tot Powers, Shen Valley (30-34, .882, 36 RBIs) and  Carl Rose, Lighthouse (27-38, .711, 29 RBIs)   -19
 Jeff Wallace, Steele’s Silver Bullets -.909 (30-33, 17 HRs, 28 RBIs)
 Sanford, FL
 Ritch’s-Superior/ Tri-Gems/Beloli/ TPS, Windsor Locks, CT
 Shen Valley/ Taylor Brothers/TPS Bridgewater, VA
 Dewayne Nevitt, Ritch’s-Superior (.632, 20 HRs, 37 RBIs)
 Dewayne Nevitt, Ritch’s –20
 Mike Rodriguez, Sierra – .826 (19-23)
 Sanford, FL
 Lighthouse/Worth, Stone Mountain, GA
 Sunbelt/Dan Smith/ Easton,  Centerville, GA
 Ricky Huggins, Lighthouse  (13-16, .812, 11 HRs, 24 RBIs)
 Carl Rose, Lighthouse – 12 (12-15, .750, 18 RBIs)
 Greg Cannedy, Sierra/TPS – 857  (12-14)
 Sanford, FL
 Team Easton, Burlingame, CA
 Team TPS, Louisville, KY
 Todd Joerling, Team Easton (15-19, .789, 14 RBIs)
 Jeff Wallace, Team TPS (25 RBIs) – 12
 Brett Helmer, Team Easton -.833 (15-18)
 Sanford, FL
 Team TPS, Louisville, KY
 Bell Corp/Easton, Tampa, FL
 Hank Garris, Team TPS (.900, 16 HRs)
 Hank Garris, Team TPS – 16
 Hank Garris, Team TPS – .900   

 Sanford, FL
 Long Haul/Taylor/ Shen Corp/TPS, Albertville, MN
 Hague/Resmondo/ Specialty Tank/TPS, Columbus, OH
 Brad Stiles, Long Haul/TPS (13-14, .929)
 Jeff Wallace, Long Haul/TPS (13-17, .765, 11 RBIs) – 11
 Brad Stiles, Long Haul/ TPS – .929  

 Sanford, FL
 Long Haul/Taylor/ Shen Corp/TPS, Albertville, MN
 Backman/Dan Smith/Menosse/ Easton, San Jose, CA
 Jeff Wallace, Long Haul/TPS (17-19, .865, 14 HRs, 26 RBIs)
 Jeff Wallace, Long Haul – 14
 Jeff Hall, Backman/ Smith/Easton (20-22) – .909 

 Sanford, FL
 Resmondo/Hague/ Taylor/Sunbelt/ Miken, Columbus, OH
 Dan Smith/Backman/ Menosse/Easton, San Jose, CA
 Howie Krause, Resmondo/ Hague (11-16, .688, 7 HRs, 16 RBIs)
 Brett Helmer, Dan Smith/Backman (23 RBIs) – 11
 Bob Woldyk, US Vinyl (12-13, 4 HRs) – .923 

2004 – The ASA Super Class Disbanded, The Major Class was the highest class in 2004 and 2005. Then in 2006, the Major Class was Disbanded and the Class-A Nationals became the highest Classification in ASA in 2006.


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