Friday May 14th, 2021

2020 USA Softball All Star Game – Team Helmer vs Team Humphrey



Filip Washington robs a home run for Team Helmer


Link to the Condensed Game version of the All Star Game

At times the sound will cut off or a swing may get cut off due to the fact the walk up music was still playing.


On October 11th as part of the USA Softball Slowpitch Showdown event in Viera, Florida there was an All Star Game between Helmer and Humphrey.  The two managers each picked players from the Team USA and USA Future Stars Roster and played a game.  At some point the two teams made some sort of agreement to just try for home runs and the homers were unlimited.  There was no wind that night at the Space Coast Stadium with its 335-365-385-365-335 home run fence dimensions.  The bases were 75 feet, the pitchers mound 50 feet, and they used the Dudley Hycon Thunder ZN ball  .52/300.


Jason Matusik hits a bomb for Team Humphrey



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