Thursday May 6th, 2021

2020 Conference Pre-Season Rankings!


2020 Pre-Season Rankings – Just calling it like I see it for fun.  Usually there are teams that come out of nowhere to surpass my pre-season ranking.  Plus with over 500 roster changes a year it is impossible to know what these teams will look like at the end of the year.  Mergers don't usually work so I discounted a number of teams that merged.  They could definitely out perform but historically do not.

1st M – Resmondo/Smash It/Sonny's/JJ's/RDD – Lost Kyle Pearson but gained infielders Steven Lloyd and Daniel Cayton.  Should be the favorite by a slight margin over Dan Smith.

2nd M – Dan Smith/Menossee/Steven Smith/FAI – Added Andy Purcell, Ryan Harvey, Lewis Reyna, and a bunch of younger players like Matte and Marshburn.  They are the defending champs but need to keep the fire.

3rd M – S.I.S./THUNDER/BACKMAN/ALBICOCCO – New Major team with a lot of familiar younger players.  More than capable of finishing higher than third.

4th M – Pure Sports/Infamous/EB – This can be a fun team to watch but they will have to come together as a team to finish higher than 4th.

5th M – Bad Draw/TDB/Rapid Fire/T2/BAF/Pauer – A new major team made up of players from the 'AA' champion Bay Area Legends and players from TDB for the most part.  Would be great to see them compete with the other major teams.

6th AA – Smash It/Precision/3rd Street/Bulldawg/Bpharm – They have been there and done that and will do so again.

7th AA – Xtreme/Miken/Worth/ASP/Athlon/ASP – This team has lower roster turnover and less drama each year which usually leads to good results.  But they need to put together both halves of the season to accomplish their goal.

8th AA – Anarchy/MPT Rentals – An interesting mix of players from all levels.  MPT surprised everyone last year and can do so again.

9th AA – Bay Area Legends/Easton – They have retooled with almost all new players from their AA championship run.

10th AA – Riot Sports/TG/Pure – Merger between Riot and TG so we will have to see how this works out but a very nice team on paper.

11th AA – Klutch/HubsPub/Worth – Probably an 'A' team.

12th A – Premier/T&W/Easton/BAF – If they are 'A' they are the best 'A' team out of Ohio.  Most likely they will get a TBD (to be determined) classification.

13th A – BaughFord/HDLNS/CSB/Easton – Merger between Baugh and Headlines 'A' teams.  Could take off or go flat as most mergers do.

14th A – Seminoles/TPS/NACSF.Inc/Elite/Miken – Forced the 'if' game at the USSSA 'A' Worlds last year and looking to take it one step further.

15th A – Vivid/FBI/PTG/Worth – Probably could of qualified for the Major out of Arkansas last year if they had played Conference.

16th A – CCP/Worshams/DanSmith/TurnKey – Interesting merger of sponsors and players.

17th A – WestPoint – Steadily improving team from Indiana that seems to add the right pieces as they move up.

18th A – Sports Reach/Crunchtime/H&H/Grizzy – Finished top 4 at the 'A' last year and could again.

19th A – PrimeTime Easton/FAI/Riot/Klutch – Solid team that could again qualify for the Major.

20th A – Worksteer/Briggs – Tradesmen merged with Briggs.  They have a shot at making the Major.

21st A – Classic Glass/Easton – Not the best version of Classic Glass and not the worst.

22nd A – Maroadi/SNI/Easton – Interesting mix of players that could make a push to make the Major.

23rd A – Levels – Similar to the team that made a run at the Houston major in the past.

24th A – Cheap Suits/Republic Realty/EA – Steadily improving California team.

25th A – Svc/Nager Law/Atrium/Grizzy/Easton – This team made a ton of roster moves last year and won the USSSA 'B' World.  They could finish 10 spots higher.

26th A – GORILLAS/Hart Handyman/M.E.E. LLC – Don't know much about them although they made a run at the 'B' last year.

27th A – Competitive Edge/M & T BLDRS/Adiktiv – Not enough fire power for this Florida panhandle team.

28th A – L & S Glass – re-classed to 'A' when the system wouldn't let them enter more than 3 'A' players on their roster.

29th B – Chick-Fil-A/HB Sports/Shepherds – Made a nice run at 'C' Worlds last year and should be highest finishing B team in the conference.

30th B – Express Athletics – We don't know much about this team from Washington.

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