Tuesday January 28th, 2020

2020 Rumors from the chat room Wednesday, October 2nd

These are all just RUMORS from 10/2/2019.  Remember every year is a new year with a new team regardless of whether the sponsor is the same.

Resmondo Major LF Yates, CF Lewis, RF Ellwanger, 3B Mack, SS Bazat, MI ?, 2B Connell, 1B Nelson, P Clark, C Wegman, EH Magnum, Haglund, Wolf, Reckart, Watson

Dan Smith Major LF Marshburn, CF Dunn, RF Collins, 3B Brungardt, SS Bennett, MI Reyna, 2B ?, 1B Matusik, P Purcell, C Harvey,  EH Dodds, Hidalgo, Sanchez

Smash It Sports/Thunder/Backman/Miken Major – LF Briggs?, CF Baartman, RF Olsen/Wilson, 3B Williams, SS Granados, MI Migues, 2B Fyffe, 1B Pearson?, P Evans/Buckshot, C Riley  Tim Barnes

Pure Sports Major – LF Matte?, CF Hartling?/Hollingsworth? RF Branch, 3B Racobaldo SS Melton, MI Mcclanahan, 2B Flood/Hunt, 1B McCollum, P Vitcak/Mucciarelli, C Hammonds, EH Baker

Sonny went to Resmondo

Cayton still a free agent

Santana retired

Chat guest Billybob said:
Ressy will have yates,lewis,ellwanger,mack cayton,bazat,connell,Haglund, Wegman ,Clark possibly lloyd. Bench will be big john,reckhart,lc. New sponsors sonny and Backman. SIS gets kp,briggs,riley,olson,fife,chente,zane,bartman and 10 other guys. Dan Smith 30 guys signed


Possible AA teams Bay Area, Precision, or Bay Area/Precision, MPT Rentals, Newbreed/LaFamiglia/BadDraw/RapidFire, Xtreme, Premier?

Chat guest D @Cruise said
I can confirm this as of now MPT is Flip Dombrowski Zach King Greinert Genter Mike Williams, Castillo, Alston

Chat guest Billybob said
Bayarea,Lafamilia, bad draw,newbreed combining pinkham,mully,brady stewart,bynum,ussery, zirkle, kp2

Chat guest Bucksnot said
Heard some of the MAJ guys were headed to Classic.

Chat guest CJ said
I heard L&S Glass is going to A. Cheap Suits is retooling – staying B most likely. I don't know what MAJ is doing.. I think they may need more money for next year. Infamous is a ? still.

SNI is only having a womens team is the rumor.

Vivid to Senior ball.

Chat guest Pik said
Last chat it was thought that Premier and T&W wasnt having teams, but I'd find that hard to believe that all those players in that local area wouldnt be putting something together. As far as TG guys not being with Premier guys, I've heard they may reform with the GMS.

Chat guest Brian said
Hearing woodlaw will be no more and it will just be olmito heat. Also maybe playing as AA

Possible Conference Team List:
FL-Major M Resmondo
CA-Major M Dan Smith
NY-Major M Smash It Sports/Thunder/Miken
SC-Major M Pure Sports

CA-AA AA Bay Area
WA-AA AA LaFamiglia/Newbreed/Rapid Fire/Bad Draw
NJ-AA AA MPT Rentals
IL-AA AA Precision
OH-AA AA Premier
MI-AA AA Rebel Sports (probably done?)
FL-AA AA Riot Sports (probably done?)
MN-AA AA Xtreme

AL-A A Baugh Ford / Headlines Sportswear / Cincysoftball
FL-A A Beckham Brothers (probably done?)
NC-A A Briggs
NC-A A CCP/Dan Smith
MN-A A Chanticlear (probably done?)
CA-A A Classic Glass
FL-A A Competitive Edge
MO-A A Hubs/Klutch
CA-A A L&S Glass
AZ-A A My Auto Jack
GA-A A Primetime
OK-A A Seminoles
KY-A A Sports Reach
OH-A A Titan Trucking
NC-A A Tradesmen
TX-A A Vivid/Killbombers/Easton
IN-A A Westpoint
TX-A A Olmito Heat

CA-B B Cheap Suits
CO-B B Infamous
VA-B B TRU Sports

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  1. Jeffrey Andrews says:

    Tradesmen has folded

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