Sunday January 19th, 2020

2020 Rumors from the chat on 9/24/2019


These are all just RUMORS.  I have no verification that any of this is true.  Remember every year is a new year with a new team regardless of whether the sponsor is the same.

Next Rumors Chat will be Wednesday, September 25th at noon eastern on the Facebook page: Facebook page link to chat

Resmondo Major LF Yates, CF Lewis/Briggs, RF Ellwanger, 3B Mack, SS Granados, MI Bazat, 2B Connell, 1B Haglund, P Clark, C Wegman, EH Magnum

Dan Smith Major LF Matte/Marshburn, CF Dunn, RF Collins, 3B Brungardt/Racobaldo, SS Bennett, MI Reyna, 2B Cayton, 1B Matusik, P Purcell, C Harvey,  EH Dodds

Smash It Sports/Backman Major – LF Washington, CF Briggs?, RF Wilson, 3B Williams, SS Messer?, MI ?, 2B Fyffe, 1B Pearson, P Vitcak, C Olsen, Tim Barnes?

Pure Sports Major – LF Bilardello, CF ? RF Branch, 3B Brungardt, SS Melton, MI Flood, 2B Hunt, 1B McCollum, P Mucciarelli, C Hammonds, EH Baker, Maggard, Todd Ankney manager. Mcclanahan?

Riley was mentioned with too many teams to list him on just one.  lol

TDB sponsor taking a step away from softball?

Miken and Worth players may have to play on flagship team if its in their contract to do so.

Santana and Lloyd retiring

Magnum is the Magilla Gorilla


Possible AA teams Bay Area, Newbreed/LaFamiglia/BadDraw/RapidFire, Xtreme, Riot/Hubs Pub/Klutch, MPT, Sonnys, Premier.

I think Nightmare and Precision are done.  One rumor says Precision is staying together and Nolan from Nightmare is going to senior ball.  Thank you to them for building such great teams for so many years.  They will be missed.  Nothing was mentioned about Rebel Sports?

Possible Riot roster: Hartling, Newman,Hooks,Migues,buckshot,fulk,ortiz, mitschke, laski, Maggard, kanaby, Patzig

TDB KP to MPT.  Flip to MPT.  Zirkle to MPT.

Xtreme will come back if Space Coast Stadium stocks Ultras better.

Possible Baugh and Headlines merger.

CCP, Titan Trucking and West Point may be joining Conference.

SNI is only having a womens team is the rumor.

Vivid to Senior ball.


TOPICS of discussion for offseason CLASSIFICATION that I am bringing up with usssa (DW's opinions only)
 – combining 'A' teams usually leads to a 'AA' team.
 – teams that make the major start the next season in AA or TBD.
 – Some starters on Premier and MPT should be reclassified to 'AA' for 2020.
 – 3 "chip" rule in A and AA.

Thank you to all that participated.  I know many couldn't get into the chat room because there must be some kind of limit.  That is why we will have a second chat on facebook.

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