Sunday February 25th, 2024

Updated Roster/Schedule —> 2020 Pure Sports/Infamous/EB team!

8 responses to “Updated Roster/Schedule —> 2020 Pure Sports/Infamous/EB team!”

  1. RhiNoTheRep says:

    Hell yea, def going to be a good squad that will be able to compete! Looking forward to covering and seeing what this squad can do!!


  2. Professor says:

    I think it’s comical that Exclusive Bats is allowed to even sponsor….

  3. Tim says:

    Right? Nothing like a shady bat shaver sponsoring majors lol.

  4. Chris Arredondo....So Cal says:

    Great group of guys. Exclusive Bats? King of bat shaving…….my bad!! Homerun hitting, demonstration bats only. Lol

  5. Bone says:

    There is nothing shady about Rob Maya. He doesn’t hide what he does. Although I do find it curious as to how he’s able to sponsor a Major team. They must all swing the 1 piece Pures!

  6. anthony eschete says:

    so if a gun manufacturer sponsored a team and someone killed a someone with the companies gun yall would blame to company?

    So if an adderall or steroids or testosterone companies sponsored a team would yall bitch?

    this whole stigma of someone who shaves bats for a living that he immediately shaves all the bats for the team he sponsors is childish.

    guys putting ice on their bats before testing and people playing the game with re-laced balls is comical compared to someone who shaves a bat.

    all yall that comment that he should be banned or cant sponsor a team are the same ones who beat off on the toilet at home with your phone on mute with the water running. Doing something behind the scenes that everyone knows you do it but you try and hide it, is whats wrong with “THE GAME”.

  7. Lance says:

    But there is everything shady about Infamous and Pruitt. Will pull his $ and leave the team by May. Heard it here first

  8. Pruitt says:

    I “MAY”

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