Tuesday November 28th, 2023

UPDATED —> 2020 Nationwide Conference USSSA Awards!


2020 Conference USSSA Awards

1st Team

Andy Purcell PITCHER Dan Smith
Travis Clark PITCHER Resmondo
Argen Dodds CATCHER Dan Smith
Ryan Harvey CATCHER Dan Smith
Jason Magnum CATCHER Resmondo
BJ Fulk CATCHER Smash It Precision
Chad Mullins CATCHER Bad Draw
Brad Lunda UTILITY Bay Area Legends
Jason Martel 1ST BASE Bad Draw
Davis Bilardello 1ST BASE Smash It Precision
Tyler Marshburn 2ND BASE Dan Smith
Greg Connell 2ND BASE Resmondo
Kyle Pearson 2ND BASE Bad Draw
Jordan Spaulding 2ND BASE Bay Area Legends
Phil Matte 3RD BASE Dan Smith
Bubba Mack 3RD BASE Resmondo
Joe Joe Bennett SHORTSTOP Dan Smith
Daniel Cayton SHORTSTOP Resmondo
Luis Reyna MIDDLE INFIELD Dan Smith
Kevin Bazat MIDDLE INFIELD Resmondo
Buddy Wolf OUTFIELD Bad Draw
Filip Washington OUTFIELD Anarchy/MPT
Jason Branch OUTFIELD Pure Sports
Andrew Collins OUTFIELD Dan Smith


2nd Team

Jon Dombrowski PITCHER Anarchy/MPT
Bobby Noeth Jr. PITCHER Premier
Joe Dorton CATCHER Bay Area Legends
Bryson Baker CATCHER Pure Sports
Ben Falcone CATCHER Cheap Suits
Ira Brown 1ST BASE Primetime
Keith Laski 2ND BASE Riot Sports
Heath Barnes SHORTSTOP Smash It Precision
Travis Dale SHORTSTOP Westpoint
Shannon Smith 3RD BASE Xtreme
Dale Brungardt 3RD BASE Pure Sports
Austyn Dawe 3RD BASE Westpoint
Steve Hendrickson MIDDLE INFIELD Premier
Emilson Marquez MIDDLE INFIELD WorkSteer
Josh Kirsten OUTFIELD Westpoint
Chris Anninos OUTFIELD Xtreme
Zachary Watts OUTFIELD Sports Reach
DJ Hollingsworth OUTFIELD Classic Glass
18 2nd Team Player Awards    
Alisha Bush 2ND TEAM MANAGER WestPoint




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