Tuesday May 11th, 2021

2020 Conference USSSA Stats Links!


Note: I will be releasing the league leaders article on Monday so please turn any in missing stats.


2020 Conference Stats Links!

Primetime's Ira Brown is leading the nation in on base percentage at .824


Link to All 2020 Conference Stats (turned in so far)

2020 Cactus Classic – Phoenix Major Stats Link (Missing Classic Glass)

2020 Hall of Fame Classic Dual #1 Stats Link (Missing Pure, Worksteer, SVC, Classic Glass, Gorillas)

2020 Hall of Fame Classic Dual #2 Stats Link (Missing Pure, Worksteer, SVC, Classic Glass, Gorillas)

2020 Tulsa Major Stats Link (Missing Gorillas, Seminoles)

2020 River City Major Stats Link (Missing Pure, Precision, Competitive Edge, SVC, TurnkeyCCP)



Teams Missing Stats or Pictures of their Scorebook are in red below.

Let me know if I made any mistakes dw@usssa.com  440-715-3301

My goal is 100% accurate and verifiable stats and that can only happen if everyone lets me know when there is a mistake or someone doing something incorrect.

Remember for each team to validate their stats they have to send in a picture of their scorebook for each game which can be compared to the live stream archives or the opposing teams book if needed.

If anyone at any time suspects a team of cheating on their stats, please contact me and your name will be anonymous and I will look into the situation using the turned in score sheets, the opposing teams book, and the live stream archives to correct them.  Lets get this 100% accurate. 


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