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REMINDER ROSTER ADD DEADLINE IS 9/17/2020 —> 2020 Conference Roster Moves as of 9/16/2020


2020 Conference Roster Moves from 6/3/2020 to 9/16/2020 if you see any mistakes

Date Team Add/Release First Name Last Name
9/16/2020 Pure Sports Add James Davis
9/15/2020 Bad Draw Add Lee Powers
9/15/2020 Express Athletics Add Mark Thompson
9/14/2020 CCP Add Darien Tubbs
9/11/2020 Pure Sports Add LC Watson
9/11/2020 Seminoles Add Richard Buck
9/11/2020 Seminoles Add Jose Hernandez
9/11/2020 Seminoles Release Steven Zemanek
9/10/2020 Seminoles Release LC Watson
9/10/2020 Vivid Release Jose Hernandez
9/9/2020 Baugh Ford Add Chad Folsom
9/8/2020 CCP Release Austin Green
9/8/2020 CCP Add Kenneth Cain
9/7/2020 Competitive Edge Add Elijah Johnson
9/7/2020 Competitive Edge Add Logan Rogers
9/7/2020 Competitive Edge Add Daniel Homann
9/2/2020 Chick-fil-a Add Joshua Shifflett
9/2/2020 Chick-fil-a Release James Turner
9/2/2020 Chick-fil-a Release John Turner
9/2/2020 Precision Add Rucelle Consigny
9/1/2020 Competitive Edge Release Rucelle Consigny
9/1/2020 Chick-fil-a Add Travis Clark (not the travis clark)
9/1/2020 Baugh Ford Release Ethan Stuckly
9/1/2020 Bad Draw Add Bradley Scott
8/31/2020 SVC Add Austin Breer
8/31/2020 SVC Add Kyle Fisher
8/31/2020 SVC Release Brandon Dunham
8/31/2020 SVC Release Darien Tubbs
8/31/2020 SVC Release Bradley Scott
8/31/2020 Vivid Release Stephen Cooper
8/31/2020 Vivid Release Chris Wilson
8/31/2020 Vivid Release Kolt Robertson
8/27/2020 Seminoles Release David Romero
8/27/2020 Bay Area Add Josh Brown
8/26/2020 Primetime Add Zach Messer
8/26/2020 Primetime Add Brandon Johnson
8/26/2020 Primetime Add Nekeyma Wright
8/26/2020 Worksteer Add Jimmy Ward
8/25/2020 Gorillas Release Kirk Pruitt
8/25/2020 Precision Release Josh Brown
8/25/2020 Premier Release Ryan Disbennett
8/25/2020 Premier Add Cory Boothe
8/24/2020 Bad Draw Release Zach Messer
8/24/2020 Premier Add Michael Gallo
8/21/2020 L&S Glass Add Nick Ludwig
8/21/2020 Cheap Suits Add Kendrick Bergmann
8/21/2020 Cheap Suits Add Joe Lewis
8/20/2020 Gorillas Add Chris Stamper
8/20/2020 Gorillas Release Gadeil Baez
8/20/2020 Baugh Ford Add Collin Bradley
8/19/2020 Baugh Ford Add Ethan Stuckly
8/19/2020 Baugh Ford Add Lane Young
8/19/2020 CCP Release Chad Folsom
8/19/2020 Gorillas Release Tyler Martin
8/19/2020 Gorillas Add Jon Harris
8/19/2020 Levels Add Kevin Senes
8/18/2020 Bad Draw Release Cory Boothe
8/18/2020 Competitive Edge Release Taylor Cobb
8/18/2020 Express Athletics Add Christopher Gapuz
8/18/2020 Express Athletics Release Christian Candanoza
8/18/2020 Worksteer Release Nick Ludwig
8/18/2020 Worksteer Release Dustin Burris
8/18/2020 Worksteer Release Michael Craven
8/18/2020 Classic Glass Add Nathan Newman
8/13/2020 Premier Add Billy Back
8/13/2020 Seminoles Add LC Watson
8/13/2020 Seminoles Release Jon Harris
8/13/2020 Bad Draw Add David Bare
8/13/2020 Classic Glass Release David Bare
8/13/2020 SVC Add Ian Sidebottom
8/13/2020 SVC Add Darien Tubbs
8/13/2020 SVC Add Brian Spenn
8/13/2020 SVC Add Justin Gregory
8/13/2020 SVC Add Bryce Randolph
8/13/2020 Riot Add Nick Mitschke
8/13/2020 Riot Release Johnathan Roberts
8/13/2020 SIS/Precision Release Bruce Dady
8/13/2020 Gorillas Release Elliott Velasquez
8/13/2020 Gorillas Release Thomas Bennett
8/12/2020 Levels Add Corey Miller
8/12/2020 Pure Sports Add Bryan Dunson
8/12/2020 Premier Release Bryan Dunson
8/12/2020 Gorillas Add Ryan Mullen
8/12/2020 Gorillas Add Chase Graf
8/12/2020 Gorillas Add Kirk Pruitt
8/12/2020 Gorillas Add Justin Hall
8/12/2020 CCP Add Michal Rainer
8/12/2020 SIS/Precision Add Jeff Keske
8/12/2020 SIS/Precision Add Brett McCollum
8/12/2020 SIS/Precision Release Nick Mitschke
8/12/2020 Classic Glass Add Mike Brambilla
8/12/2020 Classic Glass Release Cameron Cox
8/12/2020 SVC Release Brandon Johnson
8/12/2020 SVC Release Shannen Green
8/11/2020 SportsReach Release Darrien Tubbs
8/11/2020 Premier Add Cody Pack
8/11/2020 Premier Release Jason Ferguson
8/11/2020 Competitive Edge Release Corey Miller
8/11/2020 Competitive Edge Release Jeremy Moore
8/11/2020 Pure Sports Release Mike Brambilla
8/11/2020 Competitive Edge Add Donald Plaisance
8/11/2020 Competitive Edge Add Matthew Rooker
8/11/2020 Riot Add Steve Edwards
8/11/2020 Riot Add Brandon Patzig
8/11/2020 Seminoles Add Kyndrich Doggett
8/11/2020 Seminoles Release Corey Tapp
8/11/2020 SportsReach Release Ian Sidebottom
8/11/2020 Express Athletics Release Johnathan Longtin
8/10/2020 Baugh Ford Release Cody Pack
8/10/2020 Maroadis Add Danny Evans
8/10/2020 Riot Sports Add Andrew Vitcak
8/10/2020 Bad Draw Release Andrew Vitcak
8/10/2020 Westpoint Add Bradlee Bruns
8/10/2020 Bad Draw Release Steve Edwards
8/10/2020 Anarchy Add Brian McBryde
8/10/2020 Anarchy Release Jeff Keske
8/10/2020 Klutch/Hubs Release Daniel Evans
8/10/2020 Klutch/Hubs Release Kenneth Hare
8/10/2020 Klutch/Hubs Release Kenneth Leach Jr
8/10/2020 Klutch/Hubs Release Ethan Maresh
8/10/2020 Klutch/Hubs Release Brian McBryde
8/10/2020 Klutch/Hubs Release Brandon Patzig
8/10/2020 Klutch/Hubs Release Donald Plaisance
8/10/2020 Klutch/Hubs Release Michal Rainer
8/10/2020 Klutch/Hubs Release Lane Young
8/10/2020 Baugh Ford Add Andrew Hall
8/10/2020 Baugh Ford Add Scott Hubbard
8/10/2020 Baugh Ford Add Marcus Thornton
8/10/2020 Baugh Ford Add Levi Wright
8/10/2020 Baugh Ford Add Mychal Evans
8/10/2020 Baugh Ford Add Jordan Blanchette
8/10/2020 Baugh Ford Add Nicholas Van Stratten
8/10/2020 Baugh Ford Add Lyf Nimmo
8/10/2020 Baugh Ford Add Jacob Willingham
8/10/2020 Baugh Ford Add Chris Potts
8/10/2020 Baugh Ford Add Brandon Hubbard
8/10/2020 Baugh Ford Add Tom Baldesi
8/10/2020 Klutch/Hubs Release Andrew Hall
8/10/2020 Klutch/Hubs Release Scott Hubbard
8/10/2020 Klutch/Hubs Release Marcus Thornton
8/10/2020 Klutch/Hubs Release Levi Wright
8/10/2020 Klutch/Hubs Release Mychal Evans
8/10/2020 Klutch/Hubs Release Jordan Blanchette
8/10/2020 Klutch/Hubs Release Nicholas Van Stratten
8/10/2020 Klutch/Hubs Release Lyf Nimmo
8/10/2020 Klutch/Hubs Release Jacob Willingham
8/10/2020 Klutch/Hubs Release Chris Potts
8/10/2020 Klutch/Hubs Release Brandon Hubbard
8/10/2020 Klutch/Hubs Release Tom Baldesi
8/10/2020 Baugh Ford Release Brian Spenn
8/10/2020 Baugh Ford Release Bradlee Bruns
8/10/2020 Baugh Ford Release Derek Coverstone
8/10/2020 Baugh Ford Release Tom Kelly
8/10/2020 Baugh Ford Release Kyle Walden
8/10/2020 Baugh Ford Release Bradley Franklin
8/10/2020 Baugh Ford Release Greg Hardy
8/10/2020 Baugh Ford Release Troy Krider
8/10/2020 Baugh Ford Release Tyler Brake
8/10/2020 Baugh Ford Release Cory Hill
8/10/2020 Baugh Ford Release Zach Dillman
8/10/2020 Resmondo Release Mike Verbasco
8/10/2020 Maroadis Add Kyle Olsen
8/9/2020 Levels Add James Drake
8/9/2020 Levels Add Jarrod Chacon
8/9/2020 Anarchy Add Brock Frentzel
8/9/2020 Anarchy Release Tom Bloom
8/9/2020 Anarchy Add John Williams
8/9/2020 Anarchy Release Brett McCollum
8/9/2020 Anarchy Add Sean Ulmer
8/9/2020 Baugh Ford Release Sean Ulmer
8/8/2020 Baugh Ford Release Galen Bailey
8/8/2020 Riot Release John Franklin
8/7/2020 Bad Draw Add Tyler Wilson
8/6/2020 SVC Add James Mercer
8/6/2020 Bad Draw Add Ryan Stovall
8/6/2020 SVC Add Shannen Green
8/5/2020 Levels Add Johnathan Sierra
8/5/2020 CCP Release Cody Cornelius
8/5/2020 Primetime Add Judson Austin
8/5/2020 Primetime Release Carlos Garvin
8/5/2020 Maroadis Add Josh Fyffe
8/5/2020 Pure Add Zane Migues
8/5/2020 Pure Release Johnathan Sierra
8/5/2020 SIS/Precision Add Jacob Boggess
8/5/2020 SIS/Precision Release Dean Stevens
8/5/2020 Klutch/Hubs Add Brian McBryde
8/5/2020 Klutch/Hubs Add Donald Plaisance
8/5/2020 Bay Area Add Chente Granados
8/5/2020 Bay Area Release Dan Kirkwood
8/4/2020 Riot Add Brandon Hooks
8/4/2020 Resmondo Add Josh Riley
8/4/2020 Resmondo Add Cory Briggs
8/4/2020 Resmondo Add Kyle Pearson
8/4/2020 Resmondo Release Scott Leggett
8/4/2020 Resmondo Release Drew Reckart
8/4/2020 SIS/Thunder Release Tyler Wilson
8/4/2020 SIS/Thunder Release Johnathon Williams
8/4/2020 SIS/Thunder Release Loyd Watson
8/4/2020 SIS/Thunder Release Ryan Stovall
8/4/2020 SIS/Thunder Release Josh Riley
8/4/2020 SIS/Thunder Release Donald Plaisance
8/4/2020 SIS/Thunder Release Kyle Pearson
8/4/2020 SIS/Thunder Release Kyle Olsen
8/4/2020 SIS/Thunder Release Zane Migues
8/4/2020 SIS/Thunder Release Brian McBryde
8/4/2020 SIS/Thunder Release Jason Kendrick
8/4/2020 SIS/Thunder Release Brandon Hooks
8/4/2020 SIS/Thunder Release Seth Green
8/4/2020 SIS/Thunder Release Vincent Granados
8/4/2020 SIS/Thunder Release Josh Fyffe
8/4/2020 SIS/Thunder Release Joel DeGennaro
8/4/2020 SIS/Thunder Release Cory Briggs
8/4/2020 SIS/Thunder Release Tim Barnes
8/4/2020 SIS/Thunder Release Colin Baartman
8/4/2020 Pure Add Charles Thomas
8/4/2020 Riot Add Reece Martin
8/4/2020 Gorillas Release Chris Stamper
8/4/2020 Bad Draw Add Justin Smith
8/4/2020 Westpoint Release Justin Smith
8/3/2020 SportsReach Add Ian Sidebottom
8/3/2020 SportsReach Add Darien Tubbs
8/3/2020 CCP Add Matthew Lloyd
8/3/2020 Express Athletics Release Christopher Gapuz
8/3/2020 Express Athletics Add Jonathan Longtin
8/3/2020 Express Athletics Add Reid Ramirez
8/3/2020 Express Athletics Add Jason Santellano
8/3/2020 Express Athletics Add Charles Shimels
8/3/2020 Express Athletics Add Tyler Armstrong
8/3/2020 Express Athletics Add Richard Chinn
8/3/2020 L&S Glass Add Westy Guill
8/3/2020 L&S Glass Add Nico Vasquez
8/3/2020 L&S Glass Add Austen Breer
8/3/2020 SVC Release Jacob Boggess
8/3/2020 SVC Release Ryan Mullen
8/3/2020 SVC Release Chad Ulogar
8/3/2020 Worksteer Add Donte Broome
8/2/2020 Baugh Ford Add Galen Bailey
8/2/2020 Baugh Ford Add Greg Hardy
8/2/2020 Baugh Ford Add Bradley Franklin
8/2/2020 Baugh Ford Add Kyle Walden
8/2/2020 Baugh Ford Add Cory Hill
8/2/2020 Baugh Ford Release Nelson Price
8/2/2020 Baugh Ford Release Andrew Larkins
7/30/2020 Chick fila Add Corey Jones
7/30/2020 Primetime Add Carlos Garvin
7/30/2020 Primetime Add David Morrow
7/30/2020 Seminoles Add Jon Harris
7/30/2020 SVC Add William Scott
7/30/2020 Seminoles Release Mark Cochran
7/29/2020 Worksteer Add Anthony Mastrogiovanni
7/29/2020 CCP Add Artie Barcelo
7/29/2020 CCP Add Freddie Bynum
7/28/2020 Bad Draw Release Freddie Bynum
7/28/2020 CCP Release Tyler Dickens
7/27/2020 Seminoles Add Taylor Beach
7/26/2020 SIS/Thunder Add Brandon Hooks
7/26/2020 Baugh Ford Release Brandon Hooks
7/26/2020 Anarchy Add Kramer Burns
7/26/2020 Bad Draw Release Kramer Burns
7/25/2020 Bad Draw Add Andrew Vitcak
7/25/2020 Pure Sports Release Andrew Vitcak
7/24/2020 Klutch/Hubs Release Taylor Beach
7/23/2020 Klutch/Hubs Release Joe Skyles
7/23/2020 Chick fila Add Michael Cole
7/22/2020 Resmondo Add Scott Leggett
7/22/2020 Klutch/Hubs Add Ethan Maresh
7/22/2020 SportsReach Add Robert Blackburn
7/22/2020 SportsReach Release William Scott
7/22/2020 SVC Release Robert Blackburn
7/22/2020 SVC Release Greg Riddell
7/21/2020 Dan Smith Add Bradley Jones
7/21/2020 SportsReach Release Tre Porter
7/21/2020 SportsReach Release Bradley Jones
7/21/2020 Chick fila Add Phillip Hunt
7/21/2020 CCP Add Cody Cornelius
7/19/2020 CCP Release Greg Walters
7/19/2020 CCP Release Ian Sidebottom
7/19/2020 Premier Release Bryan Bradler
7/17/2020 Seminoles Release Nick Utley
7/15/2020 Seminoles Add Christopher O'Brien
7/15/2020 Seminoles Release Michael Boone
7/15/2020 Competitive Edge Release Peter Glodfelter
7/15/2020 Competitive Edge Release Phillip Lawhorn
7/15/2020 Bad Draw Add Aaron Lewicki
7/15/2020 Bad Draw Add Joshua Jones
7/14/2020 SportsReach Add Doantre Porter
7/14/2020 SportsReach Release Daniel Merck
7/13/2020 Classic Glass Add Austin Lynthacum
7/13/2020 Classic Glass Add Chris Benigno
7/13/2020 Competitive Edge Add Ricky Smith
7/13/2020 Competitive Edge Add Josh Wright
7/13/2020 Competitive Edge Add Taylor Cobb
7/13/2020 Riot Sports Add Adam Kaminski
7/13/2020 Pure Sports Add Owen Price
7/13/2020 SVC Add Ryan Mullen
7/13/2020 SVC Add Blake Lively
7/13/2020 SVC Release Jordan Ross
7/13/2020 SVC Release Artie Barcelo
7/13/2020 Levels Add Vince Maldonado
7/13/2020 Levels Add Cody Farrell
7/13/2020 Levels Add Johnathon Sierra
7/11/2020 Chick fila Add Richard Fields
7/10/2020 Vivid Add Jeremy Guess
7/10/2020 Maroadis Add Brad Sheffield
7/10/2020 Gorillas Release Nick Vanstratten
7/10/2020 Riot Release Ryan Mullen
7/6/2020 Klutch/Hubs Release Justin Hall
7/5/2020 Maroadis Release Ryan Snyder
7/2/2020 SVC Add Brandon Yoder
7/2/2020 Vivid Add Kolt Robertson
7/2/2020 SportsReach Add William Scott
7/2/2020 SportsReach Release Drew Speer
7/2/2020 Anarchy Add Thomas Bloom
7/1/2020 Seminoles Add Mark Cochran
7/1/2020 CCP Release William Scott
7/1/2020 CCP Add Kendall Welborn
6/29/2020 Riot Add Zackary Smith
6/28/2020 Seminoles Add Nick Utley
6/28/2020 Premier Add Devon Conley
6/28/2020 SportsReach Add Drew Speer
6/26/2020 Klutch/Hubs Add Dan Evans
6/26/2020 Premier Add Bryan Dunson
6/26/2020 Riot Release Bryan Dunson
6/26/2020 Premier Release Josh Wright
6/26/2020 Premier Release Tony Frederick
6/25/2020 Bay Area Add Brad Lunda
6/25/2020 Pure Release Brad Lunda
6/25/2020 Anarchy Add Billy Wright
6/25/2020 Pure Release Billy Wright
6/24/2020 Resmondo Add Mike Verbasco
6/24/2020 Gorillas Release Matt Wehrli
6/22/2020 Bad Draw Add Mark Katz
6/19/2020 Gorillas Add Barry Fentiman
6/19/2020 Chick fila Add Jarod Kashner
6/18/2020 Precision Add Roger Drake
6/18/2020 Precision Add Brandon Bellamy
6/18/2020 Cheap Suits Add Brian Faria
6/18/2020 Resmondo Add Drew Reckart
6/17/2020 Gorillas Add Chris Stamper
6/17/2020 Gorillas Add Tyler Martin
6/17/2020 Gorillas Add Drew Miller
6/17/2020 Gorillas Add Gadiel Baez Agosto
6/17/2020 Gorillas Release Shawn Rogers
6/17/2020 Gorillas Release CJ Faddis
6/17/2020 Bad Draw Add Stephen Edwards
6/16/2020 Precision Add Dean Stevens
6/16/2020 Precision Add Bruce Dady
6/15/2020 SportsReach Add Justin Mackey
6/15/2020 SportsReach Add Robert Mitchell
6/15/2020 SportsReach Add Donte Miles
6/15/2020 Worksteer Add Zach Ross
6/15/2020 Westpoint Add Josh Kirsten
6/15/2020 Anarchy Add William Fisher
6/15/2020 Worksteer Add Nick Ludwig
6/15/2020 Worksteer Add Steven Estes
6/15/2020 Worksteer Add Andy Highbaugh
6/15/2020 Worksteer Release Danny Leecock
6/15/2020 Worksteer Release Jackson Hamlin
6/15/2020 Worksteer Release Jeremy Sparks
6/15/2020 Worksteer Release David McDowell
6/15/2020 Worksteer Release Greg Hardy
6/15/2020 Worksteer Release Cory Hill
6/15/2020 Competitive Edge Add Phillip Lawhorn
6/15/2020 Competitive Edge Add Peter Glodfelter
6/9/2020 CCP Add Bradley Scott
6/9/2020 Vivid Release Stephen Cooper
6/9/2020 CCP Add Brandon Belton
6/9/2020 SVC Release Richard Carlsen
6/9/2020 Classic Glass Release Nathan Newman
6/9/2020 Classic Glass Release Blake Lively
6/9/2020 Gorillas Release John Branum
6/9/2020 Gorillas Add Matt Wehrli
6/9/2020 SIS/Thunder Release Brad Stillwell
6/3/2020 SportsReach Add Joey Cox
6/4/2020 Maroadis Add Dustin Midyette

4 responses to “REMINDER ROSTER ADD DEADLINE IS 9/17/2020 —> 2020 Conference Roster Moves as of 9/16/2020”

  1. Mark says:

    What’s the story with SIS/Thunder?

  2. DC says:

    Yeah any word on the Thunder fold?

  3. DW says:

    They did not think they were good enough.

  4. DC says:

    DW tell me that’s a serious response cause I chuckled a little!

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