Thursday May 6th, 2021

2020 Conference Questionnaire Results


I emailed this questionnaire to all 2020 rostered conference players as well as posted it here on oldscout and softballcenter.

170+ people filled it out. Here are the results.

What is your Conference affiliation?  (Who filled out the questionnaire)
  2 Conference Directors
 75 Conference Players
 10 Conference Manager
  6 Conference Sponsors
  3 Conference Umpires
 33 Conference Fan
  3 Non Conference Directors
  1 Non Conference Manager
 39 Non Conference Players
  1 Non Conference Sponsor
  1 Non Conference Umpire

What is the best place to have a Conference tournament?
37 Spacecoast Softball Fields
31 Smoky Mountain Classic
24 Spacecoast Baseball Fields
18 Columbus Ohio
14 Myrtle Beach Grand Park
13 Seattle Major
 7 Dudley in Minnesota
 6 Columbus, Georgia
 6 Las Vegas BLD
 4 Cincy Mid America Ballyard
 4 Texas Softball World
 3 Cajun Classic
 2 Houston BLD
 2 Maryland Major
 1 Busch Classic in Arkansas
 1 Manassas, Virginia
 1 Phoenix

Where would be a park we could have a great new conference event that you know of?
3 Albuquerque
3 Allen, TX Spirit Park
  Any BLD in SoCal
  Any triple A ball park
  Anything closer to the west coast. I love some of the Arizona complexes that have been used for major events.
  Anywhere in Ca.
  Anywhere there are fields that are 325 with the Pro-M ball.
  Anywhere with turf
  Armco Park
  Art van sports complex grand rapids, michigan
  Arvest Ballpark Springdale, AR
2 Aurora Sports Park or Twin Rivers in Greeley Colorado 325 fences about 35-45 minutes from Denver airport
  Baseball Heaven in New York or Grand Park in Indianapolis, IN
  Berliner in Columbus is a great tourney should be a dual
  Birdsall Park in Temecula, Ca.
3 BMAC in St Louis area
  Botetourt County Sports Complex/Moyer Softball Complex
  Brick NJ
2 Cactus Yards
  Cane Ridge Park in Tennessee
  Canton Michigan
  Capital Federal Sports Complex of Liberty
  Charlotte NC
8 Columbus Ga
  Come back to Colorado, bring major teams
6 Connecticut Sports Plex, Branford, CT
  Crossroads Park in Temple, TX
2 Deaconess Sports Park / Evansville, IN 47725
  Delta Park, Portland
  Des Moines, raccoon river/greater dsm complex
  Diamond Nation Flemington NJ
2 Drake's Creek in Hendersonville, TN or The Starplex in Murfreesboro, TN
  Dual Smoky
  Fayetteville Arkansas
3 Fountain Bluff  – Liberty MO
  Gahagan Complex in Summerville, SC
  Grand Park – Westfield Indiana
  Gulf Shores Sportplex in Gulf Shores, AL. 5 fields and a high school baseball field that could be used. There is plenty of hotels and condo’s and plenty to do while not playing and not to mention the great food everywhere.
  Hendersonville Tennessee  Drakes Creek
  Hopkinsville KY
  Houston BLD
  I like Pioneer in PHX but it has to be before May 1st. If we could get an in with a spring training facility that would be even more ideal.. but again would need to be before May 1.
  Indian Trail, NC
3 Joliet, IL  Five fields all 300' with brand new turf infields and grass outfields
  Knoxville tn, carnes park, Athens park Lexington Ky
  Legacy Sports park Gilbert AZ (opens 2023)
  Manteca CA BLD (if they expand)
2 Medford Oregon
3 Mid America Shawnee KS
2 Milwaukee WI
  Moyer Complex in Salem, VA
2 Myrtle Beach
4 Nashville
  New Mexico or Ripon California
  noble sports complex brooklyn park mn
  O’Fallon Family Sports Park Illinois
  Oak Villa baton rouge
3 Ocean City – Salisbury MD
  palm springs
8 Panama City Beach turf fields
3 Pioneer (Phoenix) or Spring Training complexes (Phoenix)
2 Princess Anne Complex, Virginia Beach, VA
  River City West, OH
  Roanoke VA, Botetourt Complex
  Salt Lake City, Ut
  San Antonio TX
  Sand Creek Park, Coon Rapids MN
  Sky View in Colorado Springs
  South Bend Indiana
  Space coast.  Dual 1 325 dual 2 unlimited hr stadium
  St George, Utah or back to Victory Lanes in PHX
  Temple Texas
  The park where they filmed the movie “Hardball”
  The RAC in Washington state
  the Summitt Chattanooga Tenn.\
  They are building a nice complex in Mesa AZ
  Thomas Brooks Park/ USA Baseball in Cary NC
  Tie Breaker Park Hopkinsville KY Tab Brockman-Director
6 Twin Creeks in Sunnyvale, California
  US Cellular Fields, Medford, OR
  Veterans park college station texas
  Virginia Beach Princess Anne park
  Willow Lane Boise, ID
  Woodside Sports Complex (Mauston, Wisconsin)

Grand Park Sports Campus in Indianapolis, Indiana might be a place to check out

Most tournaments start with base points of 150 + 4 points per conference team if there are more than 15 conference teams and 165 + 3 points per conference team if there are 15 or less conference teams.
Should there continue to be "special" 180 base point + 4 point per conference team tournaments like Seattle and the Dudley?

30% (37) No, all tournaments should be the same
21% (26) No, it results in a situation where the top 16 teams in points are not the top 16 teams.
15% (19) Yes, and we need more 180 base point tournaments
34% (43) Yes, we need more points in those parts of the country

Should the conference use the safety bag?
17% (29) No
60% (105) Yes, all of the time
23% (40) Yes, where they have them

What ball should be used at Big League Dreams Fields?
37% (65) Classic-M
39% (68) Hycor
17% (30) Pro-M
 6% (11) Something else

What ball should be used at 300 foot fields?
55% (96) Classic-M
13% (23) Hycor
25% (44) Pro-M
 6% (11) Something else

What ball should be used at 325 foot fields?
22% (38) Classic-M
 3% (5) Hycor
63% (109) Pro-M
 3% (5) Something else
10% (17) Stadium ZN

What ball should be used at baseball fields?
 2% (4) Classic-M
 1% (1) Hycor
25% (43) Pro-M
 1% (2) Something else
71% (124) Stadium ZN

Should we use a mat to call strikes?
84% (147) No
16% (27) Yes

Should we try a mat to call strikes for one tournament in 2021?
64% (112) No
36% (63) Yes

Should there be an 'if' game at regular season conference events?
13% (22) No, teams will come out of the losers bracket just as often and no one likes the 'if' game
87% (153) Yes its tradition and undefeated team deserves it

Should brackets be random draws all regular season?
85% (142) No, teams earn their seed
15% (26) Yes

Do you want to see unsportsmanlike conduct punished more often?
 4% (7) No, let players express themselves
19% (30) The conference is doing a good job now
77% (125) Yes, more often and more severely

Is it unsportsmanlike conduct for the batter/bench to speak and tell the umpire what the pitch is as it is in the air?
67% (102) It is part of the game
22% (33) It is unsportsmanlike for the batter or bench to do this
12% (18) It is unsportsmanlike for the batter to do this

Is it unsportsmanlike conduct to have to tie your shoe at a key time during the game?
82% (111) It is part of the game
18% (25) It is unsportsmanlike conduct

Should brackets be random draws only up until the Hall of Fame Classic is finished, then seeded by 2021 points?
44% (73) No, go by classification and previous years points like normal, those sponsors earned it
56% (92) Yes, random draw

Should Hall of Fame Classic Dual #2 be a random draw?
29% (47) No
71% (116) Yes

Should batters have to stay in the batters box during an at bat?
29% (51) No, leave it like it is
22% (38) Yes they should stay in the box the whole at bat
49% (84) Yes, but you should be able to call time once

Should the rule be you can't step out of the box until you get a strike?
66% (106) No
34% (55) Yes

Should we have a coin flip for home team at the Major World Series for each game?
74% (128) No
26% (44) Yes

Should the home team in losers bracket at the major and the 'if' game be a coin flip?
33% (55) No, the home team should automatically be the higher seeded team
40% (68) Yes the losers bracket and the 'if' game should be a coin flip
27% (46) Yes the losers bracket should be a coin flip

Should home team at the Conference Championship be the higher seed?
35% (56) No
65% (105) Yes

Should home team at the 'AA' Worlds be the higher seed?
25% (42) No
75% (125) Yes

Should Conference players from a folded team be able to drop two levels and play in Conference the same year?
65% (101) No
35% (55) Yes

Should Conference sponsors that fold their team be able to go to another team during the same season?
48% (75) No
52% (81) Yes

Should more than one player from a folded team be able to go to the same team?
 7% (11) No, only one player from a folded team should be able to go to another team to prevent in season mergers
57% (96) Yes
21% (35) Yes, but only 2 players
15% (25) Yes, but only 3 players

Should non-conference teams use their Conference points for seeding at the B, A, and AA worlds?
39% (63) No
61% (99) Yes

Should we get the 7 Conference umpires we lost during the 2020 off season back?
 8% (13) No, we are fine with what we have
36% (55) Yes, get them back whatever it takes
56% (86) Yes, they would help give the umpire crew needed depth

Should the 'AA' roster points (currently 9) be increased to 10 points?
 2% (3) No, Drop it to 7
 5% (6) No, drop it to 8
38% (48) No, leave it at 9
43% (55) Yes, raise it to 10
 8% (10) Yes, raise it to 11
 4% (5) Yes, raise it to 12

Should there be a cap on A' teams roster points for the year?  (Currently an 'A' team can have 3.5 roster points and there is no cap so players can be swapped out if approved)
47% (66) Leave it like it is at 3.5 and no cap
53% (74) Yes, leave it at 3.5 but cap at 5.0

Should Major teams have a cap on points so that great players aren't sitting the bench as much?
46% (73) No
54% (87) Yes

Should the Major division be capped on roster points so they are closer in competition to 'AA' teams?
55% (89) No
45% (74) Yes

Should we have service awards for umpires?
 7% (12) No
93% (149) Yes

Should teams turn in stats for the USSSA 'A' Worlds?
10% (15) No
90% (135) Yes

Should teams turn in stats for the USSSA 'AA' Worlds?
10% (15) No
90% (135) Yes

Should USSSA come out with a 'AA' Players List?
28% (43) No
72% (109) Yes

Should 'AA' only allow 3 chips on one team (players that played major the year before)?
31% (54) No
43% (75) Yes, 3 chips
26% (46) Yes, but make it 4 chips

Should 'A' only allow 3 chips on one team (players that are rated 'AA' or higher)?
29% (49) No
48% (80) Yes, 3 chips
23% (38) Yes, but make it 4 chips

How many Duals should there be during the regular season? (Normal years there are 2 – HOF and Seattle)
39% (73) Leave it at HOF and Seattle (2 Duals)
 3% (5) We don't need any duals
25% (46) We need 3 Duals
15% (28) We need 4 Duals
 5% (10) We need just 1 dual
12% (23) We need one dual a month

Should non conference teams be able to wear shorts?
39% (63) No
61% (97) Yes

Should conference teams be able to wear shorts?
61% (103) No
39% (65) Yes

Should base coaches and managers that come out on the field be able to wear shorts?
25% (42) No
75% (127) Yes

Should the Conference use the floating rubber?
71% (118) No
29% (48) Yes

Should the Conference use a pitching screen?
95% (164) No
 5% (8) Yes

Should the Conference try one tournament with supplied bats?
43% (73) No
57% (98) Yes

Should the Conference use supplied bats all of the time?
83% (136) No
17% (28) Yes

Should you be able to bat 12 in conference games?
59% (97) No
41% (67) Yes

Should the Conference have a DH, meaning you could have a designated hitter for any defensive player?
72% (121) No
28% (48) Yes

Should the Conference have an extra courtesy runner per inning for someone other than the pitcher?
61% (105) No
39% (67) Yes

What types of parks should conference play more on?
20% (25) The schedule is good the way it is
43% (54) There should be more 325 foot fields
31% (39) There should be more 325's and baseball fields
 6% (7) There should be more baseball fields

Should Conference play a tournament on the 325 foot fields at the Space Coast Complex?
16% (24) No
84% (123) Yes


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