Tuesday November 22nd, 2022

2020 Cheap Suits 1/Republic Realty/Express Athletics team!


2020 Cheap Suits 1/Republic Realty/Express Athletics
Ben Falcone
Mateo Pacheco
Matt Burrows
Juan Rodriguez
Chris Terry
Julien Castaneda
Joshua Robinson
Jack Richardson
Steven Martins
Devon Denholm
Kirk Rocha
Sal Formosa
Reid Ramirez
Demario Boyd

Sonny Aguilera
Donald Ybarreche
Ben Falcone

Sonny Aguilera Sales
Finance of America
Republic Realty Group
Express Athletics


Sin City Major
Space City Classic
Hall of Fame Dual
Golden State Major
Sooner Invitational
Easton Dual
Rose City Major
Smash it Last Chance

USSSA 'A' worlds
USSSA 'AA' worlds if qualifed
Conference Championships- if qualifed


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