Sunday May 19th, 2019

2019 USSSA Women’s Conference meeting notes


Womens Conference USSSA Notes from the Convention – 11/15/2018

– Points system will be the same as the mens Conference.  Base points based on more or less than 15 conference teams plus 3 or 4 points per conference team.

– 8+ Special Point Events.

– Womens Commissioner will classify teams.

– $800 entry fee includes Team Insurance.

– Prize money to teams qualifying for the Women's Major based on number of teams entered in Conference.

– Hard deadline for entry.

– Schedule will have 30+ tournaments and companion events with the men in Las Vegas, Houston, Myrtle Beach, Atlanta, Chicago, Maryland, Minnesota, Tulsa, Arkansas, Cincinnati, Charlotte, Columbus Ohio

– Roster changes are sent to  Each roster change triggers a classification reevaluation.

– Package of information should be out around December 1st.

– Watch List player cannot play below B.

– Any player appealing off the watch list would be rated B.

– There will be a Womens Conference Awards Committee.

– Stats will be turned in.

– Womens 'E' Worlds West will be in Seattle 28-29

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