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2019 USSSA Toys for Tots tournament report!




2019 United States Marine Corps Reserve


"Toys for Tots"


Palm Springs, California


December 13-15


Women's Open final with #R2R hitting against Dirty Sports

The 33rd annual Toys for Tots tournament in Palm Springs, California featured a 44 team men's Open bracket where teams were seeded into an upper and lower single elimination tournament based upon their 4 team – 3 game pool play record.  All of the top Major and AA teams won their pool play and then battled in the single elimination bracket starting Saturday night and continuing into early Sunday afternoon.  As you can see by the bracket below TPJS/Seminoles won 2 games by 1 run before losing to Crazy Girls Major team and Crazy Girls had a couple of close games against Express Athletics and Classic Glass.  In the lower half of the bracket Resmondo knocked off Magz, Lazer Sportswear, and CDZ Apparel to make it to the finals.  In the championship game both Resmondo and Crazy Girls held small leads through 4 innings but Crazy Girls led by Filip Washington and the pitching of Jon Dombrowski put up a big number in the bottom of the 5th and the game ended on a time limit after the top of the 6th (I believe) with Crazy Girls winning 29-23.

#R2R which was the Derby Girls team beat Dirty Sports/Interracial Bears in the finals of the womens Open where there were 12 teams.

Thank you to all of those who shared content on Facebook which is where I grabbed the pictures for this report.


2019 Toys for Tots Men's Open, Women's, and 'D' Division bracket links


1st place – Crazy Girls (Tony Verdugos team) – Looks like Dale Brungardt, Mike Williams, Dave Johnson, Dan Kirkwood, Chris Greinert, and Zach Messer in the top row.

2nd Row – Filip Washington, Chris Arrendondo, Brian Dezern, Jon Dombrowski, Jeff Flood, Brad Lunda, Andrew Collins



Louisville Sluggers Dennis Turner with Austyn Dawe who won the Home Run Derby


1st Place Womens' Open – #R2R

2nd Place Womens Open – Dirty Sports/Interracial Bears

3rd Place Womens Open – NTL/Worth

4th Place Womens Open – SFK

Reggie Myers

CDZ Apparel

Bay Area Legends

MyAutoJack was 6th

Slugger/TPS from Canada


Conference Umpires

Demarinis Mike Cornell with Dale Brungardt and Mike Nino


Demuth Softball Fields – 4365 Mesquite Palm Springs, California 92262

Big League Dreams Fields – 33700 Date Palm Dr, Cathedral City, California



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Past Winners


2018 Champs Open Division- TDB/Racks/Athlon


2017 Champs Open Division- Bay Area Legends


2016 Champs – Fence Brokers Inc/Worth

2016 Open Division Final Standings
2nd Place – Newbreed/GTS/Beus Excavation/DirtyS
Tied 3rd Place – Crazy Girl's / Hustledank
Tied 3rd Place – Seminoles
Tied 5th Place – CDZ Apparel
Tied 5th Place – Elite/Lockdown Sports
Tied 5th Place – GetNutzHawaii/HB Sports/Berserk
Tied 5th Place – L & S Glass
Tied 7th Place – Classic Glass/Easton
Tied 7th Place – Toe2Toe/Premier Athletics
Tied 7th Place –
Tied 7th Place – SONNYS BOYS AT TOYS

2015 Champs – GTS/Bues Excavating/AGD

2014 Champs – Fence Brokers Inc

2013 co-Champs – OC Swats/LCP/Premier Athletics

2013 co-Champs – The Scene

2012 Winner – Famous!



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