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2019 USSSA Seattle Dual tournament report!




2019 Nationwide Conference USSSA


Easton / Smash It Sports


Seatle Dual


Kent, WA


June 27-30


TDB's AJ Montano takes on Resmondo in Dual #1 championship Thursday


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2019 Seattle bracket and results link


2019 Seattle #1 Major stats link once available


2019 Seattle #2 Major stats link once available


2019 Seattle archived games link

TDB's Everett Williams hits a grand slam homer to walk off Dan Smith Sunday morning

Seattle Dual #1 began Thursday morning at 10 AM Pacific time at Hogan Parks 4 – 300 foot softball fields and a 5th field their all turf baseball field using temporary fences and this first tournament used the Dudley Classic M ball.  But after just one game on the baseball field the temporary fences were taken down because they kept falling over so for the rest of the tournament the baseball field used its normal 330-370-395-375-370-330 home run fence but still used the Classic M ball.  There were 24 teams from 10 different states competing and 13 of them were from the Nationwide Conference USSSA league.  In the first round all of the Conference teams advanced except for Source 1/Alpha Source (AZ-A) who lost to the local Goodfellas/A3 (WA-B) team 22-13.  The scores on the baseball field with the temp fence removed were very low scoring.  The rain that was expected never really materialized and it was a nice 68 degree and overcast day.  In the second round all of the top seeded Conference teams that received byes from the first round began their day.  Primetime (GA-A) squeaked by Tradesmen (NC-A) 7-6 over on the baseball field.  Dan Smith (CA-M), MyAutoJack (AZ-A), Resmondo (FL-M), Newbreed (WA-AA), and TDB (NC-M) all won by the run rule.  And Classic Glass (CA-A) and Nightmare (MO-AA) both advanced in much closer games.  Nightmare winning on a 13 run 6th inning vs Goodfellas 34-27.

In the "round of 8" it was all of the top 8 ranked teams in the tournament.  Dan Smith handled Primetime 31-20.  Resmondo held off a pesky MyAutoJack 32-28 after MAJ got a double play to end the 6th inning down 32-26 and after MAJ got off to a 19-9 lead.  Classic Glass had a 12-9 lead on TDB after 3 innings but TDB who showed superior offense all tournament on the 300 foot fields put up 18 runs in the top of the 4th and won by the run rule 38-18.  And Nightmare crushed a listless Newbreed team 34-13 in the battle of 'AA' teams.

In the "final 4" which was played Thursday evening at 8:30 PM the ball started flying.  Resmondo used a couple of nice plays by middle infielder Kevin Bazat to end the 2nd inning against Dan Smith 20-20.  Then Resmondo scored 16 in the 4th inning and 13 more in the 6th led by Jeremy Yates 8-8 performance and won with the highest score of the tournament 54-38.   Resmondo out hit Dan Smith 51-41 and both teams used their 16 home run limit.  In the other semifinal TDB scored 11 runs in the top of the 1st inning against Nightmare and shut down them down in a quick 34-10 victory.

On Friday at 10:30 AM the winner's bracket finals was played and #1 ranked TDB got a nice play from middle infielder Luis Reyna in the 3rd inning and TDB was up 14-10 after 2 innings against #2 ranked Resmondo.  The game had a feel as if neither team wanted to win it until the 6th inning when TDB scored 13 runs and Resmondo couldn't score enough in the 7th and TDB won 29-27.

In the top part of the loser's bracket Cheap Suits won 2 games before Newbreed beat them 36-35 on a walk off homer by Lee Payne.  Tradesmen won 3 straight including a nice win over Classic Glass before Newbreed knocked them out in a huge come from behind win late Thursday night 58-42.  Tradesmen was up 27-16 at one point.  And then Friday morning Dan Smith came from a 29-5 deficit to beat Newbreed 32-31 on a walk off single off the right field wall by Andrew Collins.  In the lower part of the loser's bracket L&S Glass won a couple of games before MyAutoJack beat them 22-12.  And Primetime beat J&I who had won 2 games in the loser's bracket and then Primetime late Friday got a clutch single from Donta Frazier and then a walk off hit by Chivas Clark to beat MyAutoJack.   Then on Friday morning Primetime got run ruled by Nightmare 26-11.

In the loser's bracket semifinals Nightmare was down 4 in the bottom of the 6th but left the bases loaded with home runs left against Dan Smith.  They held Dan Smith scoreless in the top of the 7th and got 3 straight doubles to start the bottom of the 7th but then made 3 straight outs to end the game.  In the loser's bracket finals Resmondo scored 21 runs in the 3rd inning and Dan Smith beat it by scoring 22!  But Resmondo who scored in every inning including an 11 run 6th pulled away to a 51-43 win.  Greg Connell was 6-7 with 5 HR and 15 RBI in the win.  Steven Lloyd was 7-7 for Dan Smith in the loss.

The championship game was anti-climactic as TDB jumped out to a 29-7 lead on Resmondo who put up goose eggs in the 2nd and 3rd innings and TDB ended the game in the 3rd inning by the 30 run rule 37-7.

Dual #2 began Friday morning at 9 AM as Dual #1 was still far from over.  In this tournament they dropped the C teams into a separate event and the other 20 teams played a double elimination unlimited home run tourny using the Dudley ZN Stadium ball on the baseball field and the classic m ball with unlimited home runs on the 300 foot fields in the loser's bracket.  The winner's bracket was played out only on the baseball field in perfect weather and they used 80 foot bases on all fields.

In the first two rounds there were no upsets and in the round of 8 it was the top 8 Conference teams again as Nightmare run ruled Primetime 19-4 after Primetime had just hit double digit homers against L&S Glass on the baseball field.  Resmondo squeaked by Classic Glass 16-10 after trailing 10-7 through 4 innings.  Some great defense by utility man Brad Reckart, some key homers by Travis Clark, and two of the longest home runs of the tournament by Kyle Pearson sealed the deal.  TDB crushed Cheap Suits 43-11.  And Dan Smith used some late defense to hold off Newbreed 33-32.

In the "final 4" pitcher Andy Purcell was drilled by Steven Lloyd in the foot and fell to the ground and rolled over and threw his helmet at or towards Lloyd running to first base.  Dan Smith manager Steven Smith threw the helmet towards the outfield and the benches cleared for some pushing, shoving, and chirping.  The game resumed with Purcell ejected and Steve Smith ejected from the tournament.  Chad Munger who was picked up for the tournament went in to pitch and the momentum swung to Dan Smith as they turned an 8-5 deficit after 3 innings into a 30-13 run rule win.  In the other semifinal Resmondo crushed Nightmare 45-22.  In the winner's bracket championship Resmondo scored 8 in the 2nd, 6 in the 3rd, and 8 in the decisive 7th to win 27-17 over Dan Smith.  Jeremy Yates was 4-5 with 5 RBI in the game.

In the loser's bracket I wasn't able to follow that well because the games were played over on the softball fields.  Newbreed beat Cheap Suits but lost to Nightmare 16-14 in the top half of the loser's bracket.  In the bottom half My Auto Jack won 4 straight fairly low scoring games considering it was unlimited homers on 300 foot fields but they lost late Saturday to TDB 48-17 and TDB eliminated Nightmare on Sunday morning 25-19 in extra innings when Nightmare just needed one hit in the bottom of the 7th to win.  Then TDB got a walk off grand slam homer by Everett Williams after a game tying clutch base hit by Josh Riley to beat Dan Smith 37-33.  Williams was 5-6 in the game with 10 RBI and 3 hitter Ryan Harvey was walked 5 times.

In the championship Resmondo's offense kicked into high gear and they returned the favor from losing the first tournament by the run rule to TDB by beating TDB 32-15 in 6 innings.

I want to thank director Strojan Kennison for his hospitality and running a great event.  The umpires who did a great job for 4 days.  I want to thank Chris Kelly for the ride to the airport and Brian Glover for doing a great job putting up the cameras Sunday morning.  Surprisingly there were really no upsets in this dual.  Usually there are huge upsets.  But it was hardnosed softball at its finest.


Team Breakdown:
24 Teams Overall
14 Nationwide Conference USSSA Teams
3 Major Teams
3 'AA' Teams
5 'A' Teams
10 'B' Teams
 4 'C' Teams



Nightmares Chris Terry takes on Resmondo in a 45-22 loss quarterfinal loss

Nightmares Mike Brambilla gets one past Andy Purcell in the semi finals

Collins hits a backside bomb vs TDB in a 30-13 victory

Nightmares Nolan Fogle hits a walk off single against Primetime

Primetimes JD Matthews just missed this liner


Dan Smiths Jo Jo Bennett ties the game against Newbreed and Andrew Collins wins it after being down 29-5


Primetimes Donta Frazier sets up the game winninghit by Chivas Clark against MyAutoJack


Newbreeds new pickup Dustin Roberts hits against Romeros behind the back pitch

Andy was ejected after being hit by Lloyds line drive and throwing his helmet at or towards  the runner


The benches cleared but there was just some pushing and chirping



Oldscout pollers were correct on both tournaments!



Video Highlites brought to you by:

Video clips from Seattle Dual #1


Video clips of Seattle Dual #2


Video clip of the TDB/Dan Smith incident



Long Bombers of the Week

There were some monster shots by Wegman, Collins, and many other players but I'll give it to the 3 biggest power guys in the game – Harvey, Pearson, and Nelson.  They were hitting BOMBS!  The exit speeds on a few of Pearsons bombs on the baseball field were possibly the highest of the year.



 Seattle Major Final Standings and Awards

Dual #1

Dual #1 MVP – TDB pitcher Andy Purcell

Dual #1 Defensive MVP – TDB middle man Luis Reyna

Dual #1 Offensive MVP – Resmondos Jeremy Yates



Dual #2


Dual #2 Co-MVP's Resmondo's Brian Wegman and Kyle Pearson

Dual #2 Defensive MVP – Resmondo CF Steele Lewis

Dual #2 Offensive MVP was TDB's Ryan Harvey



Team by team notes brought to you by:



Tied 1st Place – TDB/Racks/Athlon

Conf Major from NC  10-2 Record

TDB continues to defy the odds as their lineup with Bryson Baker hurt included 6 players that played 'AA' last year.  Andy Purcell continues to be the best pitcher in the game dominating at times defensively and in one game on the baseball field he hit 3 homers in one inning and 5 for the game.  In the first tournament Harvey had 13 HR and 33 RBI adding to his league leading totals and the team had a .743 onbase percentage.  In the 2nd tournament on the baseball field the stats were incredible.  A .686 team onbase percentage, Andy hit 16 HR in 30 plate appearances and had 34 RBI as the leadoff hitter.  Harvey was .818 with 13 HR and 25 RBI.  Jason Branch .727 12 HR and 23 RBI, and Kyle Pearson .767 12 HR and 29 RBI.  THe whole team hit it well but they came up short after Andy was hit by that line drive and the benches cleared.  Steven Malay their new pickup played a lot of 3rd base and hit .750 in the first tournament.  Jeff Bloomer their new outfielder played well also.  Baker should be back for the Smoky and did pinch hit a few times.  Reyna, Zirkle, and Purcells defense up the middle is the best in the game this year.

Trending Up!

TDB Lineup
P Purcell
MI Reyna
C Harvey
C Riley
RF Branch
LF Williams
SS Montano
1B Martel
2B Pearson
3B Malay
PH Baker
CF Zirkle



SS Montano and CF Brian "Nacho" Zirkle



2B Pearson and 1B Martel


3B Steven "Reno" Malay and backup pitcher for a weekend Chad Munger who used to play with GTL



Tied 1st Place – Remsondo/SIS//Thunder/RDD/H.Auto/Easton 

Conf Major from FL  9-2 Record


Resmondo split the dual and gained valuable points although their shot at the Conference Championships and the #1 seed at the Major seems to be slipping away.  Losing by 30 in the first dual championship was tough to watch.  But they did redeem themselves on the baseball field as expected and may have benefitted from the TDB loss to Dan Smith after the "incident".  Yates was on fire after being moved to leadoff.  Connell struggled some but also had that 15 RBI game.  They are still trying to pin down an every day right fielder it seems as Wolf is playing with a bad knee.  And utility man Reckart continues at a high level filling in at each position throughout the weekend.  Resmondo will be the favorite to win the Smoky but they will have to earn it.

Trending Up!

Resmondo Lineup Saturday Night
LF Jeremy Yates
1B Kyle Pearson
C Brian Wegman
2B Greg Connell
P Travis Clark
3B Bubba Mack
CF Steele Lewis
SS Cory Briggs
EH Buddy Wolf
EH/RF Pat Elwanger
RF Neil Haglund
MI Kevin Bazat


Kevin Bazat makes an incredible diving stop and gets the force at 2nd against a Harvey screamer


2B Connell and P Travis Clark


Brad Reckart in the championship game


Backup pitcher LC Watson and SS Cory Briggs



3rd Place – Dan Smith/Menosse/Steven Smith/FAI

Conf Major from CA  7-4 Record


Dan Smith has changed a lot of players out this year.  Newcomer Daniel Cayton played middle infield and kept turning unassisted double plays.  Jo Jo Bennett at shortstop I felt could have been defensive mvp and also had some clutch hits.  Ben Dunn is back and has been healthy.  And Nelson was moved to leadoff for the unlimited homers and he is a beast.  But they really had to work hard to beat Nightmare and Newbreed and except for the win over TDB after the "incident" they are competing with the other major teams but not winning.  They are still close though.  Plaisance pitched well most of the weekend and has a lot of heart after being drilled in the forearm by Connell and coming back in to pitch 3 inning later!  WOW

Not trending

Dan Smith Lineup Saturday night
1B Jon Nelson
2B Steven Lloyd
RF Andrew Collins
3B Dale Brungardt
C Argen Dodds
LF Jason Matusik
C/OF Nic Santana
MI Dan Cayton
SS Jo Jo Bennett
CF Ben Dunn
P Donald Plaisance
P Mike Echeverria-Nino


Jo Jo Bennett at shortstop



Ben Dunn in CF and Daniel Cayton at MI


Starting pitcher Donald "Buckshot" Plaisance and 3rd string pitcher Dale Brungardt


Pitcher Mike Nino played some 3rd base and Nic Santana hitting against Newbreed.


I guess Dodds, Nelson, Plaisance, and Cayton were doing a running race.  See who won in video #2.



4th Place – Nightmare/Miken

Conf 'AA' from MO  6-4 Record


If Nightmare hit in the clutch they would have had multiple wins over Major teams.  The lineup is stacked.  The defense is capable.  Just have to have those clutch hits.  These were team building losses.

Trending up

Nightmare Lineup
C Brown
MI Migues
1B/3B Brambilla
3B/CC Maggard
LF Kanaby
RF Matte
CF Williams
2B Fogle / Bowser
#42 / Terry
P Bean/Romero
SS Murray



Dan Bean and Zane Migues on the left and new backup pitcher Romero on the right


Nightmare has some serious offensive firepower in Mike Brown, Billy Maggard, Mike Brambilla, Erik Kanaby, and Phil Matte




Newbreed/Cutter LLC

Conf 'AA' from WA  6-4 Record


Newbreed played without pitcher Dan Sanchez and outfielder Jon Gastineau who were both expected to be there.  That caused them to put players out of position and they had a bit of a roller coaster weekend because of it.  Payne moved to the top of the order.  Dustin Roberts and Sam Christensen played their first tournament.  And this team still hasn't come close to any sort of peak this year.

Newbreed Lineup

Sammy Christensen played for Newbreed for the first time this year after coaching fastpitch


Brandon Traylor and Victor Cordova pitched for the missing Dan Sanchez

Lee Payne hit a walk off homer to beat Cheap Suits




Conf 'A' from GA  4-4 Record

Primetime scored some nice points and it put them in position to possibly make a run at the top 16.  Matthews who lives in the area gave them some more athleticism.  The big guys came alive hitting homers on the baseball field a couple of times in both tournaments but they couldn't get over the hump against the 'AA' teams and in particular Nightmare.  

Trending Up!

Primetime Lineup
MI Aaron
CF Riggins
C Brown
C Little
1B Means
P Armour
LF Hare
2B Jennings
SS Mathews
RF Caleb
3B Bryant

Pitcher Roderick Armour


Getting in the mood with that music!



Other top finishing Conference teams



MyAutoJack/DownTime Sports/Sonny's

Conf 'A' from AZ  7-4 Record

My Auto Jack made their hay in the loser's bracket and is now 16th in points and did so without one of their power guys Martinez who I am sure was at the Mquades.  This team plays the higher level teams well which should help them when it comes time for those big games at 'A' Worlds.

Trending up


My Auto Jack left side

Dave Nowak singles against Sean Aarts



Classic Glass/Easton

Conf 'A' from CA  3-4 Record

Classic Glass has released some players and will play 'A' this year.  The team gave Resmondo a run for their money in the 2nd dual and it looks like the lineup has stabilized with those other guys gone.

Trending Even

LF Russell
SS Hansen
EH Larsen
3B Cox
CF Christman
2B Eaton
1B Mitch
MI Lively
C Schwinden
P Newman
RF Fentiman


Classic Glass infield

Barry "The Pyromaniac" Fentiman



Tradesmen/LS/Spiderz/Hang Rite

Conf 'A' from NC  5-4 Record

Tradesmen had a bare bones roster but managed an incredible 5 wins and almost beat Newbreed after having that big lead.  Some of the Canadians were there and pitcher David Bare was injured by a line drive.  They had some good battles with Newbreed and Primetime but a couple of tough losses.

Trending Even, maybe up a little


Pennel and Andrews are from Canada I do believe


Sponsor/Player Joe Visser hit a homer on the baseball field.  SS Tyler Wiles.  And batting is CF Dante Broome who had a big assist and a bunch of bases on Saturday morning.



Cheap Suits/Republic Realty/CDZ App

Conf 'B' from CA  4-4 Record

Cheap Suits had 4 wins and lost by 1 to Newbreed.  I kept getting them confused with their 'C' team that has similar uniforms and didn't see much of them as they had that bad draw because of points where they run into the Major teams too fast.

Trending Even



L&S Glass

Conf 'B' from CA  3-4 Record

Trending Even

Brian Fong at SS is among the league leaders in hitting but never has enough at bats

Rodriguez with another big swing for L&S




Conf 'A' from CO  3-4 Record

Regulators scored some runs in this dual which is a good sign and won 3 games.

Trending Even

Regulators sponsor/pitcher Dustin Wager



Source 1/Alpha Source/Easton

Conf 'A' from AZ  1-4 Record

Source 1 only had one win in Seattle and it was a tough month for them.

Trending Even



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Some more pictures for you:


Some ariel views sent to me by Pat Dalsanders of Dan Smith who knew a pilot that did a flyover. 

The end of the L Shape building in the upper middle of the picture below is the Best Western hotel

Exclusive from California went 4-4 including a win over L&S Glass

Lazer Sportswear was 2-4 and beat Regulators


Veteran Pat Paschal sporting the Expos unis for Dirty Sportswear

Former Newbreed 3rd baseman Mike Powers was playing with Goodfellas

J&I's 3rd baseman Chris Kelly (not pictured) gave me a much appreciated ride to the airport

Even the best miss one.  Briggs was safe.


Brody with Harvey and Reyna

How many coaches are needed to give a rules explanation too?

Throwback pinstripes


Everett was called out for a half swing by Levi.  Remember breaking wrists doesn't mean anything.  In conference you have to take a full swing.  There was no follow through.  I will have this video clip in a video I release this week with some other plays and slow motion swings.

Tradesmen pitcher Dave Bare got hit in the pitching hand.  You can send this to Chris Gerons facebook injury page

A view from the stands field #1

This picture actually got a closeup of the ball as it went by.  It actually appears out of shape for a moment after contact.

Easton was doing a media day

Levi got a nice shot of the clouds rolling in

Stro had some nice Conference shirts for sale

Before the tournaments bats have to be tested and balls unwrapped

Conference Umpires

Tony got hit by a thrown bat that slipped out of a players hand on the swing.  Hopefully it isn't as bad as it seems.

True words


Then there is this guy who allegedly stole TDB apparel from their hotel


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