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2019 USSSA Major World Series tournament report!



2019 USSSA Major World Series


Space Coast Stadium


Viera, FL


September 18-21, 2019



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Dan Smith wins the 2019 Major World Series!

The 2019 Major World Series was one of the best in recent memory.  There were upsets and many walk off hits and homers.  There were plays that made ESPN's top 10 plays of the day.  And the #3 seed Dan Smith won it!  The weather was perfect (unless you were an outfielder with the wind), the stadium ball seemed a little too hard this year, but made for great games!  The fences were 325-365-385-365-325.  The livestream and camera crew may have put on the best performance ever over a 4 day period for softball.  There were guest announcers for almost every game.  There was almost no arguing of balls and strikes or calls so you know the umpiring was incredible.

Enjoy the report which goes game by game for the winner's bracket then touches on the teams and awards towards the bottom.

Championship between Dan Smith and Resmondo

Team Breakdown:
18 Teams Overall
17 Nationwide Conference USSSA Teams
4 Major Teams
8 'AA' Teams
6 'A' Teams



Winner's Bracket Games


Wednesday, September 18th

Game #1 Recap



Game #2 Recap



Game #3 Recap




Game #5 Recap

Game #5
Bot 1 – Xtreme gets 14 runs in the bottom of the 1st inning.
Top 3 – MPT Rentals Brian Lipman hits a 3 run homer, 8 run inning, down 9-14.
Top 4 – MPT's Chris Greinert hit a 3 run homer, down 14-15.
Bot 4 – Xtreme scored 11 in bottom of the 4th, up 26-14.
Top 5 – MPT's JD Genter homer caps an 8 run inning, down 22-26.

Offensive Player of the Game was Xtremes Toby Letak 4-5, 4 HR, 7 RBI





Game #6 Recap

Game #6
Top 1 – Thunders Kyle Olsen hit a 3 run homer, up 4-0.  Precision LF Kessler diving catch.
Top 4 – Thunders Filip Washington hit a 3 run homer, up 10-7.
Bot 5 – Precision rookie Austin Andrews homers to put them up 17-12.
Top 6 – Thunders Dave Durso hit a 3 run homer, 7 run inning, up 19-17.
Bot 6 – Precisions Andrew Vitcak 2 run homer, up 21-19.
Top 7 – Thunders Josh Fyffe 3 run homer, Olsen 2 run homer, then 3 solos in a row to go up 27-21.
Bot 7 – Precisions Mike Umschied hit a 3 run homer to close the lead to 26-27 but they popped out to end the game.Offensive Player of the Game was Thunders Kyle Olsen 4-5, 3 HR, 8 RBI

Josh Fyffe

Vitcak celebrates homer



Game #7 Recap

Game #7
Bot 1 – Pure Sports Donnie Hammonds hit a 2 run homer to go up 5-3.
Bot 3 – Pures Jared Hunt hit a 3 run homer to go up 10-3.
Top 3 – Tradesmans Canadian Jeff Andrews hit a 2 run homer, down 5-10.
Bot 5 – Pure hits 4 homers and scores 7 runs to go up 20-7.
Top 7 – Tradesmans David McDowell hits a 3 run bomb to close the lead to 13-22.

Offensive Player of the Game was Pure Sports Jared Hunt 3-4, 3 HR, 6 RBI

Jared Hunt




Game #8 Recap

Game #8
Top 1 – Riot scores 7 runs on 2 homers to get started.
Bot 1 – Bay Area hit 4 solos to start the inning and they bat around and leadoff Tyler Wilson hit a 3 run homer to go up 10-7.
Bot 2 – Bay Areas David Johnson hits 3 run homer up 14-10.
Bot 3 – Bay Areas sponsor Joel Gonzalez hits 2 run triple to go up 22-10.
Top 4 – Riots BJ Fulk hits a 3 run homer, down 13-22.
Top 5 – Bay Area left fielder makes an incredible running catch into the left field foul wall that makes it on ESPN's top 10 plays of the day!
Bay Areas defense shuts down Riot in the 7th on a nice play by Joel Gonzalez at middle infield and Ryan Mcclanahan at 1st base!

Offensive Player of the Game – Bay Areas Chente Granados 3-3, walk, 2 HR

Pinkham, Mcclanahan, Marshburn

Marcus Thornton was injured, we hope he is ok



Game #4 Recap

Rebels Joe Dorton hits a second grand slam!

Game #4 was a slugfest!
Bot 1 – Dan Smiths Jon Nelson 3 run homer to go up 12-1 on 6 homers.
Top 2 – Rebels Joey Formosa 3 run homer and Demario Boy 2 run homer for 11 running inning to tie game at 12-12.
Bot 3 – Dan Smith hits 5 homers for 8 run inning and 23-15 lead.
Top 4 – Rebels Joe Dorton hits a grand slam for 9 run inning and a 24-23 lead.
Bot 4 – Dan Smith hits 5 homers for 12 run inning and 35-24 lead.
Top 5 – Rebels Joe Dorton hits another grand slam down 28-35.
Top 7 – Rebels Sal Formosa hits a grand slam to cut the lead to 38-46.

Offensive Player of the Game was Dan Smiths Andrew Collins who was 6-7 with 4 HR and 10 RBI!

They were tied early

Plaisance and the Dan Smith defense

Andrew Collins was MVP of the game



Game #9 Recap

Resmondos Steele Lewis

Game #9
Bot 1 – Resmondo hits 4 homers to go up 6-0.
Top 2 – Baugh Fords Blake Green hits a 3 run homer.
Top 4 – Baughs Justin Mackey hits a grand slam, down 12-13.
Bot 5 – Resmondo hits 6 homers and leaves Baugh on the field 28-13.

Offensive Player of the Game was Resmondos Brian Wegman 4-5, 4 HR, 5 RBI



Game #10 Recap



Thursday, September 19th (Day 2)

Game #17 Quarterfinal Recap

Nightmares Mike Brambilla hits a bomb!

Dan Smith LF Ryan Stovall made this key catch in foul territory to hold Nightmare to a one run lead

Game #17
Top 1 – Nightmares Mike Brambilla and Mike Williams each hit 3 run homers, up 7-0.
Bot 1 – Dan Smiths Jason Matusik and Jo Jo Bennett hit homers, down 6-7.
Top 2 – Nightmare hits 6 solo homers including 5 in a row to go up 13-6.
Bot 3 – Dan Smith scores 8 runs on 3 homers and some sloppy defense on a knuckleball, up 17-15.
Top 4 – Nightmares Tim Bowser and Tim Mitschke hit 3 run homers, Mike Williams hit a grand slam, and a bunch of walks leads to a 13 run inning.
Bot 4 – Dan Smiths Jason Matusik hits a 3 run homer, Danial Cayton a grand slam and they answer with 12 runs, up 29-28.
Top 6 – Dan Bean is the 3rd pitcher for Dan Smith and he gets some big outs down the stretch.
Bot 6 – Dan Smith goes down in order 1-2-3, up 34-33.
Top 7 – Nightmares Brambilla hits a 2 out 2 run homer to get the lead 35-34 after a highlite reel catch in foul territory by Dan Smith left fielder Ryan Stovall.
Bot 7 – Dan Smiths Jo Jo Bennett hit a no doubter to tie the game and Daniel Cayton hit a walk off 2 run homer to give Dan Smith a 37-35 win!

Offensive Player of the Game was Jason Matusik 5-5, 2 HR, 9 RBI


Dan Smiths Daniel Cayton hits a walk off homer!




Game #18 Quarterfinal Recap

Game #18
Top 1 – The wind blew out to Right Center field at 12 to 18 MPH all day long.  Bay Areas Chris Anninos and Curtis Stewart gave them a 5-0 lead.
Bot 1 – Resmondo hit 5 homers to go up 8-5.
Bot 2 – Xtreme middle infielder made 2 great plays to hold down Resmondo but they still got homers from Lewis, Wolf, and Ellwanger to go up 14-7.
Top 4 – Bay Areas Curtis Stewarts 3 run homer led to a 12 run inning and a 21-16 lead.
Bot 4 – Resmondo answered with 8 homers from 7 different players in an 11 run inning and went up 27-21.
Bot 5 – Resmondos Kevin Bazat 3 run homer gave them a 7 run inning and could have been worse if not for Xtreme 2B Smiths sliding catch in foul territory.
Bot 6 – Resmondo finished off Xtreme with an 8 run inning on 4 homers to win 42-29.

Offensive Player of the Game was Resmondos Kyle Pearson who was 6-6, 4 HR, 7 RBI

Xtremes Toby Letak hits against Travis Clark and Resmondo



Game #19 Quarterfinal Recap

Game #19
Both teams got off to a slow start.
Top 3 – Thunders Josh Fyffe hit a 3 run homer to go up 11-6.
Bot 3 – TDB's Jason Martel hit a 3 run homer, down 10-11.
Bot 4 – TDB's AJ Montano capped an 8 run inning with a 2 run homer, up 18-12.
Top 5 – Thunder used "small ball" and a pile of walks to score 6 runs and tie the game at 18-18.
Bot 5 – TDB's Everett Williams hit a 3 run homer to go up 24-18.
Bot 6 – TDB went down in order 1-2-3.
Top 7 – Thunder was robbed on 2 plays by TDB center fielder Brian Zirkle and only managed 2 run single by Dave Durso to go up 25-24.
Bot 7 – TDB got a walk off homer from Bryson Baker to win!  There were a ton of walks in this game (18 total)

Offensive Player of the Game was Everett Williams who was 4-4, HR, 6 RBI

TDB's Bryson Baker hits a walk off homer to beat SIS/Thunder



Game #20 Quarterfinal Recap

Bay Areas Joel Gonzalez hits a key pinch hit homer against Pure Sports

Game #20
Top 1 – Pures Jared Hunt hit a 3 run homer to go up 3-0.
Bot 3 – Bay Areas Tyler Wilson and Chad Mullins hit homers to put Bay up 9-7.
Top 4 – Pures Davis Bilardello hit a 3 run bomb to go up 12-9.
Bot 4 – Bay Areas Brady Stewart hit a 2 out grand slam to go up 16-12.
Top 5 – Pures Donnie Hammonds hit a 2 run homer to take back the lead 17-16.
Bot 5 – Bay Areas Tyler Marshburn hit a 2 out grand slam to go up 21-17.
Top 6 – Pures 2nd baseman Chente Granados made a great leaping sideways catch to rob Racobaldo.
Bot 6 – Bay Areas Joel Gonzalez pinch hit and hit a 2 out 2 run homer to tie the game and Radich and Marshburn hit 2 out homers to put Bay up 29-21 and they won 29-25.

Offensive Player of the Game was Bay Areas Tyler Marshburn 4-5, 2 HR, 7 RBI



Game #25 Semi Final Recap

Resmondos Kyle Pearson mashes one against Dan Smith

Game #25
Top 1 – Dan Smith led things off with a 9 run inning, Daniel Cayton the lead off hitter was 2-2 with 2 HR.
Bot 1 – Cayton turned a nice double play at SS to preserve the Dan Smith lead 9-4.
Top 2 – Dan Smith hit 3 HR and scored 5, up 14-4.
Bot 2 – Resmondo hit 9 home runs (7 solo), scored 12, went up 16-14.
Top 3 – Dan Smith hit 3 solos up 17-16.
Bot 3 – Resmondo hit 4 solos up 20-17.
Top 4 – Dan Smith hit 2 solos, down 19-20.
Bot 4 – Resmondos Neil Haglund hit a 2 out grand slam and Kyle Pearson a 3 run double up 29-19.
Top 5 – Dan Smiths Andrew Collins hit a 3 run homer and they had an 11 run inning to go up 30-29.
Bot 5 – Resmondos Pearson and Briggs hit grand slams in an 14 run inning up 43-30.
Top 6 – Resmondo CF Lewis dropped a routine ball (although 16 mph wind) which cost 3 runs.  Dan Smith scored 19 runs on 11 HR as Cayton, Collins, Matusik each hit 2 HR.  Up 49-43.
Bot 6 – Resmondo scored 3 to cut it to 46-49.
Top 7 – Resmondo made 2 more errors (Wegman in LF and Connell at 2B) that cost them 6 runs as Stovall hit a 2 out 3 run homer but Santana was thrown out at the plate to end the inning on an assist by the cutoff man Kevin Bazat.
Bot 7 – Resmondo down 9 failed to score in the bottom of the 7th.

Offensive Player of the Game was Daniel Cayton 6-7, 5 HR, 6 RBI and Jason Matusik 6-8, 5 HR, 9 RBI, and Steven Lloyd 7-8, 3 HR, 8 RBI.

Dan Smiths Daniel Cayton homered twice in the first inning


Dan Smiths Steven Lloyd hits against Resmondo's Travis Clark in the semifinals



Game #26 Semi Final Recap

Bay Areas Joel Gonzalez with another pinch hit

Game #26
Top 1 – TDB middle infielder Luis Reyna made a diving catch to rob Radich.  Bay Areas Granados hit s 3 run homer up 5-0.
Bot 1 – TDB's Jason Branch hit a 2 out 3 run homer to tie it 5-5.
Top 2 – Bay Area went down in order 1-2-3.
Bot 2 – TDB's Branch hit another 2 out 3 run homer, up 13-5.
Bot 3 – TDB League MVP Ryan Harvey hit a 3 run homer, up 22-6.
Top 4 – TDB left fielder Everett Williams robbed Aaron Miller of a hit and TDB got a double play.
Bot 4 – TDB's Branch hit another 3 run homer to end the game by the 20 run mercy rule 28-7

Offensive Player of the Game was Jason Branch 4-4, 3 HR, 10 RBI

TDB'S Ryan Harvey homers



USSSA CEO Don Dedonatis Jr presents Xtremes Matt McGowan with the John Glidewell Award!



Friday, September 20th (Day 3)


Game #31 Winner's Bracket Finals Recap

Santana hits against Purcell in the winner's final Friday night

Game #31 – Winner's Final
Top 1 – Sketchy defense by TDB but they only give up 6 runs on 2 homers by Dodds and Matusik.
Bot 1 – TDB's Josh Riley hits a 2 run homer down 3-6.
Top 2 – Dan Smith scores 4 runs on 3 homers (Cayton, Collins, Lloyd), up 10-3.
Bot 2 – TDB puts up a zero.
Top 3 – Dan Smith scores 5 runs on homers by Dan Sanchez, Argen Dodds, and Jason Matusik.
Top 4 – TDB center fielder Zirkle dropped a fly ball, Castillo misplayed a DP ball.  Dan Smith scores 7 runs, up 22-5.
Top 5 – Dan Smith gets solo homers from Bennett and Sanchez, up 24-7.
Bot 5 – TDB's Harvey and Riley hit solos.  Jason Martel hit a 2 out RBI double to extend the game and avoid the run rule.  Kyle Pearson hit an inside the park homer, 6 runs, down 13-24.
Top 6 – Dan Smith put up a zero.
Bot 6 – TDB's Harvey hit a 2 run homer, down 15-24.
Top 7 – Great defense by TDB 2nd baseman Kyle Pearson and center fielder Zirkle hold Dan Smith to zero.
Bot 7 – TDB's Zirkle hit a 2 run homer but they lose 18-24.

Offensive Player of the Game was Dan Smiths Steven Lloyd 5-5, 2 HR, 4 RBI.



Saturday, September 21st (Day 4)


Game #33 Loser's Bracket Finals Recap

Wegman starts the game against TDB by hitting one past Montano at SS


Game #33 – Loser's Final
Top 1 – 3 walks led to Resmondo hitting 3 run homers by Steele Lewis and Brian Wegman.  They scored 15 runs before an out when right fielder Ryan Harvey made a nice sliding catch in right field.  Resmondo up 16-1 after 1 inning.
Top 2 – Resmondo gets homers by Pearson, Yates, and Ellwanger.  Up 23-1.
Bot 2 – TDB plays small ball to score 3 runs.  Down 23-4.
Top 3 – Resmondo gets homer from Connell, up 24-4.
Bot 3 – TDB's Riley hits a 3 run homer, down 24-7.
Top 4 – Resmondos Wegman hits a 3 run homer, up 28-7.
Bot 4 – Resmondo gets a double play to end it, winning by the 20 run rule.

Offensive Player of the Game was Resmondos Jeremy Yates 3-4, walk, 3 run homer, 4 RBI



Game #34 – 1st Championship Game Recap

Game #34 Championship Game 1
Top 1 – Resmondos Cory Briggs robbed Bennett of a hit at SS.  Dan Smiths Ben Dunn hit a 2 out 2 run single.  And Steele Lewis in center field made a nice running catch into the fence.  Dan Smith up 5-0.
Bot 1 – Resmondos Connell hit a homer.  Down 2-5.
Top 2 – Dan Smith went down in order 1-2-3.
Bot 2 – Dunn made a diving catch in center field to rob Travis Clark.  Ellwanger hit a 2 run homer.  Resmondo tied it 5-5.
Top 3 – Lewis robbed Lloyd of a hit in center field.  Bennett hit a 2 run homer.  Dan Smith up 7-5.
Bot 3 – Resmondo gets homers by Connell, Mack, Lewis, and Wegman.  Score 6 runs, up 11-7.
Top 4 – Santana hit a 3 run homer to go up 13-11.
Bot 4 – Dan Smith using 2 pitchers (Sanchez and Bean).  Lewis hits an inside the park homer for Resmondo.  Briggs, Wegman, Yates, and Lewis all homer in a 16 run inning.  Resmondo up 27-13.
Top 5 – Dan Smith hits 4 solo homers to cut lead to 27-17.
Bot 5 – Resmondos Bubba Mack homers.  Up 28-17.
Top 6 – Dan Smith gets 3 solos and a Bennett 2 run shot for 7 runs.  Down 24-28.
Bot 6 – Resmondo puts up a zero.
Top 7 – Kyle Pearson makes a nice stretch and scoop to get final out.  Resmondo forces the "if" game


Resmondo finishes off Dan Smith to force the "if" game


Game #35 – "If" Game of Championship Recap


The wind was 12 to 22 mile per hour out to right field every minute of every game.


Game #35 The "If" Game of the Championship!
Top 1 – Dan Smith is visitors by the points rule.  Collins and Matusik hit 2 run homers.  Dunn a 2 run double.  Smith up 6-0.
Bot 1 – Resmondo goes down in order 1-2-3.
Top 2 – Dan Smith hits 3 straight solo homers and they take advantage of 2 misplays in right field.  Dunn hits a 2 run homer and they score 9 runs before an out.  Dan Smith up 17-0.
Bot 2 – Resmondo puts up another zero.
Top 3 – Dan Smith hits 3 more solo homers and goes up 20-0!
Bot 3 – Resmondo recovers.  Homers by Wegman, Yates, Mack, Ellwanger, Wegman again.  They get 13 runs before SS Daniel Cayton robs Pearson of a hit.  Then Ben Dunn makes a long running catch for out #2.  But Resmondo gets more homers from Mack and Ellwanger, score 18 runs.  Down 18-20.
Top 4 – Dan Smith takes advantage of another misplay in right field.  They get 2 run homers from Bennett and Cayton.  Then Collins hits a homer, there is some chirping, and the benches clear.  Some shoving and talking but no fighting.  Dan Smith ends the inning with a Jason Matusik 2 run homer and they are up 32-18.
Bot 4 – Resmondos Pearson hits a 2 run homer, down 21-32.
Top 5 – Dan Smith takes advantage of a Resmondo infield error and get homers from Dunn and Collins.  Up 38-21.
Bot 5 – Resmondos Wegman hits a 3 run homer, down 25-38.
Top 6 – Dan Smith relief pitcher Donald Plaisance hits a 2 run triple.  Dodds hits a 2 run homer.  Smith up 44-25.
Bot 6 – Resmondo needs to extend the game.  Ellwanger hits a 3 run homer after an infield error.  Collins runs down a long fly.  And after a base hit Resmondo leaves them loaded and lose by the run rule 44-29.  They held the runner at 3rd on a 2 out base hit which was a questionable decision.

Offensive Player of the Game was Dan Smiths Andrew Collins 6-6, walk, 5 homers, 7 RBI.

Collins homer and some chirping between players and fans led to the benches clearing

Collins hit 5 homers in the final game


Crowds were the smallest in World Series history and the weather may have been the best ever for MWS.

Space Coast Complex


This batch of Stadium balls seemed harder than normal



Pollers only gave Dan Smith a 7% chance to win the MWS





Long Bombers of the Week

Andrew Collins is the Long Bomber of the week with those 5 HR in Championship game.  

I witnessed Jon Nelson hit one approximately 466 and Everett Williams hit one approximately 475.



 Major World Series Final Standings and Awards

All Tournament team (at least the ones that were available for the picture)

Andrew Collins and Jo Jo Bennett were Co-MVP's

Steve Smith was All Tournament Manager

Brian Wegman was Offensive MVP



Team by team notes brought to you by:



1st Place – Dan Smith/Menosse/Steven Smith/FAI

Conf Major from CA  5-1 Record

Dan Smith went undefeated into the championship game beating Rebel Sports 46-39 in a slugfest that could have gone either way on Wednesday night, then they beat Nightmare 37-35 on Thursday.  Again, a game that could have gone either way.  On Thursday night they took advantage of 3 Resmondo errors and beat them 55-46 in the highest scoring game of the tournament.  On Friday they held off TDB 24-18 in the winners final.  And then they split the championship games against Resmondo which was enough to win it.

A true team effort as they threw 3 pitchers at their opponents, battled through letting up too many walks, and absolutely crushed the ball leading the tournament with a .656 team batting average and averaging 19 HR per game!  Ben Dunn in CF, Daniel Cayton at MI, Jo Jo Bennett at SS, and Steven Lloyd at 2B turned in some spectacular defensive plays.  Stovall made that game saving catch in LF.  And the offense stepped on the gas when needed.  They played mostly without Dale Brungardt (Sprained Ankle).

Congratulations to the Dan Smith team for their perseverance this year and WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!

Ed Menosse, Pat Dalsanders, John Matusik, and Dan Smith

Nelson and Cayton

Argen Dodds hits one through Clarks legs




Dodds and Plaisance


Matusik and Santana (Santana played 3rd)


Nelson and Bean


Sanchez made the catch in the wind



2nd Place – Resmondo/SIS/Thunder/RDD/H.Auto

Conf Major from FL  6-2 Record


Resmondo run ruled Baugh Ford on Wednesday.  On Thursday they beat Xtreme 42-29 in a game that could have went sour.  On Thursday night in the semifinals 3 defensive miscues led to a 55-46 loss to Dan Smith.  After a day off Friday, they came out Saturday needing to win 5 games in a row.  They run ruled Thunder 34-4, beat Xtreme 18-14, and run ruled TDB 28-7 to get to the finals where they forced the "if" game with a 28-25 win.  But in the finals with the adrenalin depleted they put up zeros in the 1st and 2nd innings and had to play catch up which was shot down by some rough right field defense in the winds.  And the wind blew away their hopes and dreams.


Pearson and Yates


Steele Lewis



3rd Place – TDB/Racks/Athlon

Conf Major from NC  3-2 Record


TDB was the #1 seed.  They run ruled Primetime by 20, then beat SIS/Thunder on a walk off homer by Bryson Baker.  Then they 20 run ruled Bay Area to get to the winners final.  In that game they came out flat offensively and defensively but recovered behind the pitching of Andy Purcell to give themselves a chance late, but it wasn't meant to be and they lost 24-18.  In the losers bracket they were 20 run ruled by Resmondo.  TDB averaged 8 HR per game.  Not enough for a major team to win the big one.  Harvey had 10 homers and Josh Riley was an incredible 18-18 on base.

Baker, Montano, Reyna, Harvey


Purcell, Williams


Harvey and Riley






4th Place – Xtreme/Miken/ASP/Athlon

Conf 'AA' from MN  4-2 Record


Xtreme was the highest finishing AA team after going 0-2 at the 'AA' Worlds.  Nice recovery!  They beat MPT by 5, lost to Resmondo by 13, then knocked off Precision by 11, Riot in extra innings by 3, beat Bay Area 26-19, and then lost to Resmondo by only 4.  You can see the stats below.  They averaged 7.5 HR per game and some big RBI's from Toby Letak, Curtis Stewart, and Chris Anninos who used the wind to their advantage.


Shannon "Baby Cakes" Smith and Curtis "Sweet Potato" Stewart

Faron Miller pitching with Letak at 3B, Whaley SS, and McGowan in LF


Matt Schrage hits a walk off homer to beat Riot in the 8th inning

Anninos had a big World Series

The Xtreme Family




Tied 5th Place – SIS/Thunder/Miken/Worth/Anarchy/OA

Conf 'AA' from NY  3-2 Record

Thunder beat Precision by a run, then lost to TDB on a walk off homer by Bryson Baker.  Ah what could have been!  In the losers bracket they sent home MPT and then Resmondo beat them by 30.  A nice weekend.  Kyle Olsen led the hitting, Josh Fyffe hit 9 HR, and Jon Williams at one point hadn't made an out all week.  They averaged 8 homers per game.


Williams and Fyffe 


Kyle Olsen robbed this Resmondo homer

Dave Durso used the wind to hit some bombs



Tied 5th Place – BayArea/Rapid Fire/Bad Draw/Easton

Conf 'AA' from CA  2-2 Record

Bay Area won the USSSA 'AA' Worlds the weekend before the Major.  The winner usually doesn't do well in the Major but Bay Area played very well beating Riot Sports by 1 and Pure Sports by 4 to open the tournament.  In the semi finals they were run ruled by TDB and then in the losers bracket dropped a 7 run game to Xtreme.  The team hit really well averaging 8 homers per game.  And left fielder Tyler Marshburn made that play in foul territory that made the ESPN top 10 plays of the day.

Pinkham, Mcclanahan, and Marshburn


Tyler Wilson hits a big homer against Riot



The Rest of the Teams



Tied 7th Place – Newbreed/Cutter LLC

Conf 'AA' from WA  2-2 Record

Newbreed had only beaten one 'AA' or higher team all year going into the 'AA' Worlds where they nearly won the winners bracket final.  At the Major they lost an embarrassing defeat to Nightmare in their opener 26-3 but "TOTALLY REDEEMED THEMSELVES" by knocking off Sports Reach by 15, Rebel Sports on a walk off grand slam by Raines, then run ruling Pure Sports 30-12, before losing to Thunder 35-20.  The offense was led by All tournament selection Adam Ussery, pitcher Victor Cordova, and outfielder Lee Payne.  They averaged over 8 HR per game "playing the wind".


Brandon Raines hits a walk off homer to beat Rebel


Victor Cordova pitched a lot and hit 10 HR

Adam Ussery was All Tournament



Tied 7th Place – Riot/Hub's Pub/Klutch/A&A Utility

Conf 'AA' from FL  2-2 Record

Riot lost by 1 run to Bay Area Legends, then run ruled Tradesmen, beat Nightmare by 4, and lost to Xtreme in extra innings 24-21.  Thats a lot of great softball from a team that wasn't expecting to do a whole lot at the Major.  Scott Hartling who was All Tournament, Keith Laski, and Cory Newman led an offense that averaged almost 10 HR per game.

Riot turned a double play in the bottom of the 7th vs Xtreme with the bases loaded to go to extra innings



Tied 9th Place – MPT Rentals

Conf 'A' from NJ  1-2 Record

MPT had another solid showing.  Highest 'A' team again as well.  They lost to Xtreme by just 29-24 in their opener, beat Baugh Ford by the run rule 25-10, then lost a spirited game to Thunder 35-23.  They had most of their regulars and cap a great season.  Onward to 'AA'!  Mike Wilson, John Roberts, and Chris Greinert led the offense which averaged 8 HR per game.

Roppel, Dunn, Roberts, Genter



Tied 9th Place – Nightmare/Miken

Conf 'AA' from MO  1-2 Record

Nightmare absolutely smoked Newbreed 26-3 in the opening game of the Major World Series.  They could do no wrong.  That momentum continued against Dan Smith by they lost by two 37-35.  In the losers bracket they played a close loss to Riot 21-17.  The offense was great.  The pitching was done by Romero and Nino didn't pitch much.  Kanaby, Migues, and Mike Williams led the offense which averaged 11 HR per game!

Erik Kanaby led the offense



Tied 9th Place – Smashit/Precision/3rd Street/Bulldawg

Conf 'AA' from IL  1-2 Record

Precision had most of their regulars for the Major.  They lost by 1 run to Thunder in an epic game.  Then beat Primetime by the 20 run rule only to drop to Xtreme 27-16.  Magnum who didn't make an out in the 'AA' continued his hot hitting and Jeff Flood at leadoff and Jeff Keske had big offensive performances.  Lunda who has been big all year for them led the team in RBI.  The team averaged about 6 HR per game.


Vitcak plays one off his body up the middle

Jason "Magilla Gorilla" Magnum



Tied 9th Place – Pure Sports

Conf Major from SC  1-2 Record

P Mucciarelli, SS Hidalgo, LF Kirkwood

Pure Sports rough year continued.  They beat Tradesmen by 9, lost to Bay Area by 4, and then Newbreed beat them by 18.  Rookie William Wright led the team in hitting and Hammonds and McCollum had nice tournaments.  They were without middle infielders Tommy Melton and Josh Brown due to injuries and had to pick up Rafael Hidalgo to play SS.  They averaged about 8 HR per game.



Tied 13th Place – Baugh Ford/Kut4/OI/Miken/Worth

Conf 'A' from AL  1-2 Record

A couple of Baugh Ford players received tragic family news while they were at the event and had to leave unexpectedly.  That forced them to make 2 emergency pickups from the 'B' Worlds that was going on at Space Coast.  They did manage to beat Militia 27-21, then lost to Resmondo 28-13.  In the losers bracket MPT Rentals beat them by the run rule.  They averaged 4 HR per game.

Carlton Griffin led the team in hitting along with pickup Justin Mackey



Tied 13th Place – Primetime/Evolution/FAI/Easton

Conf 'A' from GA  1-2 Record

Primetime returned to the Major for the first time in a number of years.  All year they played a lot of different players and it was no different for the major.  They lost a heart breaker to Sports Reach 34-32 on the back field to start the tournament, then lost to TDB late Wednesday night by 20.  On Friday Smashit/Precision beat them by the 20 run mercy rule.  Veterans Earl Bryant and Tony Mack, and slugger Ira Brown led the way offensively.  They averaged 4 HR per game.



Tied 13th Place – Tradesmen/Spiderz/Hang Rite

Conf 'A' from NC  1-2 Record

Tradesmen lost by only 9 to Tradesmen in their opener.  They beat Militia 10-6 in the lowest scoring game of the tournament.  Then Riot beat them by 17.  Canadian Jeff Andrews and David McDowell led the offense which just couldn't get it going.  Pitcher Dave Bare was one of the best livestream announcers though!  They averaged about 2.5 HR per game.

Tyler Wiles was all conference



Tied 13th Place – RebelSports/TN/Troupe/M24/GameBrand

Conf 'AA' from MI  0-2 Record

Rebel played some of the most entertaining and high scoring games of the tournament but lost them both.  They gave Dan Smith all they could handle in their opener led by Joe Dortons two grand slams but came up short 46-39.  Then on Friday they let up a walk off homer to Newbreed and lost 36-32.  Lizcano, Dorton, the Formosas, and Rettenmeier leading the offense.  They averaged almost 12 HR per game.

Joey Formosa triples



Tied 17th Place – Militia/Treedem/Riot/Vetsports

USSSA Military Champion from USA  0-2 Record

Militia was the #18 seed having won the Military Worlds.  They had about 5 starters from that team and a number of pickups.  They lost by 6 to Baugh Ford and lost to Tradesmen 10-6.  Definitely winnable games.  Sheffield, Agustin, Woods, and Midyette among others have conference experience.  They averaged 2 HR per game.

Dustin Midyette was the pitcher for the military team.  He pitched for Beckham Brothers in the Conference




Tied 17th Place – SportsReach

Conf 'A' from KY  0-2 Record

Playing in the Major while missing guys like Jonas at pitcher, Robert Blackburn, and Tim Cocco was "about the mission" of the Sports Reach organization which is to spread their faith.  They lost to Primetime in their opener by 2 then to Newbreed by 15.  They had 5 players hit over .700 which is impressive and averaged 6 HR per game.  They were the #17 seed.

The pitcher from Sports Reach had some unique fake pitches




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Some more pictures for you:

The Xtreme ladies with their "Mr Louisiana" Joe Skyles Shirts

"Come to pappa, you did good!"  Next year we will learn how to beat the shift.  🙂

Nightmare had the rally duck

Jo Jo Bennett fan had a lot to cheer about

Every time there was a close play the replay booth showed the play and hot damn the umpires got it right.

It was uncanny how good they were.

Conference Umpires


Bay Areas Joel Gonzalez, Newbreeds Steven Lopez and Brandon Traylor.  On the right its Dan Kirkwood and Davis Bilardello from Pure Sports

Jason Magnum and Todd Ankney from Precision


Chad Agustin and Marshall Wood from Militia – Donald Hollingsworth and Victor Cordova from Newbreed

Todd Ankney and Justin Mucciarelli

Sports Reach Drew Speer and Robbie Speer


MPT's John Roberts and Marc Carucci – Mike Cornell from Demarini and Todd Ankney from Precision

Klutch Brands Brandon Patzig and Keith Martin

The announcers schedule for that first day

The control room for the Major.  The livestream used 5 camera people, 3 people in the control room, plus the announcers for each game and the director of Bernie Guenther.  It was quite an operation for 4 days!

Xtreme sponsor Mike McGowan and former Dudley director Warren Bellm

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