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2019 USSSA Major World Series DAY 2 Recap!


Day 2 Recap!

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2019 USSSA Major World Series

Game #17 Quarterfinal Recap

Nightmares Mike Brambilla hits a bomb!

Dan Smith LF Ryan Stovall made this key catch in foul territory to hold Nightmare to a one run lead

Game #17
Top 1 – Nightmares Mike Brambilla and Mike Williams each hit 3 run homers, up 7-0.
Bot 1 – Dan Smiths Jason Matusik and Jo Jo Bennett hit homers, down 6-7.
Top 2 – Nighmare hits 6 solo homers including 5 in a row to go up 13-6.
Bot 3 – Dan Smith scores 8 runs on 3 homers and some sloppy defense on a knuckleball, up 17-15.
Top 4 – Nightmares Tim Bowser and Tim Mitschke hit 3 run homers, Mike Williams hit a grand slam, and a bunch of walks leads to a 13 run inning.
Bot 4 – Dan Smiths Jason Matusik hits a 3 run homer, Danial Cayton a grand slam and they answer with 12 runs, up 29-28.
Top 6 – Dan Bean is the 3rd pitcher for Dan Smith and he gets some big outs down the stretch.
Bot 6 – Dan Smith goes down in order 1-2-3, up 34-33.
Top 7 – Nightmares Brambilla hits a 2 out 2 run homer to get the lead 35-34 after a highlite reel catch in foul territory by Dan Smith left fielder Ryan Stovall.
Bot 7 – Dan Smiths Jo Jo Bennett hit a no doubter to tie the game and Daniel Catyon hit a walk off 2 run homer to give Dan Smith a 37-35 win!

Offensive Player of the Game was Jason Matusik 5-5, 2 HR, 9 RBI


Dan Smiths Daniel Cayton hits a walk off homer!




2019 USSSA Major World Series

Game #18 Quarterfinal Recap

Game #18
Top 1 – The wind blew out to Right Center field at 12 to 18 MPH all day long.  Bay Areas Chris Anninos and Curtis Stewart gave them a 5-0 lead.
Bot 1 – Resmondo hit 5 homers to go up 8-5.
Bot 2 – Xtreme middle infielder made 2 great plays to hold down Resmondo but they still got homers from Lewis, Wolf, and Ellwanger to go up 14-7.
Top 4 – Bay Areas Curtis Stewarts 3 run homer led to a 12 run inning and a 21-16 lead.
Bot 4 – Resmondo answered with 8 homers from 7 different players in an 11 run inning and went up 27-21.
Bot 5 – Resmondos Kevin Bazat 3 run homer gave them a 7 run inning and could have been worse if not for Xtreme 2B Smiths sliding catch in foul territory.
Bot 6 – Resmondo finished off Xtreme with an 8 run inning on 4 homers to win 42-29.

Offensive Player of the Game was Resmondos Kyle Pearson who was 6-6, 4 HR, 7 RBI

Xtremes Toby Letak hits against Travis Clark and Resmondo



2019 USSSA Major World Series

Game #19 Quarterfinal Recap

Game #19
Both teams got off to a slow start.
Top 3 – Thunders Josh Fyffe hit a 3 run homer to go up 11-6.
Bot 3 – TDB's Jason Martel hit a 3 run homer, down 10-11.
Bot 4 – TDB's AJ Montano capped an 8 run inning with a 2 run homer, up 18-12.
Top 5 – Thunder used "small ball" and a pile of walks to score 6 runs and tie the game at 18-18.
Bot 5 – TDB's Everett Williams hit a 3 run homer to go up 24-18.
Bot 6 – TDB went down in order 1-2-3.
Top 7 – Thunder was robbed on 2 plays by TDB center fielder Brian Zirkle and only managed 2 run single by Dave Durso to go up 25-24.
Bot 7 – TDB got a walk off homer from Bryson Baker to win!  There were a ton of walks in this game (18 total)

Offensive Player of the Game was Everett Williams who was 4-4, HR, 6 RBI

TDB's Bryson Baker hits a walk off homer to beat SIS/Thunder



2019 USSSA Major World Series

Game #20 Quarterfinal Recap

Bay Areas Joel Gonzalez hits a key pinch hit homer against Pure Sports

Game #20
Top 1 – Pures Jared Hunt hit a 3 run homer to go up 3-0.
Bot 3 – Bay Areas Tyler Wilson and Chad Mullins hit homers to put Bay up 9-7.
Top 4 – Pures Davis Bilardello hit a 3 run bomb to go up 12-9.
Bot 4 – Bay Areas Brady Stewart hit a 2 out grand slam to go up 16-12.
Top 5 – Pures Donnie Hammonds hit a 2 run homer to take back the lead 17-16.
Bot 5 – Bay Areas Tyler Marshburn hit a 2 out grand slam to go up 21-17.
Top 6 – Pures 2nd baseman Chente Granados made a great leaping sideways catch to rob Racobaldo.
Bot 6 – Bay Areas Joel Gonzalez pinch hit and hit a 2 out 2 run homer to tie the game and Radich and Marshburn hit 2 out homers to put Bay up 29-21 and they won 29-25.

Offensive Player of the Game was Bay Areas Tyler Marshburn 4-5, 2 HR, 7 RBI



2019 USSSA Major World Series

Game #25 Semi Final Recap

Resmondos Kyle Pearson mashes one against Dan Smith

Game #25
Top 1 – Dan Smith led things off with a 9 run inning, Daniel Cayton the lead off hitter was 2-2 with 2 HR.
Bot 1 – Cayton turned a nice double play at SS to preserve the Dan Smith lead 9-4.
Top 2 – Dan Smith hit 3 HR and scored 5, up 14-4.
Bot 2 – Resmondo hit 9 home runs (7 solo), scored 12, went up 16-14.
Top 3 – Dan Smith hit 3 solos up 17-16.
Bot 3 – Resmondo hit 4 solos up 20-17.
Top 4 – Dan Smith hit 2 solos, down 19-20.
Bot 4 – Resmondos Neil Haglund hit a 2 out grand slam and Kyle Pearson a 3 run double up 29-19.
Top 5 – Dan Smiths Andrew Collins hit a 3 run homer and they had an 11 run inning to go up 30-29.
Bot 5 – Resmondos Pearson and Briggs hit grand slams in an 14 run inning up 43-30.
Top 6 – Resmondo CF Lewis dropped a routine ball (although 16 mph wind) which cost 3 runs.  Dan Smith scored 19 runs on 11 HR as Cayton, Collins, Matusik each hit 2 HR.  Up 49-43.
Bot 6 – Resmondo scored 3 to cut it to 46-49.
Top 7 – Resmondo made 2 more errors (Wegman in LF and Connell at 2B) that cost them 6 runs as Stovall hit a 2 out 3 run homer but Santana was thrown out at the plate to end the inning on an assist by the cutoff man Kevin Bazat.
Bot 7 – Resmondo down 9 failed to score in the bottom of the 7th.

Offensive Player of the Game was Daniel Cayton 6-7, 5 HR, 6 RBI and Jason Matusik 6-8, 5 HR, 9 RBI, and Steven Lloyd 7-8, 3 HR, 8 RBI.

Dan Smiths Daniel Cayton homered twice in the first inning



2019 USSSA Major World Series

Game #26 Semi Final Recap

Bay Areas Joel Gonzalez with another pinch hit

Game #26
Top 1 – TDB middle infielder Luis Reyna made a diving catch to rob Radich.  Bay Areas Granados hit s 3 run homer up 5-0.
Bot 1 – TDB's Jason Branch hit a 2 out 3 run homer to tie it 5-5.
Top 2 – Bay Area went down in order 1-2-3.
Bot 2 – TDB's Branch hit another 2 out 3 run homer, up 13-5.
Bot 3 – TDB League MVP Ryan Harvey hit a 3 run homer, up 22-6.
Top 4 – TDB left fielder Everett Williams robbed Aaron Miller of a hit and TDB got a double play.
Bot 4 – TDB's Branch hit another 3 run homer to end the game by the 20 run mercy rule 28-7

Offensive Player of the Game was Jason Branch 4-4, 3 HR, 10 RBI

TDB'S Ryan Harvey homers



USSSA CEO Don Dedonatis Jr presents Xtremes Matt McGowan with the John Glidewell Award!


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