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2019 USSSA Louisville Slugger/Demarini Classic (NC) tournament preview!




Louisville Slugger / Demarini


North Carolina Major


Nationwide Conference USSSA!


August 9-10


Tournament Preview



2019 North Carolina Major tournament bracket link!



The 3rd annual Louisville Slugger / Demarini Classic will be played at Bradford Park in Huntersville, NC this coming Friday night and Saturday.  The weather looks hot but good for softball and there are only 16 teams led by the Pure Sports Major team and Newbreed (WA-AA).  There is also a subplot to the tournament as Beckham Brothers an 'A' team from SC/FL and Baugh Ford (AL-A) battle for the last seed in the USSSA Major World Series.  If by chance they finished 1st and 2nd in this Charlotte Major they would both make the Major!  The local teams will be led by Briggs who has been beating conference teams all year long.

Team Breakdown:
16 Teams Overall
9 Conference USSSA Teams
1 Major Team
1 'AA' Teams
7 'A' Teams



Livestreaming and Chat Room!

The SoftballCenter.com chat room will be up and running all weekend.

USSSALive.com will livestream all fields as long as there is power and internet data accessible.



Shea Nations Picks

This weekend at the Louisville Slugger/Demarini Classic Major NIT in Charlotte, NC will have 16 teams and 9 Nationwide Conference USSSA teams in attendance including 1 major, 1 AA, 6 A, 1 B and 7 local teams.  Pure Sports is the #1 overall seed and the favorite.  The other teams looking to upset the #1 seed or favorite are: Newbreed/Cutter LLC, Beckham brothers/Pure/Exclusive and Baugh Ford/Kut4/OI/Miken/Worth.

North Carolina Predictions:  If Pure Sports finishes 1st then they will leapfrog Bay Area Legends for the 4th spot in the rankings.  So, with that being said the final 4 undefeated should be: Beckham versus Newbreed and Baugh versus Pure Sports.  Pure Sports and Newbreed should make it to the championship.  In the loser's bracket, the winner of the 4th place game between Beckham and Baugh Ford will get the 16th seed at the Major World Series.

Shea's Final Picks for the North Carolina Major:
1. Pure Sports
2. Newbreed/Cutter LLC
3. Baugh Ford/Kut4/OI/Miken/Worth
4. Beckham brothers/Pure/Exclusive
5. SportsReach

OldScout pollers going with Pure Sports 55%




Bradford Park
17005 Davidson-Concord Road
Huntersville, North Carolina 28078

All softball fields are 300.  The baseball field is bigger.




Weekend Weather – its going to be a long hot Saturday




Past Winners!

2018 Winner – Pure Sports/Monsta

2018 North Carolina tournament report


2017 Winner – Bad Draw/B&B/Broughton/BAF/Worth

2017 North Carolina tournament report


Past tournament results

2018 Results
1 SC-AA Pure Sports/Monsta
2 NC-AA TDB/FAI/Klutch/Miken
3 VA-A Rapid Fire Athletics/Sports Lounge
4 NC-C Killmans

2017 Results
1 NC-A Bad Draw/B&B/Broughton/BAF/Worth
2 NC-B Briggs Collision/Axalta/Miken
3 NC-B Worsham Athletics/BF Cattle/Athlon
4 MO-AA Nightmare/Miken


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